Pediatricians Upset With Haskell’s New Abortion Location

There is no record that Haskell’s Sharonville mill is licensed by the State as required by law

Sharonville, Ohio – One group of Ohio pediatricians are very upset with their new neighbor. Late-term abortionist Martin Haskell has closed his Cincinnati, Ohio, abortion clinic and reopened in the community of Sharonville, about twelve miles to the north – right next to Liberty Sharonville Pediatrics. In fact, parents will now have to enter a common driveway and pass by Haskell’s surgical abortion mill in order to get the Pediatrician’s office.

Dr. Steve Brinn, M.D., was so upset that he wrote a letter to the editor that appeared in the Cincinnati Inquirer on Saturday, November 27, 2010, expressing his opposition to the abortion business.

“Imagine our shock and disbelief, when we learned that an abortion clinic was opening in the building 50-feet from our front door. Why would a clinic performing abortions be so insensitive to a group practice treating children for 31 years?” wrote Dr. Brinn.

He continued, “To have a group of OB/GYN doctors terminating fetuses just outside our door, to force our mothers and their babies drive through a common driveway, driving by the front of an abortion clinic, in order to park in our lot to have their babies cared for is an atrocity. We are here to prevent infant diseases, and they are here to end infant lives. We may not have the legal right to get them to move but we will do anything in our power to vocalize our personal disgust with their mission.”

Haskell is perhaps best known for his claim, however false, that he invented the gruesome and now illegal Partial Birth Abortion procedure. Today, a modified version of that procedure that exploits a loophole in the PBA ban is in wide use by Haskell and other late-term abortionists.

Haskell closed his long-time Cincinnati location near the University of Ohio to open up in the industrial community of Sharonville. Ironically, it was Haskell’s Dayton location that ran afoul of the law, refusing to comply with a state law that required abortion clinics to be licensed as ambulatory surgical centers and have a transfer agreement with a local hospital. Haskell’s Dayton mill has no such transfer agreement, and after years of legal wrangling, the State capitulated, granting Haskell a “variance” that allows him to operate without meeting the legal requirements that other clinics must meet.

Haskell’s newest location in Sharonville is not listed as a licensed ambulatory surgical center on the Ohio Department of Health website, even though a receptionist told one of Operation Rescue’s undercover investigators that the Sharonville clinic is a surgical center.

Public opposition to Haskell’s late-term mill is far from an isolated incident. Last week, public opposition led Council Bluffs, Iowa, to ban the selling of city-owned property to abortion businesses after abortionist Leroy Carhart threatened to open a late-term abortion mill there. Pro-lifers also successfully blocked Carhart from opening an abortion clinic in Kansas.

“It is shameful that Ohio has placed the profit interests of abortionists ahead of the health and safety of women. We applaud Dr. Brinn’s brave stand in defense of children and encourage him to pursue all legal avenues to run Haskell’s abortion business out of town,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “With prayer and public support, we know these efforts can be successful.”

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  • Tara

    Haskell is very disturbed to make such a move, but you never know, maybe the women seeking abortions at this dump will pass by the children and change their minds about abortion….that would be the only up side.

  • Bill Donson

    If Dr. Brinn is indeed Pro-Life, he can use this unique opportunity to save lives.

    1. Post a sign for free ultrasounds, can have a CPC group do it if that doesn’t fit his budget.

    2. Post a sign in his office about the mill, and offer a counselling/forgiveness session with anyone who may have had on in the past, enlist free trained counsellors.

    3. Be available for emergency work from the mill to save mothers lives.

    4. Host a prayer group for Sunday’s, with coffee and doughuts.

    This is one unique opportunity. -Bill

  • Amanda

    Unfortunately unless you know exactly who Dr. Haskell, Kade, or Strickland are through research their facility looks disgustingly comfortable. The have a huge business sign with their trademark butterfly and if you didn’t know, you would just think they are a gynecology office, not an abortion mill at all. Sickening.

  • Tom Michael

    And this baby-killer has a home on the Christian “grounds” of the Chautauqua Institute.

    Special place in hell for him.