KS Governor’s Office Covers Up Secret Party Honoring Abortionist Tiller

Photos show Gov. Sebelius recognizing Tiller’s political support

Wichita, KS – While under investigation by the Attorney General’s office and amid increasing calls for criminal charges by the Kansas Legislature, late-term abortionist George R. Tiller and his entire abortion clinic staff was honored by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius at a lavish secret party held at Cedar Crest, the Governor’s mansion in early April, 2007.

Operation Rescue was the first to uncover evidence of this event, which was mentioned in Robert Novak’s Washington Post column on Monday. OR obtained a set of 27 photographs from a confidential source that told OR the party was held exclusively in Tiller’s honor. Tiller and his staff were the only guests invited to the gala event that featured, according to the source, a menu of steak and lobster.

A request for information made under the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA) concerning the cost and source of funding for this event was answered with scant information concerning four unrelated events at held Cedar Crest during March and April of 2007, but no mention of the Tiller soiree. The final photocopy of the documents seems to show a female giving the middle finger.

The Governor’s Office is currently in violation of KORA laws regarding a second and more specific request for open records submitted by Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. Legal action is being considered.

“Is Gov. Sebelius illegally concealing a taxpayer-funded gala honoring Tiller?” asked Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The public has a right to know.”

Tiller is a major contributor to pro-abortion candidates in Kansas, giving hundreds of thousands of dollars through a complicated series of political action committees and non-profit organizations. Because of this hard-to-trace influx of cash, Democrats have risen to power in this conservative Red state, something that has drawn national attention to Sebelius’ supposed political prowess.

“Sebelius’ office arrogantly believes that they can keep her strong ties to Tiller a secret, but their efforts to keep the truth from the public have only exposed their corruption,” said Newman. “Sebelius would not be governor today if not for Tiller’s financial support. She owes him her career. Every agency in Kansas that could hold Tiller accountable for illegal late-term abortions, from the Board of Healing Arts to the Kansas Supreme Court to the Attorney General, are all laced with Sebelius appointees. It is little wonder that they all have done nothing but stall and obstruct efforts to prosecute him.”

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  • Sarah

    She is corrupt! She needs to be taken out of office! Who does she think she is?

  • Peggy Murphy

    Stinks. no one will be smiling in H e l l.

  • The governor is “personally” against abortion, she avows. Riiiight! She really looks upset with the infamous abortionist Tiller, doesn’t she. So upset that she smiles and warmly shakes his blood-soaked hand. Then she takes steps to hide on the official records the occurrence of this event at the statehouse. No honor, no honor! I am afraid that she appears to have sold her soul to the devil for recognition and power in this fleeting world. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, but lose his soul! They all are in need of our prayers. Though it seems difficult, humanly speaking, to pray for them, we are required to do so. Just think, at the end of time, they too will bend their knees to Christ, wherever it is that they choose to spend eternity.

  • Nick

    She needs to be removed from office so we can replace her with a good, honest Republican who knows that killing should only be reserved for Iraqi civilians, American soldiers, and this country’s urban poor.

    How dare she engage in an action that could require an open mind to interpret properly. Doesn’t she realize the time for such nonsense is passed? We’re in a culture war and the only people who “think” about or “discuss” issues are in all likelihood the same people who sip their lattes and pile their hatred upon our flag.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she and this “Dr. Tiller” ducked out and had sex that night. Why else would you keep a party secret?

  • Amy


  • Laura

    It is amazing that people use the word abortion so casually. We’re talking late term which means the baby has to be brutally murdered during delivery. The governor is not being “open minded” she has sold out completely. To say Tiller is cold blooded is a gross understatement. My grandaughter was born at 28 weeks and fought furiously to stay alive and today she is a beautiful 4 year old. A baby at 28 weeks and later is when Tiller starts butchering. I don’t know how the governor can look herself in the mirror.

  • I agree the governor should be removed from office and mr. Tiller locked up for murder. At the same time I want to encourage everyone to copy the picture of these people and post it on your refrigerator to remind us to pray that God will save them and those who work for them since Jesus died for them too. Remember, We do not war against flesh and blood. These people are blind as we all once were.

  • Gary Bridgford

    Hell is awaiting her!

  • Joyce

    Ms. Sebelius’ bishop has asked her to refrain from taking communion since her actions are in opposition to the beliefs of the Catholic Church. She has ignored this request and has been observed receiving communion. I think the Catholic Church seriously should consider excommunicating her. Being Catholic is a choice. If she supports abortion, she should stop lying, profess how she really believes, and find a non-Christian group that believes as she does.

  • jw

    Nick Says:

    May 28th, 2008 at 6:55 pm
    She needs to be removed from office so we can replace her with a good, honest Republican who knows that killing should only be reserved for Iraqi civilians, American soldiers, and this country’s urban poor.

    How dare she engage in an action that could require an open mind to interpret properly.

    An open mind to interpret properly????How do you interpret murder/ your sarcasm is weak as you are weak

  • Conservatives need to get to the polls Nov 4 and reclaim Congress, secure the White House and clean out the corrupt Demoncrats from the ground-up in every state of this Nation.

    Sebelius…the truth is not in you.

  • Robin Michel Johnson

    You need not be concerned about the murderer of the innocents, “Dr.” Tiller. He was gunned down in cold blood while serving at his Church as usher back in 2009! Cold being the operative word, here. Thanks to the Doctor and Sebelius, there is still a late term “compassionate” clinic where late term abortions are still performed…by the cold blooded like Sebelius and Tiller. Though I NEVER advocate violence, I will say that the shooter had better defined morals than the rest of the congregation and why I believe people are leaving the American 501c3 Churches in droves! Blows a hole right through the “once saved always saved” doctrine of demons taught in these same synagogues of satan. Don’t believe me! IF you have a Bible, read it! If have an NIV…THROW IT AWAY! Get a REAL one not the one written by apostates.

  • Robin Michel Johnson

    I read or heard that Sebelius lost her medical license but I have not been able to confirm it. I would LOVE to get the whole scoop. A few nights ago, Fox News was going to do an expose’ on “The REAL Kathleen Sebelius” but never did. We all know FOX is not all that they profess either. In my opinion, if it’s on TV and it’s lips are moving…it’s probably lying…