Florida Closes Two Orlando Abortion Mills, Suspends Abortionist Pendergraft’s License

Yet more shoddy NAF mills in troubled with the law

Orlando, Florida — Two Orlando abortion mills were ordered to stop giving abortions Wednesday by the State of Florida, which also suspended the medical license of their owner, abortionist James Pendergraft.

The suspension and closure came after an investigation into illegal late term abortions allegedly committed at the facilities. An emergency order suspending Pendergraft’s license stated that he showed “a flagrant disregard for the laws of the state of Florida and a willingness to endanger the lives and health of pregnant patients.”

Pendergraft is appealing the ruling.

This is not Pendergraft’s first run in with the law. On February 1, 2001, Pendergraft was convicted of Federal extortion in Ocala Florida, and sentenced to 46 months in Federal prison, 2 years probation upon his release, and $25,000 fine. He spent seven months in prison before winning an appeal that dismissed his charges due to lack of evidence.

In April of 2005, one of his former patients filed charges against him for inhumane treatment after she gave birth to a live 23-week old baby in the clinic’s restroom, and her cries for help for her struggling child were ignored. The baby, was denied medical care and died as a result. In April of 2006, the Florida Board of Medicine voted to drop the charges against Pendergraft in that case.

Now closed are Orlando Women’s Center and the EPOC Clinic. Pendergraft also owns three other abortion mills in Florida that have also suspended abortion operations, but are expected to reopen next week. All are associated with the National Abortion Federation (NAF), whose abortion mills are among those with the worst records in the nation.

“When you hear of an abortion clinic being closed by authorities — and there have been several in recent months — it is amost always a NAF clinic,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, whose group recently bought and closed a NAF clinic in Wichita, KS, and have revealed the shocking conditions to the public.

“It is gratifying to see the state of Florida finally take action against Pendergraft. Many states are beginning to realize how dangerous abortion mills really are, and are working to close them in the interest of public safety,” said Newman. “It is just too bad that it has taken so long. We pray this trend will continue until all women and their babies are protected from these shoddy, predatory chop-shops and their mercenary abortionists.”

  • Yeah, NAF says on their web site:

    “In order to become a member, a clinic must complete a rigorous application process. Member clinics have agreed to comply with our standards for quality and care, updated annually in our Clinical Policy Guidelines, which set the evidence-based standards for abortion care in North America. NAF periodically conducts site visits to confirm that our clinics are in compliance with our guidelines.”

    Which leaves the question: Is Pendergraft’s chain of abortion mills hunky-dory with NAF’s Clinical Guidelines, or are they lying when they say that they enforce them?

  • jtm

    Here’s a clue: one topic that never seems to lose interest at NAF conferences/conventions is dealing with botched abortion injuries/deaths. However, they have yet to show anything close to the same enthusiasm for ways to prevent these damages to women as they show for legal ways to prevent damages (read lawsuits) to themselves. That may be the answer to the question, “how periodically?” Whenever they feel a draft (again, read lawsuit) and suspect a rip in their seat covers?

    This is SWEET! One in Birmingham, then one in Montgomery, now these in Florida…it’s a nice trend for everybody but serial killers and their accomplices, and I find a special beautiful irony in these closures being expedited by the Health Departments! Didn’t one of the Birmingham prolifers leave a poster outside the closed S(c)ummit death camp that read, “Not the church, not the state, your malpractice decided your fate” (!!!)…?

    Over against all the whining one hears among prolifers, esp., that abortionists get away with murder (and they do) because abortion providers aren’t subjected to the same standards/regulations as real doctors/clinics (which they aren’t), a wise man recently commented that people of conscience do not regulate death camps; they CLOSE them.

    Good job, AL & FL! Keep it up! CA, CO, NY, MS, MO, MI, MN, et al…Wake up!

  • Mike

    Of course they’re lying. There are no “guidelines”. If these clinics aren’t subjected to state regulations they surely aren’t going to police their own members clinics.

    WHY? Because they DON”T CARE. It’s all about making big money killing babies and keeping the truth from the public. Obviously they don’t care about the babies…they don’t care about the women either. It’s all a big front to appear to be compassionate and concerned for the women. BALONEY. It was, is , and always WILL BE about MONEY.

    The truth is emerging every day…little by little…city by city…state by state….and the pro aborts are terrified….
    More and more is being exposed and the public is finally waking up. More and more clinics are closing…fewer and fewer doctors are doing abortions.

    We ARE winning this battle. It’s just going to take time.
    The pro aborts are exhausting their means of covering up what is really going on, and are grasping at straws.

    Their charade and campaign of lies is disintegrating. Time is against them…and it’s running out. Their days are numbered.

  • On a related but tangential note, Wikipedia is engaging in systematic censorship of prolife prospectives, to the point where a stub article on Mark Crutcher was marked for quick deletion, then deleted the same day, despite the fact that I marked the article with a hangon tag that incidates that the article should be reviewed first.


    Stop Wikipedia censorship! Pass it on!

  • David

    Abortionists have absolutely no conscience and will do anything to make money.

  • I just cant believe that people are still so blinded and think that an abortionist or abortion staff are compassinate and caring people! copassionate when it comes to what-murder? I know women that have been scarred for life because of abortion[murder] Where is this compassionate staff 10-15-20 years down the road? when the trauma really hits home. Gimme a break!!!