One Murder is Too Many? Clinton Hypocrisy on Life and Death Revealed

Who Won the First Presidential Debate?


By Cheryl Sullenger

Some said it was the most important 90 minutes of our time, but last night’s Presidential Debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton certainly did not live up to that billing, at least from a Pro-Life perspective.

In fact, the matter of abortion, the most crucial moral issue we face, was never mentioned despite social media blowing up with the #AskAboutAbortion hashtag.

That may be because abortion is a weakness in Hillary Clinton’s bid to be the first woman President of the United States, and the mainstream media, which tends to lean firmly to the left, doesn’t want Clinton’s moral weakness displayed.

Her partnership with Planned Parenthood, the largest supplier of abortions in the country, and her radical support for unrestricted abortion put her on the leftist fringe – far from the position of most Americans who are either pro-life, or are uncomfortable with various aspects of abortion, including tax funding and late-term abortions.

At few times during the 90 minute commercial-free debate, Clinton nevertheless revealed her insensitivity to matters related to Life issues.

At one point, during a discussion of racial unrest in America, Clinton stated, “Every life matters,” and “One murder is too many.”

Yet Clinton has nothing but love for her friends at Planned Parenthood who murder through abortion over 300,000 lives each year — a staggering loss of life. Despite her words, those lives simply do not matter to Clinton.

toomanyabortedThe fact that Planned Parenthood particularly targets minorities for abortion exploitation also seems to have escaped her.

“The ‘gun epidemic’ is killing more African-Americans than anything else,” Clinton said. I wondered where moderator Lester Holt was to “fact-check” that whopper.

In reality, abortion takes more African-American lives than all other annual causes of death combined! If Clinton really cared about “every life,” or about the true leading cause of death among African-Americans, she would sever ties with Planned Parenthood and work to shut down every abortion facility in the U.S.

But we all know that is not going to happen. Clinton is joined at the hip with the Abortion Cartel and will do all she can to support, promote, and expand abortion in America if she is elected.

A Clinton Presidency will be a Planned Parenthood Presidency, and that potential tragedy is something that is certainly worthy of debate.

With two more Trump-Clinton showdowns on the docket, we can only hope that someone will finally #AskAboutAbortion so that Clinton’s radical baby-killing agenda can be exposed to the American people.

So who won the debate? If you listen to the main stream media, Hillary Clinton won. Hands down. But when various news organizations polled their viewers, the people said something quite different.

The Drudge Report, a conservative news source, showed that among their readers, nearly 82% said Trump won while about 18% said Clinton won.

Time Magazine, a more liberal news publication, showed that among their readers, 53% thought Trump won while 47% thought Clinton won.

The most surprising result may have come from the CNBC poll. NBC news affiliates are decidedly liberal. Of CNBC’s viewers that responded to their online poll, 65% said Trump won the debate while 35% said Clinton won.

In fact, #TrumpWon was the number one trending hashtag on Twitter as of this writing.

Those polls are not scientific, but do measure the immediate reaction of those who visit those websites. So maybe Clinton did not win the night after all.

This tells us two things. First, we cannot necessarily depend on the mainstream media to analyze news for us.

Secondly, it tells us that the majority of the American people may actually understand that a Clinton presidency would be a disaster for America – with or without a discussion on abortion, which would surely cost her in the polls.

If that reaction is true, then that is good news for our nation and for the babies that will be more at risk than ever under a Clinton/Planned Parenthood administration.


  • greenlantern1

    Ever hear of the Mountain Meadows Massacre?
    Condone that?
    Does the Mormon church?

  • Delores McKinniss

    she has a lot of gall talking about murder when she wants thousands of unborn children killed everyday, and pushes that idea, why didn’t she have her grandchildren aborted? and she worries about gun violence ..PLEASE!!

  • Alan Rhoads

    Any woman, who votes for Hillary, Rodman Clinton, is in lock-step with Planned Parenthood’s baby murdering program; 300,000 each year. But, hey. They have to make a “living” somehow. Don’t they?

  • Catherine Masak

    God bless the next president of the united states, President Trump.
    He will defund planned parenthood. His supreme court picks will be constituionalists. The is no right to abortion.

  • xingqin

    The debate paints a clear picture of a split going in opposite directions. If you are a true conservative who loves this country and who realizes that we are the number one nation in the world because of our Constitution which was formed from the beliefs of the founders in the Word of God and Biblical principles If you are a liberal, you are supporting abortion (baby killing) gay marriage, and you have no moral standards. You look at crooked Hillary and the ring of corruption that she and Bill have been involved in all of their political life and you have no respect for life nor law and order.
    Clintons have been involved in sex scandals, theft, gun and drug running, money laundering, real esiaie corruption, and the deaths of over 100 people who got too close to their corrupt kingdom. More recently, Hillary has been involved in the Benghazi scandal, more deaths, lieing under oath, e-mail corruption, misuse of public office to benefit their greedy selves, and many acts proving that they can not be trusted and should never be in public office again. Hillary thinks it is alright to profess to be a Christian and yet defy God’s Holy Word to allow a women to abort a child and call it womens rights. She feels it is alright to allow Gay marriage and all it emcompasses because knows that God must have goten this one wrong. She is a sick kitty in more ways than one.
    Trump has a different opinion than many folks and he often says things that offend people. Sometimes he is right on and people deserve the words spoken. However, Trump is a true conservative who believes in our Constitution, believes in the people who have and will fight and die to make this country great. He has great salesmanship and negotiating ability, a successful business record, and sincere workable ideas that will propel this country ahead instead of settling for the same old stale mate our government has been in for years
    Choose Trump to move forward or choose Clinton to continue moving us into a third rate country.

  • Paul Dragotto


  • Paul Dragotto


  • 4Pip

    Hillary was bragging about her good record in the Senate,I had just read before the debate that she accomplished nothing. She did name a street or a park,big deal!! She is a crook and a liar that needs to be in prison.

  • There are two more debates coming up…hopefully this will be brought out and more in either both or one of the debates. There were many things not mentioned that I too hope will be brought out. We will see. I do know this election is one of the most important in history. If we as a nation don’t get this right, we will have no Country, no freedoms, no say so, no nothing. When and if this comes about, we will see and experiences some horrible trends coming our way. God can only put up with so much and He doesn’t want to lose anyone, so many are going to learn much the hard way.

  • Don Coder

    I do not own a TV set and I have a very low level of interest in this debate. However, I observe a uniform opinion that Hillary is not considered to be an upright person.

  • Don Coder

    It is a late day for US and its fate seems to be sealed.

  • Norma Ross

    She can’t keep all of her lies straight.

  • kassa1

    The TreAsnous witch , Should be nowhere near this political office as she has created more treason Tierney theft lies and deceit and murders that this system of so called justices ever seen! This woman should be in the gas chamber along with the Obamas in her rapist treAsnous husband! These people have sold her soul to the devil and are able to the very core.

  • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

    When the pro-abort queen, Broomhilary, champions her pro-abort pals

    the despicable, racist & misogynist planned”parent”in the white hoods that

    profits off the butchering of unborn Americans and emotionally mauls, as

    well as, kills women in gosnell-filth abortuaries for YUGE bloodmoney pro-

    abort profit &forces hard- working American taxpayers to fund it, there is

    nothing stopping that establishment elitist FAILED “feminist” politician mrs.

    clinton from profiting off the deaths of born Americans:

    [Remember Benghazi: “13HRS.”].

    Let’s never forget that the kkk=demonrats,

    the racist slavemasters=demonrats, and that the

    pro-abort demonrats ‘BOO-ed’ God at their dnc 2016.

    And for that, your community organizing pro-abort demonrats are

    hammering their last

    pro-abort nail in their pro-abort demonrat coffin!

    Lock Herr hilary the LIAR, UP—in Prison 2016!!!!

  • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

    She probably has killed her own unborn children, as well as, her own grandchildren…notice her daughter is a lonely only child.

  • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

    Only in pro-abort nightmares, perhaps.

  • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

    Broomhilary=BIGGEST LIAR LOSER.

  • hillaryLiedAmericansDied

    We fight against the demonic demonrats: VOTE against demonrats

    AND PRAY—LOUD & CLEAR, for God Almighty to hear!!