Massachusetts Abortion Victim’s Mom Comes Forward

Operation Rescue calls on District Attorney to Open Criminal Investigation

Hyannis, MA — Eileen Smith has come forward in order to keep her daughter’s abortion death from being “swept under the rug.” Her 22-year old daughter, Laura Hope Smith, died on September 13, 2007, during an abortion done by Rapin Osathanondh at Women Health Clinic in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Smith told Operation Rescue that she had no idea that her daughter was 13 weeks pregnant and considering an abortion. A friend accompanied Laura to the clinic. Early reports indicated that Laura died of hemorrhage, but Smith says that her daughter died on the abortion table. “There was no bleeding. She stopped breathing and went into cardiac arrest,” said Smith.

Ten days after Laura’s death, Smith met privately for one hour at a public place with Osathanondh. He would only meet with Smith alone and refused to allow even allow her husband to accompany her. Osathanondh admitted that Laura died during the abortion but refused to admit he did anything wrong.

Smith told Operation Rescue that the details of her daughter’s death appalled and sickened her, but she could not discuss those details because she is seeking legal action against Osathanondh for killing her daughter.

“My daughter was 22, healthy, and alive when she walked into that clinic,” Smith said. “She didn’t even have a cold. There is no reason for her to be dead.”

Laura was born into abject poverty in Hondurus on May 25, 1985, and was abandoned at an orphanage. An American couple that adopted Laura abused her terribly and gave her up. Laura was then adopted by Tom and Eileen Smith, a Christian family that lovingly raised Laura in the Cape Cod community of Sandwich.

Laura was a 2004 graduate of Upper Cape Tech, majoring in cosmetology, but later realized that profession did not suit her. At the time of her death she was working in retail management. Laura was a born again Christian who was an active member of Calvary Chapel of Sandwich.

Over 600 people attended Laura’s funeral. Since then, at least one young woman has changed her mind about abortion since hearing about what happened to Laura.

Smith told Operation Rescue that two days after Laura’s death, she gave a full interview to the local newspaper, which was scheduled to be published on the day of Laura’s funeral. The article has yet to appear, leading Smith to believe that there are attempts underway to cover up her daughter’s death.

Operation Rescue is urging calls to the local district attorney asking for a formal investigation of Rabin Osathanondh in the abortion death of Laura Hope Smith.

District Attorney Michael D. O’Keefe
Phone: 508-362-8113


    I have been reading this site in tears!! Its new years and my family has lost our precious LAURA! Its seems stephanie and a one other have took it upon themselves to judge my sister w/o even knowing her and her heart. I actually grew up in a church (like I am sure stephanie goes to )that says one sin will cause you to BURN in hell forever! I lived in fear my whole childhood, about thinking a bad thought I was then damned to hell. Laura grew up in the same church as well. My family left that church after realizing it was controling and manipulating their lives. I am so happy that they realized GOD is ALL LOVING and not a judging god
    Abortion was never discussed as an issue for young girls. I had falling from gods grace for about 5-6 years. Laura always prayed and was always faithful to her beliefs in god. I look back and wish I had her heart:)
    I had an abortion 4 years ago and Laura really was so hurt and crushed about my decision. She cried and was really upset (this is what I don’t understand why ?? she did this ) . I asked god to forgive me and I believe he has its just something that I have to forgive myself…..
    I do believe its murder , but at the time I tried to justify and make myself believe its a fetus not an actual baby. I still cry and now that I have lost my sister for the same act I commited years ago,. I am just lost for words!!
    Laura s funeral was packed with kids that said Laura has changed their lives and how lost they were w/o her. I believe that god will use her death to help others. Its an awful thing and I love and miss her grately. Laura was an aunt to my baby girl Kylie now 2 !:)and our other sisters 2 children.
    I want us not to judge and quote scripture!! God is the only one to know her heart and her death and lets not hurt the people that love and miss LAura by reading stephanies emails that only jdge and condem people. THAT IS NOT GOD , just b/c you can read what the bible says and sit in church and judge other people outside of it, does not make it right ! THe bible says alot and to pull your scriptures out and compare it to lauras life is just wrong .
    That doctor that killed laura completes 15 abortions a day! That s only one doctor!! Just imagine how many girls that are scared and alone not strong enough to stand up and take responsibilty for their actions . I don’t want girls to read this and be scared of hell and god but to know that god can and does and will forgive any act of sin.. all sin is equal in his eyes. And that GOD will help them in their act of weakness and help them choose the right the decision.
    GOD IS ALL LOVING !!!:)))
    xoxo.. love you Laura Hope ….lola:)

  • Liz Ward

    “A sincere Bible believing Christian who had a strong walk with the Lord”? Hardly! 1. She had sex outside marriage and 2. She chose to kill her child rather than face the consequences of having sex outside marriage.

    Any idea that this woman was a Christian is just wishful thinking. She no doubt made all the right noises but her actions show what she really was. If she had survived the abortion, I hope the church would have disfellowshipped her.

  • Lizzi25

    Liz Ward- Wow! “If she had survived the abortion, I hope the church would have disfellowshipped her.” Wow! People who think the way you do are the reason so many never step foot in a church to begin with. God is a God of mercy and the christian church SHOULD be the first place people can go to when they need help. Jesus came for the SICK, not the healthy. Apparently you are perfect and have never commited a sin in your life, judging from your comment “her actions show what she really was”. Have you ever lied? Have you ever stolen anything? Have you ever dis-obeyed your parents? Have you ever shown anything less than perfect love for your neighbor? Do you have un-forgiveness in your heart? Have you ever held a grudge against someone? Wow, I guess that means that your actions at those moments show what you (and all of us) really are and we should all be “disfellowshipped”. But then wouldn’t that mean that the church wouldn’t exist at all?!
    As hard as it is for us mortals to understand it, in the eyes of God, a murdered is the same as a liar, the same as a pedophile, the same as a cheater, the same as a rapist. There is no rank of sins that are worse than others. If God is small enough to be understood by our finite minds (including who he chooses to have mercy on) then he is not big enough to be worshipped.

    To the family- I pray for your healing and that you would find (if you’re not already in one) a body of believers who can support you and not judge you or your daughter during this difficult time. I’m sorry that this happened to you and I’m so sorry that your daughter was so confused and decieved that she didn’t feel she had any other alternative. God is a God of mercy and only He knows what went on in her heart during the last minutes or even seconds of her life. I pray that he helps you through your confusion and pain and you can find the help and healing you need.
    I will continue to pray for you as the Holy Spirit brings you to my mind.
    I’m so sorry for your losses.

  • HeLives

    I saw Laura’s mom on Andrew Womac this morning. It’s now 10 yrs. this year, since this happened. I was very moved at how she has taken this tragedy & turned it into something so good, as to become a speaker & created a site & organization ( that takes a stand & speaks out about this. How she wants to reach those caught in this nightmare & most especially Pastors/Ministers of churches, to speak over their pulpits about abortions, to help prevent more tragedy for others & the unborn.

    It moved me to seek out the story, b/c I lived on the Cape when this happened, but did not recall it. And this is the first area/article I’ve clicked on. I don’t even know if this will post, after all this time.
    Reading these comments, that are now truncated, but I read enough, disturbed me, somewhat, w/the callousness & ignorance of a few, ‘self proclaimed Christians’. But, there are always at least a few, aren’t there?
    Who have such a ‘legalistic’ point of view, that Christ Himself would call them PHARISEE’S & ban them to HELL. (much to their shock, I’m sure)

    The judgemental, finger pointing of Liz Ward & ‘Stephanie’ reminded me of a cult like church there, (VC) that they must have, & may still, attend. I’m sure that’s the church Laura’s sister, Marni, spoke of. I know, b/c I was a part of that hideous, judgemental crowd myself, for a thankfully, short time. God took me OUT of there as I prayed for guidance when so many things just didn’t add up in His Word, w/their teachings & attitudes toward anyone else, who did not ‘belong’ to their sect.

    From being told how to dress, to where it was acceptable to work, to young men not being allowed to go to the beach, (b/c you see women in bathing suits there) it was just too much!

    I’ll never forget how they shammed a young gal for getting pregnant when she was allowed to attend her prom at school. An entire service (almost 2 hrs) was ‘dedicated’ to the ‘sins’ of kids who were not monitored properly & allowed to do ‘worldly’ things. (like NORMAL kids) There was a big stink about allowing your kids to go to ‘Prom’, b/c of the ‘temptations’ & ‘sin’ that could result. So not many were ‘allowed’ to go. But, she was & the result was this unplanned baby. How she cried as she stood in front of hundreds of us, as I looked on in horror at what that VILE man, our ‘leader’ was doing to her! Her parents were obviously shamed as well. And made to feel like ‘bad’ parents for not keeping their child under better control & remain at home, where she could be. wow

    I saw families separated, that went to other Christian churches, b/c they didn’t want the daughters (who were living in ‘women’s homes, w/a group of other cultist) to have contact w/their own families! They had ‘men’s homes, for the men, too. They would take in the singles, so they could be better ‘monitored’ & ‘groomed’ to ‘conform’ to THEIR Rules & live lives acceptable to THEM. Having/watching a TV was SIN! LOL

    The ‘pastor’ of that cult, (PC) was called for every little thing, to report of questionable acts a single man or woman was doing, so he could be consulted & decisions could be made by him, on how to deal w/the ‘perp’.
    Depending on the ‘crime’, there may be a meeting held, to deal w/the ‘criminal’.
    I know, b/c I lived in one of these ‘homes’ & was monitored VERY closely. My crime, was coming in after 10, even tho my job in the Mall would keep me till then, many times. I was not trusted, b/c hey, I could have been elsewhere, on my own (over 30 yrs old) & doing ‘bad’ things! I still had ‘unsaved’ friends I liked to visit & would have fierce fights about being w/them. B/C they surely would have me SINNING when I was w/them!

    I reminded them that Jesus hung w/the sinners, much more than the saints. And how they had no faith in me & the influence I may be able to be on them, rather than the other way around. Still, I was breaking their laws & it caused much distress in the home. I was banned from eating at the same table w/them, as punishment. And was not spoken to in general conversation, but only what had to be said. LOL

    I wore tank tops & that was not ‘right’. Neither was a 2 piece bathing suit.
    I was a stick then, so believe me, nothing was falling out… anywhere! lol

    I questioned too much & ‘bucked’ THEIR ‘system’. I eventually was asked to leave the home, b/c I was a ‘bad influence’ on the younger gals, who were kept from their families. And shortly after, I left the church on God’s major prompting. (actually making me sick during one of their ‘conferences’, where someone kept screaming about ‘the law’ to keep their people in their proper places in their churches. If they didn’t stress ‘the law’, they would lose control of their flocks! Oh my!

    I actually had a panic attack & I had never experienced anything like that before…. or since. I was at my wits end & begged God to let me know if I was in the ‘right’ place, b/c it sure didn’t seem ‘right’ to me. And I asked He make it ‘unmistakable’, so I would have NO doubt in my mind. He’s faithful. :) I can only imagine what Wesboro Baptist is like! It’s BRAINWASHING at it’s most sinful nature! A rape of the mind & spirit.
    It took me years to get by that short stint in there. And to this day, I’ve never ‘joined’ another church. I go to one now, where ‘membership’ is not a ‘requirement’ to ‘belong’. They DON’T ‘own me’.
    I belong to God & Jesus! :)

    The good thing is, I met some very good people there, who also wound up ‘defecting’, as the Smith’s did. Their sanity was saved, on top of their souls, I’m sure. And I can only imagine, how hard it was, if a kid was brought up in that place. You leave, & you’re ‘branded’. You lose all your friends you thought were & you are spurned by everyone. Hard enough for any adult. Let alone a child & teen to deal with.

    I don’t know how old Laura was, by the time she was ‘saved’ from that cult. But I do know the DAMAGE it must have had & the impression it must have left, on her.

    Many I knew, went for counseling in a large group together, w/a man I found, that ‘deprogrammed’ people that were caught up in cults. But, it was for adults. So I’ve NO idea how the kids coped.
    And I do know some, that went off the rails, once they got in the ‘real world’, b/c they didn’t know how to cope w/it. They were raised in this BUBBLE, that was NOT ‘Reality’… AT ALL.

    I see some from that mess now & then. Most of the ones who are still there, are as judgemental today, as they were then. A few, however, seemed to have softened a bit. Don’t know if it’s age & realization, or just maybe God dealing w/the ‘leaders’.

    Stephanie & Liz W: I hope that in 10 years, God has been able to GROW YOU in His Word. And you show more Christ like love, acceptance & have a ‘right’ Spirit & attitude toward others now. I hope you realize, you too, were finger pointing sinners then, & guess what? You still are sinners today!

    B/C we will ALL remain sinners under Jesus blood, until we are taken out of this putrid world & are Perfected by our Faithful, Father, God.
    I hope you have found another church, a ‘real’ church of God’s Word, to grow & thrive in, as there are so many others, that teach the Truth of God’s Word, Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness & Love on the Cape.

    B/C to pass that poisonous Spirit of a Pharisee down to kids, is a SIN in itself.
    Thankfully, Laura’s parents knew to FLEE from there, as well.

    May I remind you of:

    Rom 8:38-39 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    John 10:28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

    Laura has been at perfect Peace w/her Savior & baby for a decade now. And instead of judging, we should all be looking forward to the same.
    B/C we serve a God MUCH GREATER, than our finite minds can ever imagine. And NONE of us is capable of even a sliver of His ability to show love, grace & mercy. We are too LIMITED, in our failures as fallen humans.

    There is NO place for ‘self righteousness’ in any of God’s children. And we’re all guilty of it at times. For me, I repent every day & night, for my shortcomings. B/C I realize I do them, even when I don’t realize I’m doing them!

    I hope we ALL realize we ALL should do the same.

    May the Smith’s have found much Peace & many Blessings in their lives since this tragedy in their family. And what a wonderful testimony of what God can do, when we follow His cue in our lives. How He is using Laura’s mom & her families heartbreak, for HIS good.
    Beauty for Ashes.

    I thank anyone who read thru this. I just needed to post.