“Hellish Abortion Operation:” KY Abortionist’s License Suspended, Clinic Closed

By Cheryl Sullenger

Lexington, KY – Abortionist Hamid Sheikh has had his medical license suspended and his Lexington, Kentucky, abortion mill closed after the state’s medical board revealed evidence of fraud, filthy conditions, and illegal abortions that led one reporter to describe Sheikh’s clinic as a “hellish abortion operation.”

Sheikh as been indicted for defrauding Medicaid out of thousands of dollars. He is also accused of maintaining unsanitary conditions, including dirty hospital gowns and surgical equipment. An investigation revealed out of date medications and biohazard waste that had not been picked up for twelve weeks.

Women have come forward saying Sheikh did not use pain medications and that abortions he committed on them were excruciatingly painful. One teenager reported that she was told to “shut up” because her screams would disturb the other patients.

A video report from WHAS Channel 11 details the horrors that occurred at Sheikh’s Lexington abortion mill. (Click to view.)

“The horrific conditions discovered at Sheikh’s mill are not the exception; they are what we have come to expect from America’s failing abortion industry,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

In recent years, numerous abortion mills have closed after abortionists have been discovered to have botched abortions, provided unsanitary and unsafe conditions, and committed fraud. The number of abortion clinics has been steadily decreasing, along with the number of abortionists.

“Doctors that are concerned about helping and healing people do not go into the abortion business. Therefore, what the abortion industry is left with is the bottom of the barrel. When abortion mills are inspected and laws are enforced, we can expect to see pulled licenses and closed clinics. Unfortunately, abortion mills are all too often given a free pass, but even that is beginning to change as the public becomes more aware of incidents like this,” said Newman.

“We are thankful that Sheikh has been caught and will now be held accountable for the human suffering that he has caused.”

  • Sarah

    I love in the video how they decry the abortionist for not having biohazardous waste picked up…this biohazardous waste is what is removed during the abortion…hmmmm, what? would that be THE BABY????? Why are people so willing to be blind? Do you think any dr with any REAL talent is going to be an abortionist? what do you expect? they are contract killers, not drs…they are not in the art of healing, only of destroying.

  • Mike

    And once again, WHERE are the outraged FEMINISTS and Pro-Choicers ?????

  • heather

    Mike, good question. Give these folks a long enough rope and they will hang themselves! Another abortionist bites the dust!

  • heather

    And Mike}FYI…..they don’t give a darn about women OR children. They have a political agenda to promote. That comes before anything.

  • Dana

    A group of people and I used to counsel at this clinic back in the late 80’s. This man was so arrogant. It is such wonderful news to see that he has finally been exposed and shut down. God bless those who prayed for all these many years.

  • ann

    omg, back in 2007 my daughter didn’t tell me she was pregnant and someone took her to this person and he performed an abortion on her, my daughter wasn’t told before the procedure how far along she was. It wasn’t til after she had it, she found out she was twice as far as long as she expected and he didn’t do what he should have. Yesterday, she went to have an ultrasound of this current pregnancy…,and sad to say, upon her completion of her exam….,she was told of how messed up her cervix and tubes are of the abortion. It is medically advised that she not be pregnant now, or in the future….she also has chronic severe health issues…it’s really upsetting to me as her mother, we have 7 children and 7 grandchildren….and to think that baby number 7n and 8 won’t be in our life because of people like this man who have no conscience….asking my daughter why she did what she did, she worried what society would say for her being pregnant with her third child and not being married….it saddens me..,,..because, there are so many worse things that she could have done besides be pregnant….who is the world to judge people like that., there’s nothing i can do to change the past…but, i pray that females who are faced with the same decisions, take the time to reach out to receive support for the decisions they make, and to ensure they can live with it, and not because you worry about what other people would say,,,,,God Bless

  • alexis

    Ive been to this screwed up doctor i was too young to have a child so my mom took me there. I was giving one volume which did not help the pain at all it was the worst pain I felt in my life. The pain was soo bad I was cryin out loud n I was told to be quite cause I would scare the other patients off. After it was over I was sent home with two pills and that was it.. it took me five year to get pregnant again due to the “orperation” he did on me. I’m glad they caught up with I. Just wish we could get our money back for all the pain he put us threw.!!!!!

  • dawn

    I worked for Dr. sheikh in the mid 90’s.he is a horrible person..and Dr.
    he did all of these things mentioned above and worse. someone actually passes out..in the hallway..and he stepped over her. he did abortions way past team.that was when I quit.he would tell the girls screaming it was their fault.they did this to themselves. during consultation I w could discretely try to tell the patient to go elsewhere…even though sometimes I did get thrown under the bus. I can’t belu eve he still practices.disgusting