EXCLUSIVE: Blood Evidence At Abortion Clinic Reveals “Shop of Horrors”

In a pro-life movement first, Operation Rescue uses crime scene technology on an empty Wichita abortion mill with shocking results.

Wichita, KS — Three members of Operation Rescue have become the first pro-lifers to use crime scene technology to conduct blood trace tests at a former abortion mill. Tested was the former Central Women’s Services, which was recently purchased by Operation Rescue. The staff members who conducted the testing are saying that the results were stunning and disturbing.

The group was curious about some of the stains and other filth discovered when they took possession of the building in June, 2006, after refusing continuation of tenancy to the abortion business that had occupied that location for 23 years. They decided to test certain surfaces inside the facility, which has remained unchanged since its purchase, with a substance called luminol, a reagent that brightly glows in the dark when it comes in contact with even minute traces of human blood.

Armed with cameras and a spray bottle of luminol, the rescuers arrived at the empty building around 9 PM on Thursday, August 3, 2006, in order to have optimum conditions for their testing. Brenna Sullenger sprayed the luminol in the areas to be tested while Keith Mason documented the results with a digital still camera and Cheryl Sullenger video-taped the testing and the results. [Links to video clips and photos are located at the end of this story.]

The group began to apply the spray to the recovery room area. All lights were extinguished as Brenna began to apply the spray to the carpeting. While a faint glow could be seen in the bottle as the spraying began, rescuers wondered at first if the product was working properly because there was nothing visible on the portion of carpet where they began their testing.

But as Brenna began to spray the baseboards and the walls, suddenly, the entire room reflected an eerie glow as the area began to emit a bright pale-blue luminescence — the positive indicator of the presence of human blood. The luminol revealed at times clear spatter patterns and at other times smeared areas where it appeared that clean up efforts were attempted.

“The walls looked like there had been a chain saw massacre in there,” said Cheryl Sullenger. “We couldn’t believe our eyes. We certainly did not expect to find that much blood in the recovery area. It appeared that carpeting had been laid after some very bloody event or events had taken place in that room. We were absolutely shocked.”

From there, the group moved into the first abortion room. Immediately bright reflective spots revealed a room covered in blood spatter from floor to ceiling. A floor vent revealed particularly heavy amounts of blood.

“The thought of all that blood in the ventilation system literally sickened me,” said Brenna Sullenger. “I was not sure I could continue the testing at that point. The blood spatter revealed a pattern that clearly showed the orientation of the abortion table and the location of the suction machine, but there was literally evidence of heavy blood spatter and smears everywhere.”

“It is no wonder abortion mills smell so nasty,” said Cheryl Sullenger. “The blood — and God knows what else — simply flies during an abortion and that stuff all soaks into the dry wall and gets tracked into the carpeting where it putrefies. There is no way to get rid of it aside from major demolition. From what we observed, there can be no such thing as a ‘safe, clean’ abortion clinic.”

The next room to be tested was the small closet with the sink that contained the large, industrial garbage disposal. Research revealed that the disposal model, the Sinkmaster 850, which is no longer in production, was primarily produced for industrial kitchen use and was ironically referred to as the “Bonecrusher 850” for its ability to dispose of meat and poultry bones.

Former abortion mill owner Kelly Simpson told reporters after OR announced the purchase of the property that no “biohazard material” was placed down the Bonecrusher 850, but the blood test results of that room strongly disagreed.

“That room lit up like a Christmas tree,” said Cheryl Sullenger. “The entire area glowed with bright blue reflections indicating the thick presence of human blood.”

“There were what we had thought might be circular rust stains on the counter and around the sink, as well as a scratched, worn patch in the sink that we believed was either rusty or just dirty. We expected to find some blood, but we did not expect to find what we did. Every one of those ‘rusty’ areas tested positive for human blood. There were globs of matter near one of the stains around the sink that tested positive and appeared to be human tissue. The sink was heavily stained with it and the counter was covered. The brown circular stains glowed with strong blue light. It looked to me like the last time abortions were done, no one even bothered to wipe the counter afterwards.

“The soap dispenser in that room was particularly covered in blood, as was the paper towel dispenser. Apparently hand washing did not remove all the blood residue from the workers’ hands and it transferred heavily to the paper towel dispenser,” she said. “I am sure the clinic workers unwittingly left work each day covered in bloody residue that was invisible to the naked eye, but present nonetheless. They very literally had blood on their hands, and probably just about everywhere else, too.

“I didn’t see a square inch of that closet that did not have heavy blood spatter. Simpson may claim that no ‘biohazardous’ material went down that drain, but the luminol testing was proof to us beyond question. That room was a shop of horrors saturated with the blood of innocent children.”

“Nothing is ever going to make me forget this,” said a horrified Keith Mason as he witnessed the bloody sink area and its ghastly glow.

The group then moved on to the stains in the carpeted hallway outside the abortion rooms. While some spatter was present on the carpet and up the hallway walls, the evidence of human blood was less than in previously tested areas.

Next, the second abortion room was tested. The amount of blood found in this room was much more copious than that of the first abortion room. The outline of the abortion table could be clearly discerned. The walls and floors were heavily spattered and in places soaked in blood residue.

The rescuers then decided to test other areas of the former abortion mill for human blood traces. Very small speckles of positive results were found in the “biohazard” closet, where the boxed remains of aborted babies were reportedly stored until a courier could arrive to remove them. The traces appeared to be transfer from the bloody sink room where the remains were packaged.

Next, the “counseling” room, where boxes of patient records were kept, was tested. No traces of human blood were discovered there, except for a small spot on a wall where it appeared someone with blood on their hands may have touched it.

“That gave us confidence that the luminol was working properly,” said Keith Mason. “There were obviously areas that were nearly saturated with human blood, and other areas of the building that little or no blood was found. We would not have gotten those results if the luminol was giving us false positive readings.”

While the luminol product label indicated that the glowing results are photographable, none of the video or digital photos taken by Operation Rescue on that night was able to capture the luminescent effect. However, the video did capture the reaction of those present as the tests revealed their grisly evidence.

“One minute I was standing in an average empty room, but then as the lights went out and the blood evidence began to glow, it was as if we were transported back in time to the moments when the killing occurred. And not just for the abortion of one innocent child, but for the brutal and bloody deaths of baby after baby after baby, all at once. It was a very overwhelming emotional and shocking experience,” said Cheryl Sullenger.

“The blood of those innocent children murdered at that abortion mill literally cries out to anyone who enters the building since the smell of death is immediately overpowering. But that night, as we stood in those killing rooms amidst the visible evidence of their violent deaths, we heard their blood’s voice loud and clear,” she said.

“I think it caused us all to rededicate ourselves to God’s work of ending the barbarity of abortion”

Operation Rescue plans extensive renovations to the abortion mill to make it into a memorial for the pre-born and an office suite for Operation Rescue.

But at least for Brenna Sullenger, it will take some time before she will enter that building as it. “It is just far to horrifying to think about the babies that died so brutally there. It is not something you can witness like that and not be affected by it.”



[These video files are compatible with Windows Media.]

Recovery Room
Abortion Room 2
Baby Disposal Room
Rug in Hallway
Abortion Room 1
Abortion Room 1 & Misc. Locations

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  • Ruth

    Hi, it was a great experiment what you guys tried to do. Although I have to say that I didn’t see anything in the pictures or the video. The person who was filming was moving that cam corder all over the place and either was filming someones back or it was just pitch black and all you can hear is the voice of the woman but no picture or anything. But good job in trying what you guys did.

  • McKenzie

    Luminol responds to iron in blood. Thats how it works. Guess what else iron is in? RUST! Rust is iron oxide and the luminol reacts to it the same way it reacts to blood. The sink, soap dispenser, and paper towel dispenser all reacted to the luminol because they were rusty.

  • Stephanie H.

    After reading this article I have definitely changed my mind about any alternate uses for this house of horrors.
    Maybe you guys should rethink about remodeling this altar of Baal, and just have the building razed? The remnants should be burned. Fire is the only thing that can purify such a wicked place.

  • Operation Rescue


    The soap dispenser was plastic and the paper towel holder was enameled with no signs of rust. Besides, there is no “rust” in drywall. There is only one reason for all that spatter, and it wasn’t rust.

  • Ruth

    That is true what OR says, McKenzie, although your theories MIGHT be right, the soap dispenser and the paper towel holder are not, or it does not seem as they are made out of any type of metal. Which only metal produces rust. Plastic does not. As for the sink, as they said, a bleach cleaner would have taken that off, even with a scrub. But with blood, that is hard to take out of anywhere. Even with bleach or cleaner. As for the walls made of DRYWALL, drywall can not rust as per OR’s statement above. Think about the logic.

  • Ruth

    Oh and another thing I forgot to add, McKenzie, you said that Iron is in blood, you can’t say that rust is automatically on the dispenser, sink and walls. Since these people make money off the killing of shedding innocent BLOOD, that is what is obviously going to be splattered over the floors,carpet, walls, sinks, and whoever’s filthy hands touch those things. I don’t think they deal with rust there. Or is that what you are implying? Rust comes out of our bodies? Not blood?

  • Frank

    McKenzie is wrong in many ways.

    The luminol test isn’t about detecting iron at all, and it’s absurd to suggest the test can be “fooled” by rust. That’s because the test isn’t looking for iron, it’s looking for hemoglobin, which only exists in blood, and which happens to have iron in it. The luminol doesn’t show iron, it shows hemoglobin, and iron is what makes the hemoglobin show up in the dark. Go to howstuffworks.com for a nice scientific study and explanation. Maybe McKenzie will even understand the big words.

    Basically Mckenzie seems to be suggesting that the luminol test is not accurate to detect blood, since it will (he/she suggests) falsely show rust as blood. That’s absurd, for the reasons set forth. The blood/luminol test is well-respected scientifically and is accepted as “hard science” in courts all across America, i.e., it is essentially accepted as proven science, to the extent science can be proven. Defendants don’t get off because cheap lawyers say “uhhh….it wasn’t the victim’s blood on the walls, it was rust!” If your lawyer says that, you’re about to be convicted.


  • Mike

    I totally agree with Stephanie H. Level the bldg. and put up a new structure…I see no point in converting the structure. The land, yes. It’s like renovating the Nazi gas chambers….

    The evil will still be in the walls, lumber, plumbing etc.
    Destroy it and all it stood for.

  • Milton Schrader

    Abortion is not about politics. It is about killing an innocent baby. Children are being aborted for money used to destroy another in a campaign to keep planned parenthood’s tax supported clinics profiteering with their millions of dollars.

  • Theresa

    Mike and Stephanie,
    I thought the exact same thing at first. The only true way to get rid of the evil is to burn it completely. But what better way to continue the abortion fight then to restore the killing center? Instead of murders, prayer now takes place. This way, it shows that Jesus triumphs in the end! And we will win this war!
    God Bless

  • Sue

    So many lives lost at this site. Perhaps a memorial service for the children and mothers lost here should be performed by all religious who care for the precious souls of these victims. I am sure there are alot of grieving parents, grandparents and fathers as well as sorrowful mothers would be cleansed here if allowed to participate in silent prayer here. We pray daily to end abortion.

  • Elodie

    Well, you certainly made a good start.
    I must say, though, that I agree with Mckenzy about the rust, though it was probably not everywhere she/he said it was. Having discussed this matter with science teachers/writers, I also happen to have discovered that luminol also reacts to bleach (So Ruth is further supporting Mckenzy by saying there was bleach), fingerprints, and anything – i repeat, ANYTHING – with iron. That’s why luminol is only a base test for crime scenes. It says that there’s something there. Possibly blood. Possibly not.
    See this “How Stuff Works” site for details – http://science.howstuffworks.com/luminol.htm

    I’m not saying that none of the glowing luminol was glowing because of blood. That’s perfectly possible. However, people getting cuts and wiping the blood off their cut with a cloth or something does seem more likely to me. And if the cut was bad enough, the blood might drip. And there’s no law saying that flies can’t get into a building unnoticed, is there? And is there any law saying that any given fly can’t land in the tiniest drip of blood, fly around a room like flies do, and leave tiny traces of unseen blood around the room? Unlikely? Just a heads up before you say that, an incident like this has actually happened, fooling professional investigators. I hardly need to add that, as admirable as these OR members are, they are no professionals at this. Please do clear up why your theory is more likely to be the case. A well-written response might just convince me that nobody should be able to have the option of abortion no matter what. (Tip – Pure emotion trips aren’t going to help anything. And remember, “With or without religion, you would have good people, doing good things, and evil people, doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things – that takes relion.” Whether it be Islamic and Muslim terrorists, The Spanish Inquisition, or Moses going absolutely bonkers in the desert.)

    It seems you just need to do a little bit more investigation to me.
    However, on another note, I have doubts when the luminol is repeatedly “invisible” to the camera, but still supposedly there and glowing.
    “While the luminol product label indicated that the glowing results are photographable, none of the video or digital photos taken by Operation Rescue on that night was able to capture the luminescent effect. However, the video did capture the reaction of those present as the tests revealed their grisly evidence.” – Hmmm. Makes you think. Unless, of course, Harry Potter’s “veritaserum” actually exists. Please do clarify all this for everybody. I, personally, am willing to believe that you did do this, but at the same time, doing only half your homework. Do the rest of it, and if the evidence is on your side, you’ve got somebody else rooting for you.

  • McKenzie

    Frank, I’ve already been to several websites to research luminol, including “how stuff works”. And Frank, please don’t talk down to me. I’m trying to be respectful.

    From http://ian-albert.com/misc/luminol.php
    “Apparently, luminol works by reacting with the iron in hemoglobin. The truth is, luminol has no special affinity for blood, just any sort of iron. I guess forensics experts don’t actually use the stuff much because of the large potential for false positives.”

    From http://science.howstuffworks.com/luminol3.htm
    “Typically, luminol only shows investigators that there might be blood in an area, since other substances, including household bleach, can also cause the luminol to glow.”

    This is another possible explanation for the reaction seen on non-metal objects such as the walls and the soap dispenser. They were probably cleaned with a bleach solution.

    Luminol is very likely to cause false positives. It is used in police investigations, but not as commonly as television would have people think. Luminol actually destroys the cell walls in blood cells, making it impossible to collect DNA evidence from those blood samples. Because of this and because of the high risk of false positives luminol is not used frequently. Investigators do not automatically assume that a luminol reaction indicates the presence of blood.

    I appreciate that you have actually decided to post my comment even though it disagrees with you. I wasn’t expecting that and I have to say my respect for your organization has increased a little. I am not suggesting that you are lying or deliberately misrepresenting the situation. I believe that this was an honest mistake.

  • Elodie

    Mckensie – I couldn’t have said it better. And yes, OR, your allowing us to keep our posts up, despite the fact that they don’t agree with you, is very much appreciated.
    Thank you.
    With all due respect,

  • December

    “Since these people make money off the killing of shedding innocent BLOOD, that is what is obviously going to be splattered over the floors,carpet, walls, sinks, and whoever’s filthy hands touch those things.”

    How much money would you say is made, on average, after medical equipment expenses, employee wages, operating fees (electricity, heat, ect.) pending the clinic is not recieving federal income?

  • Mary

    What an interesting and informative exchange concerning the use and limitations of luminol. Like most people my “knowledge” of luminol was limited to what I see on TV.
    I think the most important lesson here is that the luminol testing should have been done by those knowledgable in its use and limitations, i.e. law enforcement officials or chemists. You only discredit yourself and your organization if you attempt chemical testing of any kind that you are not trained to do and have only limited knowledge of. Its incidents like this that give our opponents just the ammunition they need.
    Elodie and McKenzie, you mention how OR allowed for you to post your opposing viewpoints, even if they proved OR mistaken in the use of luminol. You will notice throughout the comment sections of this website that OR has always welcomed, and will print, opposing viewpoints. I believe this speaks volumes about the people of OR.

  • Operation Rescue

    Actually, we stand by our position that it was blood that the luminol revealed. The spatter patterns, especially on the walls in the abortion rooms were not such that it would indicate bleach or rust. They were clear spatter patterns that would be consistent with a bleeding artery or blood being spattered from instruments such as curettes or cannulas. Nobody bleaches walls in such patterns, even with a spray bottle — and drywall does not rust.

    I think it is interesting that so many people would try to deny the fact that blood exists in abortion clinics. What do you think they do in those places, anyway?

    We plan to follow up with this story in the near future, so stay tuned.

  • Frank

    Hmmm. Lots to say.

    Mary: You are waaaaay overstating when you say
    “Elodie and McKenzie…proved OR mistaken in the use of luminol.” No, they proved nothing of the sort. All they proved is that they doubt the (overwhelming) evidence.

    Mckenzie: Fair enough — I will not talk down to anyone. Recall, though, that your inial post essentially implied all OR’s work was invalid merely since rust supposedly contaminates the sample, and that rust explained away all the blood. I suggest your first post was just as condescending as you thought mine was. Moreover, I think that the levels and sheer volume of blood found more than defeats the suggestion that the OR showed rust, or bleach, or whatever.

    Elodie: I’m not really sure what to make of your posts.
    You say “a well-written response might just convince me that nobody should be able to have the option of abortion no matter what.” How about this: Abortion stops a beating heart and rips a tiny baby limb from limb. Period. I don’t think that will be suficient, though, simply because some (like you?) want the magic answer, and there really isn’t one, and since even if OR had it, many wouldn’t recognize it if they saw it. You also make some odd references to Muslims and Moses going bonkers, and to Harry Potter. Again, I’m not sure where you’re going with that. And your point is…what?

    You allege, among other things, that, basically, someone could have cut their finger, or that a fly could have buzzed around, stepped in blood, buzzed around some more, etc. Mckenzie says “it could have been rust.” Some of you have challenged the OR testers. However, I think the doubters have to acknowledge their position has a problem, and it boils down to this: In any setting, the most common reason for anything happening is most likely the cause if the event occurs. Put another way, the luminol testing revealed the presence of way, way, way too much blood, in areas where there shouldn’t have been that much. There was evidence of blood where no blood should have been. Do you folks really, really believe, with a straight face, that the tests showed rust? Or 1000 different people cut their fingers? Or flies, or dogs, or burglars, or the Taliban tracked animal blood in from outside? Come on, folks, it’s an abortion clinic. Little babies get pulled apart inside. The point OR makes is overwhelming — there is simply a massive amount of blood evidence, leading to the gruesome conclusion that many, many people were injured and killed within. That’s what abortion does. Flies? 0.000000001% likely cause of all that blood. Cut fingers? The same. Babies getting chopped up, and their moms too? 99.99999998% likely that’s where the blood came from.

  • Mike

    I don’t see what the point is in debating the use of the luminol….other than to prove how dirty the facility was.

    We all know that abortion IS a bloody procedure and it should come as no surprise to anyone that there would be traces of blood found in those rooms, given the thousands of babies who died in them.

    I still say burn the place down and be rid of every shred of anything that once stood there and build a new bldg. free of the traces of evil that dwelled there for way too long.

    The innocent who perished there are with the Lord. I highly doubt that any fragment of their souls even WANTS to stay at such a dreadful place.

  • Mary


    Kindly refer back to my post. I was paying OR a compliment. OR was willing to post McKenzie’s and Elodie’s comments EVEN IF they proved OR mistaken in the use of luminol. I did not say they proved anything.
    I stand by what I said. I have no doubts about there being blood splatter, but McKenzie does raise some troubling issues about the limitations of luminol, and I feel OR would be well advised to take them into consideration.
    Its one thing to document and photograph appalling and dirty conditions and quite another to delve into the area of forensics. If you’re going to do this, be prepared to answer questions concerning your credentials, knowledge of the chemical agent along with its uses and limitations, your expericence using it and your expertise at chemical analysis of the findings. Its easy to see how quickly and easily OR could be discredited.
    I feel OR should quit while it is ahead. Its done an excellent job, and performed an important public service, documenting and exposing appalling conditions in the abortion clinic. I don’t see why luminol testing is even necessary. If you feel you must use it to prove a point, then please leave it to the experts.

  • Jessica

    pretty convenient that none of your photographic evidence shows ANY glow from the Luminol. If the rooms were as macabre as you’ve indicated…I’d expect to be blinded by light. Insensitive camera, eh? Buy a Nikon and try again.

  • Jessica, there are none so blind as those who will not see. I have a strong suspicion that no matter what evidence is presented, you will not believe it.

  • Mike

    That’s the entire driving force behind pro aborts when they are confronted with evidence of what abortion really is. They deny everything.

  • I believe the testing demonstrated the presence of blood. I had 2 abortions and these killing mills are places where innocent blood is shed, period.

    Might I share a poem the Lord gave me when I asked Him to teach me about the secret place – the womb.

    Thoughts about the Secret Place

    I had been there once, long ago
    But have no memory of my stay.
    So Lord, take me into Your secret place,
    For Your wisdom to convey.

    It is in this secret place
    You created the mother’s womb.
    To be a place of safety
    This very special room.

    For it is in this secret place
    Your creation is to stay.
    To be secure as Heaven,
    As sure as the sun brings day.

    by Nancy Heston
    Friends of Aborted Women are Needed Now!

    We all have been there – in this secret place.
    It has a purpose – the womb.
    Yea, it is a part of our body, but what God places there is not to be murdered it is to be nurtured!!!!!!

  • I think that the OR was brave to try to put this evidence out to the public. I don’t doubt at all that the found evidence of what surely went on inside that murder-for-profit den.

    I find the name of the disposal gruesome and blindly obvious as to what went down it day after day for 23 years.

    I couldn’t tell OR what to do with thier building…only- THANKS!! for buying it, evicting evil-doers, and showing the world what it is like, and what traces of murder are left to shake one to the core!

    May God further you, and your aewsome ministry!

  • Wendy

    I really hate to burst your bubble here…but luminol has reactions to various cleaners and also iron.

    I actually use luminol for its intended purpose…and we use pennies and bleach to test the luminol to ensure it is working properly.

    So anything that has been cleaned can glow…and any surface that has been sprayed with cleaner can show reactions to the luminol.

    “Blood spatter” quickly becomes cleaner sprayed onto walls if you really know what you’re talking about…which it is apparent you do not.