Bork “Borks” Miers

Operation Rescue renews its call for Miers’ withdrawal

Washington, DC — The highly esteemed Judge Robert Bork weighed in yesterday on the controversial Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers. Miers has been under scrutiny in the past week for having no paper trail or judicial experience.

Former Federal Judge Robert Bork, whose nomination to the Supreme Court was rejected by the Senate in an historically contentious battle in 1987, described the choice of Miers as “a disaster on every level.”

Bork, considered the perhaps finest intellectual mind in the legal community, joins a growing number of conservatives expressing concern over the Miers nomination and asking for her withdrawal from consideration to the Supreme Court.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said today, “As more influential conservatives are recognizing Harriet Miers to be the wrong person for the Supreme Court, we once again call upon her to give evidence of her sound conservative judicial philosophy or withdraw her name from the confirmation process.”

“We emphasize that the conservative opposition to Miers nothing personal against her. It is about Bush keeping his promise to the American people,” said OR spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “Our message to President Bush is very simple: Miers is a question mark to us. We need an exclamation point.”

  • tobra

    and if we don’t get an exclamation point as a nominee, what then? do we obey God and get rid of the altars of child sacrifice or do we gripe about the new supreme court nominee?

  • Operation Rescue

    No Miss Tobra, we work as hard as we can to get the right person for the right job, right now! The babies don’t have time to wait another minute!

  • tim andries

    its goint to take more than waiting for the “right” judicial oppointee……conservatives need to live up to the “values” we say we stand for, that means means electing the right law makers who will oppoint the right judges and for us civilians to take up the battle ourselves, not just waiting for the government to act.

  • tobra

    unfortunately, we probably let the right person to stop abortion be executed in starke, florida on septemer 3, 2003. fortunately, God uses imperfect people to stop abortion. we cannot expect a supreme court nominee to do the work that prolifers have said they would do. thank you very much for your response and your comment section.

  • Judge (Miers)- NOT!

    Ann Coulter has some interesting remarks regarding Miers…check out

  • rick ellis

    please quit this stupid focus on the court. It doesn’t take the court to over turn roe. The congress has the authority to do so.

    We could end it with in the month with HR 552

    please pass this info out to all pro-lifers.

    this will end abortion with out the courts needing to rule. Demand your law makers to get behind this, or replace them with folks who will.

    HR 552

    109th CONGRESS

    1st Session

    H. R. 552
    To implement equal protection under the 14th article of amendment to the Constitution for the right to life of each born and preborn human person.


    February 2, 2005
    Mr. HUNTER (for himself, Mr. SHIMKUS, Mr. KINGSTON, Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland, Mr. TIAHRT, Mr. WICKER, Mr. SMITH of New Jersey, Mrs. MYRICK, Mr. TANCREDO, Mr. WHITFIELD, Mr. DOOLITTLE, Mr. GARRETT of New Jersey, Mr. AKIN, Mr. FRANKS of Arizona, Mr. RENZI, Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia, Mr. RYUN of Kansas, Mr. KING of Iowa, Mr. MCCOTTER, Mr. PEARCE, Mr. NEY, Mr. JOHNSON of Illinois, Mr. NEUGEBAUER, Mr. SOUDER, Mr. GINGREY, Mr. LEWIS of Kentucky, Mr. JONES of North Carolina, Mr. WAMP, Mr. WILSON of South Carolina, Mr. PITTS, Ms. FOXX, Mr. CHABOT, Mr. HOEKSTRA, Mr. HOSTETTLER, Mr. GREEN of Wisconsin, Mr. GARY G. MILLER of California, and Mr. LAHOOD) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


    A BILL
    To implement equal protection under the 14th article of amendment to the Constitution for the right to life of each born and preborn human person.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the `Right to Life Act’.


    To implement equal protection for the right to life of each born and preborn human person, and pursuant to the duty and authority of the Congress, including Congress’ power under article I, section 8, to make necessary and proper laws, and Congress’ power under section 5 of the 14th article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States, the Congress hereby declares that the right to life guaranteed by the Constitution is vested in each human being.


    For purposes of this Act:

    (1) HUMAN PERSON; HUMAN BEING- The terms `human person’ and `human being’ include each and every member of the species homo sapiens at all stages of life, including, but not limited to, the moment of fertilization, cloning, or other moment at which an individual member of the human species comes into being.

    (2) STATE- The term `State’ used in the 14th article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States and other applicable provisions of the Constitution includes the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and each other territory or possession of the United States.

  • “HOW ABORTION WILL BECOME UNCONSTITUTIONAL” is the title of my book. [Lawrence Rosano, P. O. Box 579, Franklin Square, N.Y. 11003] Forget the legislature. It will be through the Courts. That’s why the JUSTICES appointed are so important. Summary: I prove governmental funding of abortion and contraception are a direct violation of the Free Exercise of Religion Clause to the Federal First Amendment defined uniquely, never discovered in 42 years until I did so. For a glimpse, review two of my web sites: and
    Choosing the links therein, find out two necessary and sufficient grounds to stop paying taxes, LEGALLY. In the latter web pafe, I tap into reasoning by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Pope John Paul II on the general principles of cooperating with evil. My complete approach has never been introduced to the Prolife Movement or any for that matter.
    Therefore, contrary to a comment I just read above in this section, abortion will become unconstitutional through the judiciary. And finally, it will because there is not enough money to pay for it. In turn, legislators who voted for govenmental funding for abortion and contraception must be bounced out of the legislature under the Federal First Amendment. Q.E.D.

  • rick ellis

    Larry your wrong. It was the court that said slavery was constitutional with dred scot. It was the congress that over turned it with the 13th thru 15th amendment.

    It will be the congress that over turns roe by using the power of the constitution.

    It is obvious you have not read the constitution.

    It is plan stupid to think the court is going to give up the power it has usurped from the congress, unless congress acts.

    It is the stupidity represented in your post that has kept abortion legal.

  • Frank

    Larry & Rick, I disagree in almost all respects.

    As to Larry, nobody has ever — in all the decades and thousands of tries — come up with a sustainable basis for failing to pay one’s income taxes. I think we can conclude — it’s just not going to happen. Stiff the IRS at your own risk, and please don’t counsel other prolifers to do so.

    Second, although your goal is laudable, I just think the link between non-payment of taxes and ending abortion is completely unviable. Getting any federal judge to uphold the basic premise that “governmental funding of abortion and contraception are a direct violation of the Free Exercise of Religion Clause to the Federal First Amendment” is a tall, tall order. Bringing it about by not paying taxes is even taller. I suspect there are better ways of ending abortion than by non-payment of taxes. Remember the old one about death & taxes? They’re both inevitable.

    As to Rick, do you really think calling others like Larry “stupid” helps much? Although I think he’s wrong, my guess is Larry’s read the Con more than some judges have. Your post doesn’t add much to the discourse.

    Let’s look this in the face: Roe is, at present, the settled law of the land. How could will this change? IMHO the most likely scenario is that the Supreme Court decides to overturn Roe on a limited basis & return the right to decide abortion to individual state legislatures. Liberal states will allow it; conservative states won’t. The battle will continue. And even if we win in the US, what all the abortions overseas?

    Pinning all one’s hopes on the Federal judiciary, or the Federal legislature, IMHO is a complete, and I mean complete, waste of time, because no government will ever fully protect the rights of its people, let alone the unborn. What we need to do is work toward a world where abortion is seen as the evil it is. Slamming each other won’t help.

  • rick ellis

    Nice try franky, but it is an historical fact that the court over stepped it’s authority on dred scott, and it did so on roe. It is the congress that has the autority to over turn roe, and put the court back between the 4 corners of the constitution.

    One does not have to be stupid, to act stupid. It is stupid to put all this attention on the court. It only strengthens the unconstitutional strangle hold on our country.

    Roe is not settled law. It is not legitimate at all. The court does not have the authority to say what is law. That is the job of the congress.

    The language is in the roe descission it self. It says that if the congress ever establishes personhood for the pre-born, the 14th amendment kicks in, and roe has to go away.

    When something is stupid, we don’t need to be afraid to say it. The pretence of civility is killing us. Or I should say killing the babies.

    ORW has posted a very good article on this site about this issue. I sugest all pro-lifers read it and act.

    Quit being dooped into takeing ineffectual action by those who are more concerned about a pay check, and a position of power, than they are about stopping child killing.

    If you want to lay down and be a patsy for lying politico’s, or follow some personality cult that passes itself off as leadership, by all means, this is America, and your free to do so.

    But I am also an American who has a voice. And I have the right to call something stupid if it looks stupid to me.

    That is part of our greatness. every citizen has a flag to throw on the field. Debate is healthy, except to those who are power hungry, and want to rule over, instead of serve under.

    That is the real secret to ORW. It is led by humble servants who want to see this mess come to an end.

    We don’t always totally agree on strategy and tactics, but you can not slight their effectiveness in shutting down clinics, and confronting the abortion industry in general.

    I will stand with them every chance I get.

    All I am saying is, WAKE UP!!! Victory is much closer than it has ever been.

    For the stupid acting, go back to sleep. Sorry I woke you.

  • Larry Rosano

    Considering Frank and Ellis never read my book, consequently, both their remarks are compliments. What they did succeed in acknowledging is that I am unique and powerful because I have developed a theory legally to do so. I began by uncovering the lie by the U. S. Supreme Court in Sherbert v. Verner [374 US 398]. Frank and Ellis can only support their critizism of mine by showing in detail how I am incorrect. I explained it in my bolg and book My prolife tax strike is based on existing law. Gentlemen, let’s have an intelligent discussion, I wrote and copyrighted my book, I have not heard of anyone – other than windbags doing so, pardon my expression – who can honestly rebut my legal arguments.