New Details Emerge In Shocking Case of “Aborted” Baby Born Alive

[UPDATE: A paragraph was inadvertently omitted from this article during editing. We have added the paragraph, in context, to the story below and highlighted it in bold lettering. -OR Staff]

By Cheryl Sullenger

Hialeah, FL — In a case where a baby was reportedly born alive then intentionally killed by abortion clinic workers in July, prosecutions hinge on the results of a soon to be released autopsy report.

Facing second-degree murder charges are abortion clinic co-owners Belkis Gonzalez and Siomara Senises, who were working in the clinic on July 20 as an 18-year old girl arrived at the abortion clinic at 9:30 AM to complete a late-term abortion that had been started the previous day.

Operation Rescue obtains search warrant

Further details have surfaced as Operation Rescue has obtained a copy of the Dade County search warrant that led to the discovery of the badly decomposed body of a female baby in the later stages of gestation.

According to the affidavits used to obtain the search warrant, an anonymous caller notified police that a baby had been born alive at a Hialeah, Florida, abortion clinic, but was intentionally killed by Gonzalez and Senises. The first search of the clinic on July 22 yielded no remains. However, the mother’s medical records were impounded along with a blood sample obtained from a pink recliner in the recovery room where the young mother allegedly gave birth.

Mother tells police her baby was born alive

The affidavit indicated the baby’s mother, referred to as the “Complaintant,” was interviewed by police and told them that she gave birth at approximately 2:30 PM on July 20 after spending over five hours in labor at the clinic without having seen a doctor.

According to the affidavit, “The Complaintant observed the baby moving and gasping for air for approximately five (5) minutes. The staff began screaming that the baby was alive; at which time, Ms. Belkis Gonzalez cut the umbilical cord, threw it into a red bag with black printing. Ms. Gonzalez then swept the baby, with her hands, into the same red bag along with the gauze used during the procedure.”

The documents indicated that another caller, a Ms. Betty Rojas, informed the police that she was in contact with their informant, telling them that a “doctor” had drowned the baby before desposing of the remains.

It should be noted that neither Gonzalez nor Senises are licensed medical doctors.

Caustic chemical speeds decomposition

On July 28, during a second call, the informant told police that the baby’s body had been placed in a red plastic biohazard bag along with the caustic chemical chloride and tossed onto the roof of the clinic for the expressed purpose of causing the accelerated decomposition of the body in an apparent attempt to destroy evidence of the crime. The body lay on the roof for eight days in the sweltering Florida summer sun.

During that call, the informant indicated to police the baby’s body had been retrieved from the roof and was then inside the clinic. Police arrived with a search warrant and discovered by dead baby’s remains.

Autopsy awaited

Authorities await the autopsy findings that could prove the actual age of the baby and if indeed the child was born alive. In Florida, it is illegal to do abortions in clinics after 24 weeks when the baby is considered to be viable. Clinic personnel say the baby was 22 weeks gestation, but at least one pro-life source who has been closely following this case believes that the baby could have been much older based on the reported weight of the remains discovered at the abortion mill. If the baby is found to have been older than the 24-week limit, additional charges of illegal late-term abortion could be added.

Also anticipated in the autopsy report is any physical evidence that the baby was born alive, such as the presence of air in the lungs. However, due to the severe decomposition of the body, results may not be conclusive.

Possible BAIPA prosecution

In addition to charges of second degree murder and possible illegal abortions, Gonzalez and Senises may face the first ever prosecution under the Federal Born Alive Infants Protection Act, (BAIPA) a law passed to protect babies born alive during abortions.

Abortionist MIA

As for the abortionist who was supposed to be on duty that day, it is uncertain what charges might face him. According to reports, Haitian immigrant Pierre Renelique was contacted by Senises when the patient reported to the clinic at 9:30 AM complaining of discomfort. He never answered his page in the five ensuing hours prior to the baby’s birth. Reports are conflicting as to whether he ever showed up at the clinic that day.

“We have seen cases in other states where this behavior would be considered patient abandonment. If that is the case, Renelique should loose his medical license,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

Fading from memory

But pro-lifers worry that the best evidence in the case has been destroyed and are concerned that the mother’s word and that of the informant may not be enough to convict Gonzalez and Senises in a court of law.

Police seem interested in seeing this case move forward, indicating that the clinic workers should have called for an emergency transport and sent the baby to the hospital, but prosecutors are not so sure. At issue may be the baby’s gestational age. Assistant State Attorney Kathleen Hoague told reporters, “There are lots of questions that medically I don’t have the answer to yet. You’re talking about a fetus that could be aborted legally.”

“In the end, it really does not matter how old the baby was,” said Newman. “If she was born alive, as the mother and the police informant say she was, then that baby deserved every protection under the law that any other person has, regardless of her age. The only difference would be the extra criminal charge if she had passed 24 weeks.”

“I don’t understand why there would be any equivocation in this case,” he continued. “If a litter of puppies had been tossed in a bag and thrown up on a roof to die, no one would rest until the perpetrators were brought to justice.”

In the meantime, public outrage over the incident has cooled.

“It will be tragic if these people walk,” said Newman. “This case, while shocking to the public when it was first reported, is already fading from the public’s memory. That little baby girl, who lived for five precious minutes, deserves better than to have her murder swept under the rug and forgotten because the manner of her birth is controversial.”

Back in business

Meanwhile, A Gynecologists Diagnostic Center, located at 3671 West 16th Ave. in Hialeah, where the incident occurred, remains closed by authorities pending further investigation. However, the same individuals, Gonzalez, Senises, and Renelique, continue to operate at another abortion mill just 3 miles away.

“Why close one abortion mill in the interest of public safety, then allow the same people to continue to engage in the exact same activity just down the street? This whole ordeal hasn’t slowed them down at all, and I think that reflects a failure in the system that is supposed to protect the public from dangerous practitioners,” said Newman. “These people are just laughing at law enforcement right now. They are getting away with murder, and they know it.”

Read Dade County Search Warrant

  • ausblog

    World estimations of the number of terminations carried out each year is somewhere between 20 and 88 million.

    3,500 per day / 1.3 million per year in America alone.

    50% of that 1.3 million claimed failed birth control was to blame.

    A further 48% had failed to use any birth control at all.

    And 2% had medical reasons.

    That means a stagering 98% may have been avoided had an effective birth control been used.

  • Frank


    Your entire post is absurd.

    “World Estimations…”
    –By who? Just…yourself, if your post is to be believed.

    “Between 20 and 88 million…”
    –Gee, that’s a 450% spread. So in other words, the spread is so far apart that no one can reliably say what the figure is to within 450%? If no one can say reliably how many abortions were carried out to within 450%, then certainly no one can identify the reasons. Moreover, most abortions are carried out in places and by people who don’t hang around to poll the mothers as to their reasons why they killed their children. Do you really think its possible to know the nuber of abortions that go on in places like China (where state-forced abortions occur), Africa, and the far east, let alone the reasons why? Moreover, millions of abortions are performed illegally around the world (so records certainly aren’t kept), so right away your other figures become so unreliable as to be useless.

    “a stagering [sic] 98% may have been avoided had an effective birth control been used.”

    –Your basic premise cannot be supported by known facts, since you wrongly assume that basically all abortions can be avoided if “effective” birth control is available. However, even if you are right as to how abortions would not occur if birth control were more available, then how do you explain why Planned Unparenthood, the UN, etc., always have a knee-jerk opposition to teaching of the one means of birth control that is always 100% “effective,” as you ask…abstinence?

    As Joe Stalin observed, the death of one man is a tragedy, but the death of a million men is a statistic. Your statistics gloss over the fact that on a one-to-one level, abortion is and will remain the slaughter of an innocent child. Period. No amount of unsupported claims, unverifyable “facts,” or calling abortion “termination, or other sophristry, will change that.

  • Sadly, to most people this is a big yawn. She paid for a dead baby, she got a dead baby. No problem.

  • Kristin

    I must say, even though I am Pro-Choice, this is a sickening case. I believe in early, legal and safe abortions. If the child was born alive, and had even the smallest chance of living, there should have been someone there to rush the child to a hospital, not throw her in a bag and toss it on a roof. This abortion clinic does deserve to be shut down. I am guessing that the abortionist and the assistants got so nervous when the child was born alive that they just done the first thing they could think of, and didn’t really think of the consequences, they just wanted to make sure they covered themselves.

    I cannot understand why a woman waits until she is this far along to abort. Some say it is because they do not have the money, but it takes a lot more money to do it later in pregnancy than the $250 – $400 to do it in the early weeks. But again, it is her choice, and even though I am Pro-Choice, that doesn’t mean I agree with her choice, but I also don’t look down on her for it.

    Abortion is going to happen whether any of us like it or not, so therefore; there does need to be safe, legal abortion to keep women from getting illegal abortions or trying to perform one themselves. I do admit that is very ironic that the whole point of an abortion is to terminate a pregnancy, but when something like this happens the abortionist can be charged with a form of murder. But we will leave that up to the “Great United States of America”.

    Again, even though I am Pro-Choice, that does not mean I AGREE with the woman’s choice, that simply means that I do not shun her for her choice, nor do I judge her and call her a murderer, because neither you or I know what this woman is going through.

  • Frank


    An interesting post, some of which nonetheless moves me to respond.

    “I believe in early, legal and safe abortions.”
    –Safe, from whose perspective? For mom, there’s no such thing as safe. For baby, it’s 100% unsafe.
    –Early or late shouldn’t matter. Killing a baby at 6 weeks is no conceptually different than 26 weeks.

    “If the child was born alive, and had even the smallest chance of living, there should have been someone there to rush the child to a hospital, not throw her in a bag and toss it on a roof.”
    –Yep. No argument here. But your use of the phrase “even the smallest chance of living” is interesting, since many abortions are performed on preborn babies old enough to live outside the womb.

    “Abortion is going to happen whether any of us like it or not, so therefore; there does need to be safe, legal abortion to keep women from getting illegal abortions or trying to perform one themselves.”
    –Child abuse and drunk driving are also going to happen whether any of us like it or not, yet society and lawmakers put enormous resources into preventing both. Facilitating those actions does not improve the situation any. Abortion is no different.

    “neither you or I know what this woman is going through.”
    –Okay, so what IS the woman “going through?” I do not deny that some women are broke, or emotionally overwrought, or coerced. But you should no more deny that abortions also occur because of sex selection, or because of subjective feelings that “I couldn’t give him the finer things in life,” or “having a child with a disability just wouldn’t fit into my nice pretty nuclear family,” etc. “Going through” hard times is not provocation for killing you child.

    –And of course, we all do know what the BABY is going through, what with being chopped up and dismembered live, but too many people sort of forget about that…

  • Theresa

    I would love to comment on the comments here, but time does not permit.

    I fondly refer to myself as a recovering radical feminist. I may understand that many feel there should be the option or choice, but the realities that choice has caused in the lives of woman; as well as society in general is beyond my ability to comment on here.

    I no longer believe that woman choose to kill their unborn babies, and destroy their own psyche’s in the easy out mentality that the pro-abortion world would like us to believe.

    However, that being said, I do wish to comment to OR, that I find it disturbing that the search warrant is published in full. What is the benefit of publicizing the mothers name??????? I would like to say that the LACK of consideration for the mother strikes me as unkind, unchristian and unnecessary!

    We need to demonstrate that the Pro-life movement is about BOTH the mother and the child! Please consider the consequences of allowing names to be made public.

    The scope and severity of the search warrant did NOT need to have her name included. That is what black sharpie pens are for! Please revise the PDF file.

    God Bless and Mary keep you, and all in need.

    Life is indeed the most sacred! If we can’t depend on the sanctity of life, what CAN we depend on?

  • Theresa

    Am I missing something? I just read the article from the Miami Herald, and they don’t know whether there was a homicide?

    Born alive means BORN ALIVE, I don’t undertand what the prosecutors office is wondering about. How can it possibly matter whether this poor child was “viable?” She was breathing!

    Frank, you sound knowledgeable, (not to mention familiar, does your last name begin with a P?), maybe you can answer my question. It seems back and white to me. Is there something I’m missing in the Born Alive act?

    Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.

    Jesus I trust in You

  • mike

    OR is in the business of 1. telling the truth, 2. saving babies from certain death.
    There is nothing wrong with posting public records. Especially since the news paper, the TV, the politicians, and the pastors of America refuse to tell or show the truth!
    Rock on, OR!
    PS If the poor little momy didn’t want to have her name published maybe she shouldn’t have killed her baby in such a dingy chop shop

  • Theresa

    Your right, OR does tell the truth where others fail to do so, and I applaud them for doing so.

    My point is that by publishing the mothers name there are other consequences to be considered.

    Most importantly doing so discredits the postion that the pro-life movement is concerned for BOTH the mother and the child!

    If I were a person seeking resources from OR and saw that they willfully caused this mother to be publically embarassed and shamed, that her pain is (possibly) magnified by the pro-LIFE movement, then I’d have to question how much compassion they would have for me.

    There are consequences to every choice we make, and in the long run the question should always be to what benefit is the choice being made going to serve?

    You have a right to your opinion, and I respect that. My opinion however, differs, in that I believe that it demonstrated a lack of concern for the mother, and therfore weakens our position on defending BOTH the mother and child.

    God Bless and Mary protect us all.

  • Frank

    Theresa & Mike:

    Theresa, I wrote a long post yesterday, & I guess it got lost in the ether. In short, I don’t really have an answer for the delay in prosecution, but I’m not overly concerned. Although I’d like an immediate murder indictment, the prosecution is proceeding under a brand new law that’s never been used for criminal prosecutions. That means there’s no precedent to a) guide the police about what evidence is needed; b) guide the prosecution about how to present the case to a grand jury or otherwise “work up” the case, gather abd evaluate witneses, etc.; and c) guide the Court, particularly given that this is the sort of case judges may want to shy away from and/or want to “punt” on, throw out on a technicality, etc. The prosecution would IMHO be better off proceeding methodically and deliberately. Slow but steady wins the race.

    Finally, thanks for your compliment but I am not “Frank P.’ I am also, FYI, not a member of the clergy, as someone once asked a while back.


    I’m troubled by a few things. Being in the business of telling the truth does not mean that all truth should always be told gratuitously. Do you shout out to your coworkers your wife’s age? Her weight? How much she earns? How much you earn? I doubt it, because a) it’s rude, and more importantly, b) there’s no point to doing so. Theresa has an entirely valid point that the details could be conveyed without resorting to publishing the mother’s name. Also, search warrants are generally not “public records” to my knowledge, although it may depend on a case-by-case basis. Finally, sarcastically referencing the “poor little mommy” may be perceived as just the sort of “condemn-the-mother” attitude that gets prolifers (particularly males) condemned as needlessly judgmental. I feel very sorry for the woman and I respectfully suggest you should too.

  • Operation Rescue

    A note about the posting of the search warrant:

    This search warrant is public record. It is readily available to anyone who asks for it at the Dade County records office. We published the warrant unaltered because it contains are public information that shed light on a possible murder of an innocent child that many would like to see just go away. By publishing the document in its entirety, there could be no claims that the document was doctored.

    As for the fact that the documents contain the name of the woman who had the abortion, we can only say that private actions often have public consequences. We didn’t make it so. That’s just the way it is. Shielding people from the natural consequences of their actions only enables them to continue walking in them. Usually having one’s sin out in the open can help a person deal with it and get the help needed to turn away from it. We pray that the exposure of her acts through the Dade County public records will ultimately help lead her to repentance.

  • Theresa

    Thank you Frank for your reply. LOL yes I thought you were Fr. Pavone, and suspect that another may have as well.

    Thank you Operation Rescue as well, if I may I would like to share a tiny slice of my story, hoping that doing so will illustrate the reason I still feel that allowing her name to remain in the warrant was a poor choice.

    I do understand your desire to provide the information unaltered. If Dade County allows warrants to be public records, and anyone can get the information, it would still require they do a bit of leg work to do so. Most, I suspect, would not put the effort into going through the motions to obtain the mothers name.

    The article I read from the Miami Herald stated that they had withheld the mothers name. That statement added to my feeling of concern for OR’s choice to publish it. Yes, there are public consequences to private decisions. My point however, is that there may be long term consequences to making that information public, which could harm the mission of the Pro-life movement, or at the very least Operation Rescue.

    If just one woman decides she can’t trust that OR will help her, protect her and therefore does not seek resources from the Pro-life movement, then the decision to make public the mothers name has cost more than it hoped to benefit.

    Frank, I am always touched by Fr. Pavone’s insistence that we have concern for the mother and the child. It actually helped me change a very wrong point of view! The same point of view that you speak to Mike about.

    Many years ago I was involved with the radical feminist, the lesbian/gay rights, (dare I say the Democratic view)? In my state. I was caught in the belief that to limit the choice, to criminalize abortion again, would be a step back in time. That “back street” abortions would kill and permanently harm woman. The infants born to rape and incest victims would live horrible, guilty, miserable lives.

    I bought into the entire drive to end legal abortion was from the “male dominated machine.”

    I was WRONG! Very wrong, and misguided by listening to the woman that I listened to.

    I believed that the phrase Pro-choice was acceptable, that since I believed in life, was personally opposed to abortion, but should not impose my belief on another; I as a woman needed to understand and if necessary even fight for a woman’s right to choose. (I still hate that I used to look at things this way, Praise the Lord for smacking me with the 2×4 He did!)

    I witnessed several demonstrations outside abortion providers, and was appalled. It made me dig my heels in. Prevented me from hearing the true message of the Pro-life movement.

    On one occasion these well meaning demonstrators were screaming “murderer!” to women that entered the hospital. It was in fact a general hospital, and my initial question was, how do these zealots even know that the woman they are screaming at are going into the abortion clinic? What if that woman is just going to visit a patient? The entire experience fostered an attitude that would be hard to shake. That was 1988.

    I believe there have been wonderful, successful changes in the Pro-life movement since then. Most significantly, the word is out that we do understand that there are MANY reasons that a woman goes to the abortion clinic, often not because they feel they in fact have a choice! Coercion, threats of abandonment, misinformation, to name a few.

    Fr. Pavone speaks eloquently about how successful sidewalk counseling has been in helping woman change their minds. The sense that at least ONE person supports their desire to have the child, and that there are indeed resources that will help that come to a positive, happy conclusion.

    He preaches on the perspective that we are not to be judgmental, but compassionate. We are to hate the sin, while loving the sinner. We are to recognize that we are at all times representatives of Christ Himself!!!!

    I find OR’s position disappointing to this end. The comment: “Usually having ones sin out in the open can help a person deal with it and get the help needed to turn away from it. We pray that the exposure of her acts through the Dade County public records will ultimately help lead her to repentance. ” Just doesn’t sit right with me, IMHO it isn’t beneficial, but instead harmful, and contrary to the wonderful, compassionate perspective that changed at least one woman, ME, from the wrong side of the abortion issue.

    Thank you for listening to my perspective, and allowing me to share what I have. I pray that should a woman in need read these writings, they will know that while all have a right to their opinion, it is not the opinion of every member of the Pro-life movement. We are humans, fallible and flawed, sinners all, who hope for the opportunity to offer her hope, and the love of Christ. We extend our hand, not in judgment, but in compassion.

    God Bless and Mary guide and protect us all.

    Your sister in Christ,

  • Grace

    Theresa, you are one wise woman!

  • I am so shocked an horrified at the treatment of the baby born alive gasping for breath and two women freaked because it was supposed to be dead. My God have they lost their humanity? If the show about animal safety had aired something like that with kittens or puppies there would have been such an outpouring of outrage and cries for justice it would have been on the news around the country. But this tiny little girl was maltreated and brutally murdered because she was an unwanted human. No body did anything for over eight days while she cooked on the roof of the murder clinic.
    Everybody has the right to make their decisions, but even the Bible says choose life. Sure you can be a mass murderer or a big mouth opinionated so and so, but good grief, it doesn’t make it right, and nobody wants to be associated with any of them, even though it was their choice to be like that. Even the First Amendment has limits on it, common sense limits, like, don’t yell “FIRE” in a crowded theatre. There has to be rational and moral consequences to actions. Killing an innocent little girl is just wrong. God have mercy on these obviously confused people who take life. The security of this country as well as the world is directly connected to the security in the womb. If there is no security there then no security in the countries that kill their children. So many Saints have pointed this out, Mother Theresa for one. Pray the Rosary for an end to abortion. God Bless all Moms.

  • I think animals have more rights. HOw many childless couples would have given that baby a loving home? and all the others that have been aborted for whatever reason. But adoption is not a quick fix and many rather choose abortion. More’s the pity

  • Theresa

    Thanks Grace for your compliment.

    The truth is though, that whatever wisdom I now have, comes from finally heeding to the love and grace of Our Merciful Lord.

    He, and only He is capable of writing straight with crooked lines, and allowed me the opportunity to realize the wrong side of the woman’s issue I had been on.

    For those individuals that happen to read this article, who still believe that it is acceptable practice to kill the unborn, I beg of you to reconsider. I beg of you to take a look at the pictures provided, and to read the words of Roe herself. Please open your heart, and keep an open mind.

    Situations like the one described in this article need to be made public, even more so than this has been.

    Many of the comments regarding this poor child are right on! I have two children who reside in heaven, having lost them to miscarriage. I can guarantee that I’d have taken this child in a heartbeat! Even if she was super premature, since I was too! I was born 2 months premature, yeah, I have problems, and have all my life, but I’m going to be 50 this year!

    Can you imagine the press coverage if this child had not been born in an abortion clinic? If caretakers had decided that she wasn’t viable so they trashed her? Whoa! It would have made every station, every paper.

    I just don’t get the way society allows itself to be conditioned to react to kittens and puppies being tortured, yet willingly ignore the torture of the preborn and this poor martyred child!

    Which brings my next question. Where will she be buried after the autopsy? Are there any plans to give this poor child a decent grave? Is there a donation avenue for such a thing? How do I find that information out?

    Thanks, God Bless
    Theresa, CT

  • Rose

    Theresa, This is a horrific situation. The small body of this child is in the morgue to be examined and likely considered as evidence with the charges pending. When they are able to release it, the parents cold have a burial or creamation, but in view of her not wanting the child, she likely will not claim her baby fetus. ( I think the born-alive clause applies.)

    It does seem strange that

    Ususally under term fetus are left at the hospital for disposal. I think they are burned, but this is so high profile.

    I this case of the small unmedical clinic, all their methods are in question, not just how th

  • Rose

    Sorry..the message sliped away…how they disposed of the fetus is not acceptable procedure.

    It does seems strange that non-medical people and not a doctor are allowed to do these things. It sou

    The Dade County handling the case will likelydetermine when and if there is a release of this tiny body

  • Julie Dolly

    There are no words to express the sadness of this it is heart breaking. I agree with the above posts about animals. I worked at a chicken processing plant in Moorefield WV I worked on the cooked side and there was a raw side as I am sure many of you heard in 04 there was a a big story about a PETA investigationm about the abuse of the chickens at the raw plant people were going to boycott KFC ect.. yet this is the only place I have heard about this murder no national coverage nothing. Sad that there is more concern for chickens that are dead and ready for processing are more highly regarded than a human being. Also on that subject it is considered inhumane to kill a chicken unless it is by instant electrical shock (so I was told ) as not to cause it pain but some think its ok to dismember a baby. Sad so Sad .
    GOD BLESS you OR for all you do to bring attention to this matter

  • I will say this once again-if you do not want a child dont have sex or get fixed!!!! What on earth has this awful world come to? we can now pick and choose when WE want to be ” bothered” or not if we become pregnant at an ”inconvenient” time.Lots of people would love a sweet little newborn.There really is no ‘right time’ to get pregnant so if it happens,step up to the plate and be a MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!

  • S. L.

    God help me, you idiots are all missing the point. It’s murder reagardless of where this kid is, iinside or out.

  • Wow some of you arent as smart as you think you are! What would God have to say about this topic…that is the only opinion that matters. ITS MURDER!!!

  • Nancy in MN

    My body is just convulsing and shuddering at the heart-hardened evil in this story.

    No national coverage on this. It is up to us to spread the word of this story. I am emailing it to all of my friends. Every human should shudder in terror, as I am now, and contact the Florida state attorney’s office to express their outrage! (Not to mention the Associated Press!)

  • Melissa

    I want to throw up!! The murder of that poor blessing from God makes me sick as does the 40+ million other babies aborted in America alone!! (i am Canadian)It’s not much better here!! Just less population. I am sick of hearing about “Choice”. It’s not choice, it’s plain and simple murder. If you have to kill “it” to get rid of “it” then that means that “it” -the Baby is alive. If you’re pregnant, “it’s” a baby!!!


  • angel of mercy

    do you not know what alive is its this simple not dead,jesus is alive as we all celebrate easter please think of all those dear babies whom die every year to the very thing called abortion “murder”to kill is against the law which means for these idots whom choose to kill babies even after they are born alive they should be charge for murder just like anyone whom shoots someone while robbing a if you live in fla.please ask your atternoy general to charge those responsile for the baby found a trash bag last july whom was alive when her mom went into a abortion mill for the abortion.
    no one needs a license to murder!that includes these so called this mill.

  • angel of mercy

    do you not know what alive is its this simple not dead,jesus is alive as we all celebrate easter please think of all those dear babies whom die every year to the very thing called abortion “murder”to kill is against the law which means for these idots whom choose to kill babies even after they are born alive they should be charged for murder just like anyone whom shoots someone while robbing a if you live in fla.please ask your atternoy general to charge those responsile for the baby found a trash bag last july whom was alive when her mom went into a abortion mill for the abortion.
    no one needs a license to murder!that includes these so called this mill.

  • angel of mercy

    on behalf of shanice denise osbourne please ask your atternoy generals office to charge those whom left her to die with murder,is this how you would treat your dog/cat?of course not!then contact your da`s office along with your congressmen&senators office to show your outrage on shanices right to have life as we do have the born alive act.
    after all easter is on sunday so in honor of the reason for the season do what god would ask you to justice for her and the others.

  • nicole

    sadly, christina’s right, she did ask for a dead baby but i mean come on people… you’d think not only christians would be against this kind of inhumanity, but any normal human being. just the idea of this abortion is sickening and excuses like ‘they will probably develop a disease’ are used….chances are they will have a fatal car accident, become a smoker, contract an std, die during war or get trampled at a gig! isnt the chance of all that or worse happening a legitimate reason to end their life and save yourself the hassle of getting emotionally attatched? “The baby’s chances of survival are limited” well of course if your gonna slice it up!
    i’ve been doing an assignment on abortion (who knows why they subject us to researching this horror) and its just disgusting the various ways people have devised to kill other humans, especially those at one of the most vulnerable stages of humanity. What’s even worse is the misleading information given to girls, often young and confused and in need of guidance, about the reality of abortion. Claims that the fetus, which by the time it is deemed a fetus is usually in the second trimester of gestation, is not seperate form the mother and cannot feel pain, for which there is conclusive evidence that they can feel pain after 20 weeks and claims that they can feel pain after nine weeks make me sick.How can misinformed and ignorant mothers be allowed to make a decision of so much weight after no guidance but that of a money-hungry abortionist? like, there’s no need to blatantly lie to people just to get a point across. mind you, it is i guess important to…i don’t know…it doesn’t seem right to force people to take on this point of view, to stand outside of abortion clinics and judge others as monsters because of a decision they are probably already feeling down about. People like that do endorse a misrepresentation of christian values. We don’t have the right to condem others and this seems to be forgotten in the fight for unborn rights. i guess we’ve all done things were not proud of.

  • Nalani

    There is a beautiful young woman named Gianna who survived a failed saline abortion. Her mother was 17 and opted to end her baby’s life but Gianna was born alive after suffering for hours with the burning caustic affects of saline. The abortionist was not there when Gianna miraculoously survived this death chamber, but a compassionate nurse rushed her to a hospital where she was given life saving intervention. She was later adoped and is now an amazing witness of the transforming power that only Jesus can give someone so wounded and rejected. She is truly a voice for the unborn. Even though she struggles with cerebral palsy, she is an overcomer and my hero. (Read her book “Gianna”) I can’t help but wonder what an amazing child and woman this precious baby who was so brutally thrown away would have been. Think of the songs, poems, books, cures, kind acts that will not be known because those who would have created them are cut off – aborted. There needs to be somekind of awakening to this American holocaust – we need to fight this on our knees ( keep praying) and then take action as the Lord leads.

  • Kyle

    This was technically NOT an abortion. In an abortion, the baby is intended to die BEFORE it is expelled from the womb. This child was alive when it entered the world, it had taken a breath. Under the law, she was a legal human being, a person, and entitled to protection, whether she was intended to die or not.
    I am very, very pro choice, but I do not believe any child born alive after a botched abortion should be left to die. If the child takes a breath, he or she is a person under the law, and to allow the child to die is murder, nothing more, nothing less.

  • Cherrie

    Why won’t someone give me their baby? I want one so badly. I’ve been married 24 years, lost 2 of my own, unable to conceive again, been told that adoption costs $10,000 to $15,000 and upwards because of money-hungry individuals and red tape. I just don’t get it. I’m not alone. There are thousands like me–with empty open arms. Please don’t abort. Give your baby to me or to someone just like me who cries every day because they can’t conceive their own or doesn’t have the kind of money just laying around to pay the really ridiculous, enormus eye-gouging price to be put on a waiting list and maybe get a baby in a couple years!

  • When I hold my baby i see all that is good in the world .Hi mommy I can’t wait to see you,I waited so long for you to hold me.I hope you are as beautiful as i imagined,please hold me close.The children that survive abortion are saying mommy they’re taking me away please help me, im cold i need you! I love you.

  • Brenda

    I am a mother of 3 boys and a grandmother of 11 month old twins. I have always been pro-life. I do have a couple friends who have had abortions, and one who says she would do it again. I love my friends, but cannot understand the logic that people use to explain why they would have an abortion. One comment here said we don’t know what that mother was going through. Why does that matter? When I was flat broke, living with an abusive husband and the only one in my household even trying to support my 16 month old son, I found out I was pregnant again. By this time, I hated my husband. Knowing I was carrying his child made me physically ill. Still, I knew I couldn’t “terminate” my child’s life. I could no sooner kill the tiny life in my womb than I could have drowned my blue eyed boy with the curly blond hair that I already had. I wondered throughout my pregnancy if I could ever love my second child like I did my first. The answer to that question was no. I love him in his own special way! He is 17 now and truly a blessing from God. Las night I found out that a childhood friend of my boys was killed in a car accident, and the child that my ex-husband told me I should abort stayed up all night with me as I worked through the grief of losing this boy. He is a gift from God and thinking of how I doubted if I could love him makes me weep now. Thank God that I was raised pro-life! To anyone reading and considering abortion, I would just like to tell you that I don’t know you and I don’t know your situation, but please, God doesn’t make mistakes. Every person concieved is concieved for a reason. Let your child live, even if you let him/her have a different momy and daddy!

    God Bless