New Mexico Abortionist Quits For the Sake of His “Sanity”

Albuquerque, NM — Project Defending Life has confirmed that abortionist Bruce Ferguson is retiring on December 30th, 2011, and will no longer be performing abortions. His Albuquerque abortion clinic will also close. According to his website, he has been performing abortions for 30 years.

In a phone call, Ferguson told an undercover investigator that he was retiring due to his health, the health of his family, and his own his “sanity.” He stated, “Someone else needs to carry the burden now.” Ferguson also mentioned as a reason for his retirement a steady decline in abortion patients each year, which is a trend that is being seen nationally. (Watch a video featuring a recording of these statements below.)

Project Defending Life and Operation Rescue have been keeping the public informed about the dangerous conditions at two other Albuquerque abortion clinics. It appears that after receiving this life-saving information women are not flooding Bruce Ferguson’s office, but are opting out of abortion altogether.

“Abortion is not good for anyone, not for babies, not for women, and according to Bruce Ferguson, someone who would know, abortion is not good for the doctors performing them,” stated Bud Shaver, spokesperson for Project Defending Life. “We are happy to learn that our efforts to inform women of the dangers of abortion are having an impact and that fewer women are aborting their babies.”

Operation Rescue learned earlier this year that Ferguson had been seeking out-of-state employment as a part-time abortionist.

“As abortionists like Ferguson quit, retire, or are stripped of their licenses, they are not being replaced,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “It sounds like Ferguson has called it quits, but we need to remain vigilant because, with the shortage of abortionists, Ferguson could turn up somewhere else. Given his apparent emotional state, that would be dangerous for women.”

Project Defending Life is committed to serving the pregnant women of New Mexico and is continuing their effort to expose how abortion destroys all the lives involved in this horrific procedure.

“In 2011 our prayers and efforts to end abortion in New Mexico are becoming a reality. This is great news for the women and pre-born children of New Mexico. Abortion bears many consequences and one less ‘doctor’ to provide them is a benefit to all women,” stated Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Director of Project Defending Life. “In fact, this is the second abortionist this month to retire and close down in the state of New Mexico.”

Earlier this month, Santa Fe abortionist Lucia Cies retired. The closure of her abortion clinic made Santa Fe an abortion-free community.


  • Bill Gamelson

    So when his customers begin to run dry, he folds. Nice.

  • SharonG

    For the sake of his sanity? Too late.

  • Mike

    What “burden” is he talking about ? He CHOSE to do abortions…no one held a gun to his head and forced him to do abortions …for 30 YEARS. Why doesn’t he just come out and say, “My CONSCIENCE won’t allow me to kill any more babies.”


    Yeh the ‘burden’ of greed!

  • Maria

    I am pro life, but I don’t see much of a victory here, as the doctor is seeking part time work doing more abortions. Yes a clinic is closed and that is progress, but the article is wrote as though he has some unbearable burden over killing babies and that is not true, he is seeking employment to kill more babies. I believe the burden he spoke of whas the stigma attached to operating an abortion clinic and the possible risks to himself and his family.

  • Dom

    I was one of his patients 30 years ago. I cannot to this day believe the choice i made. It has taken me years to ask for Gods forgiveness and to feel forgiven.i dont blame him as it was my choice he did say to me to take care of myself and not to have an unwanted pregnancy again as an abortion was not something you wanted to repeat in your life. I was 20 good advice i guess. Every year at the same time i mourn for the child i didnt have. This is a secret i havent shared with many. It has been a decision in my life that i will never forget i have just learned to live with it. 30 years of supposedly giving women a choice how many babies There but for the grace of God go I

  • Terri

    Say what you want about this man he was a good doctor. He talked to you about you decision before he went forward. When I decided to have the procedure done he was very nice and did not judge me. He made me feel comfortable. He was also gentle and he talked to me the whole time cause he knew I was scared. I made a choice that was right for me and I don’t regret it. He did not make me do it he just provided a out for me from a bad situation. If abortion is so bad the would make it illegal instead because the state of new Mexico knows that there are a lot of unwanted pregnancies the provide emergency Medicaid to have the procedure done. If it is so bad why would our government choose to pay for it.