Outrageous! St. Louis Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Hospitalizes 2nd Woman in 11 Days — 69 Overall

By Cheryl Sullenger

St. Louis, MO – Just eleven days after a Planned Parenthood patient was transported from their St. Louis abortion facility, an ambulance transported yet another Planned Parenthood patient to a hospital emergency room.

Kathy Forck, Campaign Director for 40 Days for Life in Columbia, Missouri, told Operation Rescue that she spoke with one witness who told her that “the ambulance lights were on coming down Forest Park, turned off when entering [Planned Parenthood]. When the ambulance left, the lights were initially on and the ambulance proceeded down Forest Park with the lights off.”

This raises questions about whether Planned Parenthood is complying with a recently enacted law that makes it a crime for abortion facility employees to ask that ambulances run without lights and sirens since that delays emergency care for patients. During the incident on February 24, 2018, lights and sirens were also not in use.

“There needs to be an investigation into whether Planned Parenthood is in compliance with the law,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “If they are delaying emergency medical care to patients, they should be held accountable in court like anyone else who commits crimes.”

This represents the sixty-ninth medical emergency documented by Operation Rescue at this facility in the past eight and a half years.

According to Forck, “an additional 80 visits to emergency rooms from this same clinic during the same time frame” has been uncovered by Missouri pro-life activists.

Combined with the medical emergencies that took place at the Planned Parenthood in St Louis, this means a total of 149 women have required emergency care after abortions there, for an average of one injured woman every 20 days over the past eight and a half years.

This all comes as the City of St. Louis Board of Aldermen is attempting to pass Board Bill 34, which would create an eight-foot buffer zone that would prevent those offering practical assistance to women entering Planned Parenthood. An earlier vote on the bill was postponed and a new vote date has not been confirmed.

The proposed buffer zone is considered by pro-life groups to be unconstitutional because it would create a solid line that pro-life advocates could not cross. This would prevent sidewalk counselors from handing literature to those entering Planned Parenthood who actually want the information.

Brian Westbrook, Executive Director of Coalition for Life St. Louis reports that calls for police service at Planned Parenthood, which have been exaggerated and used to argue in favor of the bill, have actually decreased 89% over the past three years, and that only 15 calls for police assistance were made in 2018. One of those calls was for an assault on a peaceful pro-life activist, according to Westbrook.

“Due to the dangers posed by Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, the proposed buffer zone would prevent pro-life activists from offering warnings and practical help to women so they won’t become the next unwilling visitor to the emergency room,” said Newman. “Instead of protecting Planned Parenthood, the Aldermen should be thinking of ways to protect women and their babies from this very dangerous Planned Parenthood abortion business.”

Operation Rescue Defends Against “Friendly Fire” Attacks on Peaceful Civil Disobedience

By Troy Newman and Cheryl Sullenger

Operation Rescue has a rich heritage derived from its experience as largest movement to engage in peaceful civil disobedience that our nation has ever witnessed. While our tactics have changed with the times, we still treasure our history of peaceful disobedience and the legacy of sacrifice of tens of thousands of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, and pastors and priests who risked their freedom to place their bodies between the abortionist and the baby that was scheduled to die.

Occasionally, we will still engage in the tactic to draw attention to the plight of the pre-born, such as when Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, was arrested with a number of other pro-life leaders in 2015 while peacefully praying during a sit-in outside former Speaker John Boehner’s office in Washington, D.C. in an effort to persuade the U.S. House to vote as promised on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

Today, civil disobedience at abortion facilities, which essentially was halted by the 1994 Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, has been revived in a modified form by Red Rose Rescues. Those who participate in these rescues do not block ingress and egress. Instead they peacefully enter the abortion facility waiting room and offer women red roses in the tradition of Canada’s heroic activist Mary Wagner. Peacefully, some strike up conversations with women who are awaiting their scheduled abortions while others sit and pray. If police ask them to leave, they usually will decline the invitation and allow themselves to be arrested rather than leave babies to die alone.

While Operation Rescue has not participated in any of the Red Rose Rescues, we support them and have the utmost respect for those who are willing to sacrificially obey their consciences in this area.

Learning from History. Today, there are a large number of people in the pro-life movement who were not involved – some were not even born yet – when the rescues were saving babies and grabbing national headlines in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Because of this, many do not understand the tactic of rescue, what it did for the pro-life movement, and how it lit the fires of revival in the hearts of those who participated. They cannot comprehend how 75,000 peaceful Christians willingly going to jail to save a life challenged the conscience of America on the matter of abortion.

It is important to note that not one of those arrests at the abortion clinic doors was related to violence. Operation Rescue was the largest civil disobedience movement in U.S. history. History shows that in direct response to the rescues, sidewalk counseling ministries and pregnancy help centers exploded in number across the nation. In addition, the Rescue Movement motivated pro-life Christians to seek public office in record numbers and engage in other spheres of influence where their advocacy on behalf of the pre-born would have lasting impact.

As custodians of the legacy of Operation Rescue, we are obligated to offer a defense against a recent attack launched against the use of peaceful civil disobedience and the Red Rose Rescues by a group known as Sidewalk Advocates for Life (SAFL). The attack came in the form of a video posted publicly on YouTube.com. Because this attack was public, it merits a public response.

Fear is the basis for the video. It is unfortunate that those involved in producing the SAFL never experienced those heady years of rescue. They express a great deal of fear of something they simply cannot understand. They fear losing access to sidewalks near abortion facilities should the nominal acts of civil disobedience continue – something that never happened during the Rescue years. They express an unfounded fear of having their sidewalk counseling ministry destroyed, fear of violence, fear of a negative public reaction to the rescues, and more. The video’s message is characterized by fear.

However, 2 Timothy 1:7 states, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” Fear is never an appropriate Christian response to uncertainty. Instead, the Bible teaches us to “fear not.”

The video neglects to mention the history of support for civil disobedience from countless spiritual leaders. Dr. D. James Kennedy, Dr. Dobson, Dr. Falwell, Dr. Gary North, Dr. Grant, multiple bishops — even Pope John Paul II — and so many more theologians publicly cast their support behind peaceful, non-violent intervention on behalf of the pre-born babies. Scripture clearly allows for civil disobedience to rescue innocent life. The Egyptian midwives birthed the babies of the Hebrews and refused to kill them as mandated by law. The New Testament addresses civil disobedience in Acts 5:29, where Peter asserts that we ought to obey God rather than man. During WWII, some heroes, such as Oscar Schindler and Raul Wallenberg, defied the law of the Nazis and saved many lives from the concentration camps. As Christians, there is ample Biblical and historical support for engaging in peaceful civil disobedience to save innocent lives.

Fear of FACE and buffer zones. The SAFL video misapplies the 1994 Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act as an argument against the Red Rose Rescues even though no access is blocked during these events. This modified form of rescue does not violate the FACE law as written. It is sad to see former abortion clinic employees in the video still repeating Planned Parenthood’s FACE rhetoric against pro-life activists who are not even violating FACE, and even sadder to see SAFL fearfully adopting that rhetoric as their own. As for buffer zones around abortion facilities, none have been enacted due to acts of civil disobedience. Many of the buffers that have been put into place — primarily to hinder legal sidewalk ministries protected by the First Amendment — have not withstood Constitutional muster.

The makers of the video have also opposed other successful life-saving tactics. Sidewalk Advocates for Life has chosen to attack and oppose other life-saving tactics, such as the use of Abortion Victim Photography, picketing or protests, and the use of bullhorns at abortion facilities.

It seems that SAFL has stood in opposition to really anything that might make abortion facility workers feel uncomfortable. Sometimes discomfort is necessary to bring about repentance and/or bring offenders to justice. Why this group feels the need to exert control over pro-life activism in an attempt to eliminate proven life-saving tactics is really is puzzling – unless they have been unduly influenced to acquiesce to the comforts of abortion facility workers, a number of which appeared in their video. If that is the goal, it has the (perhaps) unintended consequence of minimizing the overall effectiveness of the pro-life voice.

We have no doubt that if Planned Parenthood submitted the Sidewalk Advocates for Life video as evidence in court against peaceful civil disobedience and protests or in support of a buffer zone law, the judge would rule in Planned Parenthood’s favor. This places the SAFL directly on the side of Planned Parenthood and the rest of the Abortion Cartel!

Fear of placing themselves in peril. John 15:13 states, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” When pro-life activists place their lives and liberty on the line in order to save babies, that stands as a powerful act of love and a testimony to the culture that pre-born babies are worthy of the personal sacrifice. Many pro-life activists have bravely placed themselves in peril of lawsuits and jail time to save lives from abortion.

Sometimes social movements need a courageous few to ignite a fire in the conscience of a nation. Would these same people who criticize rescuers and others deride the Civil Rights movement because they broke the law in acts of civil disobedience, and in doing so, brought fundamental change in our nation? Our prayer is that millions would step up and boldly resist abortion and end this battle forever in the spirit of men and women like Rev. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, the Egyptian midwives, Oscar Schindler, Raul Wallenberg, the Apostle Peter, and Mary Wagner.

We can no longer be silent while ideology of the Abortion Cartel takes root and grows within the pro-life movement. We must stand strong and resist the leaven before it leavens the whole movement, and diminishes our voice and our ability to end abortion once and for all.

“Cleanse out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump,” states I Corinthians 5:7 in part. It is our prayer that SAFL will put aside their attacks on Rescuers using the fear-based rhetoric of the Abortion Cartel, and instead walk forward with their life-saving ministry in faith, boldness, and grace toward others.

[Note: Operation Rescue did try to communicate about this with SAFL through private channels prior to writing this defense, but was rebuffed.]

Mom Touched by Operation Rescue Reports Saves Her Baby’s Life

By Cheryl Sullenger

Although I engage in the world of social media, sometimes I wonder what, if any, impact it has. Every day, I post my reports from Operation Rescue to my personal Facebook page, and other social media accounts. These reports represent many hours of research and work on my part, and contain new revelations about abortion abuses, or information of interest that often makes its way onto the pages of large news services.

Why is it that these posts seem to barely get noticed on Facebook and Twitter? Yet, if I post a picture of the French toast I had for breakfast, it gets a rousing response.

Now, in today’s environment, we have to battle algorithms that bury our content, Facebook time outs (as Troy Newman experienced this week), and threats to remove our content from Twitter and YouTube. Sometimes it is such a headache that I wonder, “Why bother?”

However, a couple of weeks ago, I received a direct message on Facebook that answered my question.

The message was from a young woman who sent me an ultrasound photo with the message, “Hello, I am choosing life. I have been following your posts. Keep up the good work.”

The image contained the clear form of a tiny baby nestled snugly and safely in the womb. What a great feeling that was to see that!

I so appreciated that encouragement, and the knowledge that while I may not always see the results, our work and Operation Rescue and our use of social media is truly making a difference, one life at a time. I am encouraged to know there are people out there quietly watching and reading and are affected by these messages in life-changing ways.

Perhaps the pro-abortion activists realize that as well and it is why it seems increasingly difficult to engage in social media without having to wrestle with censorship, bots trying to take down our website (as they did just last night), and outright attacks from the leftist abortion apologists that troll our accounts.

So, all you pro-life social media activists out there, keep spreading your pro-life messages, battling the censors, and enduring the naysayers. Even one saved life makes it all well worth it.

Ambulance Dispatched to Abortion Facility that Employs an Abortionist Accused of Domestic Violence

By Cheryl Sullenger

Cherry Hill, NJ – An abortion facility employing an abortionist who was caught on video trying to force his girlfriend to get an abortion has sent another woman by ambulance to a hospital emergency room.

Pro-life activists recorded an ambulance at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, shortly before noon on Saturday, January 27, 2018.

Operation Rescue obtained a recording of radio traffic from Camden County Fire and EMS that revealed an ambulance was dispatched for someone suffering a “respiratory emergency” at the Cherry Hill Women’s Center. The patient’s current condition is unknown.

This is the fourth known time since September 2015, that an ambulance has been called to the Cherry Hill Women’s Center for emergency help the abortion facility was not equipped to provide.

One abortionist who is known to work there is Eric Yahav, who was recorded by his girlfriend in December 2015, as he attempted to force her out of their home and take her against her will to abort their baby. The girlfriend later fled to safety and obtained a protective order against Yahav. A complaint with the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners was closed without action, despite the hair-raising evidence of domestic abuse that was submitted in that case.

It is unknown whether Yahav was involved in the January medical emergency.

“While abortion supporters continue to cling to the claim that abortion is safe, that claim is refuted by one women after another who are being rushed to the emergency rooms by abortion facilities like the Cherry Hill Women’s Center,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Even so, the incidents we see are just a small fraction of the actual number of women injured and hospitalized each year.”

Since January 2017, Operation Rescue has documented 70 medical emergencies that required ambulance transport from abortion facilities around the nation. This averages to five incidents each month. However, that number only represents incidents reported to Operation Rescue during that time and does not take into account complications that manifest after women leave the abortion facilities.

Commentary: Pro-Life Storm Clouds; Forewarned is Forearmed

[The following commentary is a response to recent developments that have threatened to undermine the pro-life movement and dilute its message from within. Note: As we have from our inception, Operation Rescue stands in support free speech and those who engage in civil disobedience in order to safe innocent human lives, or to draw political attention to their plight. -Operation Rescue]

By Mark Crutcher
President, Life Dynamics Incorporated
Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue

One of history’s most consistent lessons is that nations can defeat enemy after enemy on the battlefield, and then collapse from the inside due to forces they didn’t even know existed. It is also a reality that this potential is present in every arena of human interaction including socio-political movements.

Today, there are powerful indications that such a cancer is spreading rapidly within the pro-life movement. If we ignore this threat or fail to take it seriously, any potential for protecting the unborn and their moms will come to an end and over four decades of pro-life effort will be wasted.

Mission Drift

During the years when things were going badly for the pro-life movement, a significant number of our people came to believe that the odds against us were so overwhelming we could never win. Eventually, this perception became so widespread that it created a bunker mentality in which crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and sidewalk counseling appeared to be the only avenues open to us. As a result, there has been a massive diversion of pro-life resources away from traditional pro-life efforts and toward CPCs and sidewalk counseling.

Let us make it clear that the authors of this report have always been, and will always be, unwavering supporters of these two efforts. We have spoken at their events and helped them raise the funds necessary to do the noble and difficult work God has called them to.

But the pro-life movement needs to recognize that the mission of CPCs and sidewalk counselors is to stop abortions not abortion. And that is a distinction with major ramifications.

Consider the Underground Railroad in 19th century America. This was a system of secret routes and safe houses designed to help slaves escape to places where slavery was not permitted. It was a completely unselfish effort operated by people who were willing to risk their own lives to help others. But it did not address the underlying issue of legalized slavery and if the battle against slavery had become focused on the Underground Railroad, slavery would still be legal today. That same dynamic applies to the pro-life effort.

The important thing to understand is that sidewalk counseling and CPCs are the pro-life movement’s equivalent of the Underground Railroad. This characterization does not diminish their importance in any way, it is simply an acknowledgement that they were not designed to end this holocaust and they are not capable of doing so. Remember, the pro-life movement’s ultimate goal is to see that the life of every unborn child is protected by law. And the harsh reality is, even if we had the ability to open a CPC on every street corner and put dozens of sidewalk counselors in front of every abortion clinic, that would not provide legal protection to even one unborn child. The result would be that hundreds-of-thousands of them would still be killed every year.

So even though we have a moral obligation to support the heroic work of the CPCs and sidewalk counselors, their efforts to prevent individual abortions must not come at the expense of the larger effort to end abortion. In practical terms, the work done by sidewalk counselors and CPCs is an invaluable addition to the pro-life effort, but if we allow it to become a substitute for it, this battle will never end and the unborn will never be legally protected.

The Millennial Conundrum

In America today, teenagers and young adults who self-identify as pro-life outnumber those who self-identify as pro-choice, and the gap appears to be growing. This represents a dramatic reversal from the past and the pro-life movement is justifiably encouraged by this. However, there is a serious problem associated with this phenomenon that is hiding beneath the surface.

Most of these young people are very bright and very energetic about the pro-life cause, but in the majority of cases they have been grossly under-educated about it. As a result, they are low-information believers and, as such, they can be easily swayed. This is especially troubling given that the abortion lobby is on high school and college campuses all over the country with aggressive programs specifically designed to pick these kids off.

The current leadership of the pro-life movement needs to accept that when the time comes for us to pass the baton of leadership to this next generation, if they are not prepared to receive it, that failure will be ours not theirs. And as much as we may not like hearing it, as it stands now the overwhelming majority of these young people have not been prepared for the challenges they will face.

The clock is ticking on this situation and we had better make their education our priority and we had better start doing so immediately. At this point, our most pressing responsibility is to make sure that they understand the uncompromised pro-life position and know how to defend it. They also need to learn the movement’s history and the dynamics of the battle. Our successes and failures are their starting point, so they need to be aware of the ideas, strategies and tactics that have already been tried, which ones worked, which ones didn’t, and why. They must also be shown that pro-life education is not a destination but is, instead, a never-ending journey. People who are effective in this battle never stop learning whether they’ve been involved for 30 minutes or 30 years.

Finally, we cannot pass the baton to this next generation until we have made certain they fully recognize what’s at stake. This is not a game, it is a life and death struggle. No one gets a participation trophy and there is no such thing as a moral victory. There is winning and there is losing. That’s it.

Internal Sabotage

Socio-political movements are always vulnerable to being undermined by people who appear to be allies but are, instead, guided by either stupidity or hidden agendas. That situation currently exists in the pro-life movement and it is causing us to be poisoned from within by four classes of people: Grandstanders, Neofems, Oblivious, and Defectors.

The Four Classes of People Sabotaging the Pro-Life Movement

When evaluating this threat, it is not necessary to think that the damage these people cause is always intentional or driven by malice. In some cases it is and in others it isn’t. But regardless of its motivation, internal subversion has a greater capacity to destroy the pro-life effort than any of our external enemies.

In any environment, including the pro-life movement, the first line of defense against internal sabotage is to recognize the forces behind it.

Grandstanders are people who show up in the pro-life movement from time to time to proclaim that their convictions are more pure than anyone else’s and their commitment to the cause is more sincere. Armed with an inexhaustible supply of self-righteousness, they will readily accuse those who’ve been on the front lines for decades of not being truly pro-life, not having any idea what they are doing, and only being involved in the pro-life effort for fame and fortune. Among the current crop of Grandstanders, some have actually stated that their intent is to destroy the existing pro-life movement.

The bottom line to Grandstanders is that they are obsessed with the need to feel superior to the traditional pro-life movement. This, combined with the fact they have anointed themselves as the patent-holders of all truth, makes them virtually impossible to reason with.

Neofems are people who would be a part of the hard-Left’s feminist cartel if it were not for that cartel’s myopic fixation with legalized abortion. So by default, they became part of the pro-life movement – a group they don’t really like or trust and with whom they have almost nothing else in common. This has left many of them with a level of frustration that tends to manifests itself as anger and bitterness.

Long before the Neofems came along, there was already a feminist presence within the pro-life movement – primarily Feminists for Life. Although people in this organization generally embrace the same Leftist political ideology as the Neofems, they have been able to maintain their commitment to those positions without compromising their commitment to the unborn. This is a talent the Neofems do not have and appear to have no interest in acquiring.

The most important thing to understand about Neofems is that they make unreliable allies. Their overriding loyalty is to feminism and whenever that ideology conflicts with their pro-life sentiments – as it often does – it is the unborn they will abandon. When push comes to shove, these people are always more feminist than pro-life.

The Oblivious is a group of people that promotes itself as the new and future face of the pro-life movement, even though they have no skins on the wall that would justify such a claim. We characterize them as the Oblivious because, in most cases, they are frighteningly ignorant of the issues surrounding abortion or the history of the battle to end it. To put it bluntly, this is a group of people who don’t know what they don’t know and act as if ignorance expressed loudly enough is a substitute for knowledge.

As an example of this, consider that in the early 1990s the American abortion rate was over 1.7 million a year; there were more than 2100 free-standing abortion clinics in the country; and polls were finding overwhelming public support for the pro-choice position. Today, the abortion rate is less than one million per year despite a much larger population; there are about 70% fewer abortion clinics in the country and the rate at which they are closing is accelerating; and for the first time, more Americans label themselves pro-life than pro-choice. The problem is, even among the Oblivious who are aware of this, most have no clue how it was accomplished, no interest in learning how it was accomplished, and no respect for those who accomplished it.

Defectors are people who once worked in the abortion industry but have now come over to the pro-life side. Obviously, such conversions could be a major asset for the pro-life movement if they were properly handled. Unfortunately, that is seldom what happens. Instead, our tradition is to put these people on public display and parade them around the country like trophies, while we simultaneously install them in positions of national pro-life leadership.

To appreciate the sheer idiocy of this, imagine that an al-Qaeda or ISIS soldier defected and said he wanted to join the United States in its fight against Islamic terrorism. There is no doubt that our government would – and should – collect whatever intelligence they could get from him. But regardless of how sincere they believed his conversion to be, they would never make him a leader in the Department of Homeland Security, nor would he ever be allowed to sit in on high-level counter-terrorism strategy sessions with the FBI or CIA.

But in the pro-life community, we operate on this bizarre concept that when someone defects from the abortion industry, he or she is instantly transformed into some sort of pro-life guru who should be blindly trusted to make pro-life policy, lead pro-life organizations, and map out national pro-life strategies. It sounds preposterous, but the reality is that someone can be butchering babies at any abortion clinic in America today, and three months from now be a rock star in the pro-life movement with an almost cult-like following.

Of course, we always claim to have the purest of motives for doing this, when the truth is that we do it because it feeds our egos and is a fundraising bonanza. But from the standpoint of accomplishing pro-life objectives, it is a naïve and potentially self-destructive practice that dramatically increases our movement’s vulnerability to infiltration and sabotage.

So yes, we should rejoice in the conversion of people who worked in the abortion industry and welcome them with outstretched arms. And yes, we should use whatever verifiable information they provide. And yes, we should help them recover from the psychological and emotional damage they sustained from having worked in the abortion business. But before that healing process is complete – and that could take years if it ever happens – they should not be put into positions of pro-life leadership. Instead, we should promote from within among qualified people who have been with us all along. There are plenty of these people to choose from and to leap-frog abortion industry defectors over them is, at best, counterproductive and, at worst, a symptom of insanity.

Internal Sabotage Threat Assessment

The most significant problem created by Grandstanders is the infighting they inevitably create within the movement. In the past, this has often caused years of pro-life work and millions of pro-life dollars to be flushed down the toilet.

Fortunately, what we have seen in the past is that Grandstanders cannot get the power that leads to this sort of destruction unless they have credibility with the rank and file pro-life community, and the only way they can get that credibility is by luring the mainstream pro-life leadership into publicly engaging them as equals. As long as we resist that temptation, they will remain isolated and eventually flame out. For that reason, our strategy should be to focus on minimizing the damage they do until that time comes.

The Neofems, the Oblivious, and the Defectors (NODs) are another story, and a much more dangerous one. While it is true that there are still relatively few of them, they are gaining influence far beyond their numbers because they are willing to let themselves be exploited by the secular media.

What we are seeing today is that NODs are attacking the mainstream pro-life community with the same lies and distortions abortion apologists have always used. In fact, NODs direct more of their venom at the pro-life movement than they do at the abortion lobby. When the media saw this happening, they recognized that it could inflict serious damage to the pro-life cause, so they immediately began to portray NODs as this enlightened and idealistic group of pro-lifers who are heroically trying to push back against the “knuckle-draggers and Bible-thumpers” that have always dominated the pro-life movement.

Every NOD knows this narrative is a lie, and some of them are even bright enough to have figured out that they are being played by the media. But they go along with it because it creates an image they want the public to have. They also reinforce this image by including issues under their definition of pro-life that have no connection to ending abortion but are “near and dear” to the liberal establishment and their media lapdogs. For example, many NODs now openly contend that being pro-life requires supporting socialized medicine, raising the minimum wage, restricting or banning gun ownership, cutting military spending, demanding free government child care, forcing employers to provide paid maternity leave, and a catalogue of other “social justice” initiatives.

In effect, what the NODs are saying is that the pro-life movement should fight this war on multiple fronts. This means they are either (a) ignorant of the fact that this is a proven formula for defeat, or (b) their real agenda is not about protecting the unborn. It is also revealing that some NODs are now openly recommending that the pro-life movement should back away from trying to make abortion illegal and, instead, use its time and resources to support government programs that reduce the “need” for abortion. This rhetoric is straight out of the abortion lobby’s handbook and makes it undeniable that NODs are less interested in protecting the unborn than they are in sucking up to the liberal media and making friends within the pro-choice crowd.

No rational person would deny that other social problems are legitimate subjects for discussion. But when a group of people suggest that there is some moral equivalence between these other issues and the mass executions of unborn children, or that the fate of the unborn should be tied to these other issues, those people have surrendered any right to call themselves pro-life.

We should not overlook the fact that equating abortion with these other issues is a strategy that the abortion lobby and the media has always used to neutralize the abortion issue. Now, it is being used by pro-life frauds who are looking for an excuse to support pro-abortion political candidates. So when a Hillary Clinton says she will work for federal legislation that requires McDonald’s to pay its 16-year-old counter help $15 an hour, these people can champion her as pro-life despite her stated commitment to keep abortion-on-demand legal right up to the moment of birth and paid for with tax dollars.

The Final Analysis

By their nature, internal subversives present a classic “good news / bad news” scenario. The bad news is that, when undetected, they can destroy any entity in which they are found. The good news is, the instant they are exposed, their power begins to evaporate. In this case, the Grandstanders and the NODs cannot survive within an informed pro-life community. That makes our course of action obvious, but to carry it out we have to acknowledge five realities.

First, what the Grandstanders and NODs are attempting is a hostile takeover of the pro-life movement and, regardless of what they claim, a significant percentage of them are not pro-life. Grandstanders are not trying to save babies they’re trying to save themselves, and NODs are attempting to emasculate the pro-life movement so they can convert it into a social service agency. If either group accomplishes their objective, any meaningful effort to legally protect the unborn and their moms will be over.

Second, we must demonstrate the will and the discipline to expose any individual or organization within the movement whose actions and/or rhetoric indicate that defending the absolute right-to-life of the unborn is not their sole mission. Remember, this is not a war between the pro-abortion forces and the pro-life forces. It is a war between the pro-abortion forces and the unborn. Given that reality, we cannot allow this conflict to be ruled by personalities or by who seems to be a nice person and who doesn’t. The stakes are too high.

Third, those of us in the current pro-life movement have to accept some responsibility for the environment that gave rise to these subversives. There have been times when we became so caught up in the day-to-day conduct of the battle that we lost sight of what the battle is about, and that opened the door for Grandstanders and NODs to creep in. To prevent that in the future, we need to routinely stop and remember our commitment to the principle that human life begins at the moment of fertilization and that the life of every unborn child – under all circumstances and at every stage of development – is entitled to the same legal protections as every other living human being. The moment that ceases to animate everything we do, we become part of the problem.

Fourth, our failure to educate and equip the new people coming into the movement has made them sitting ducks for both the abortion lobby and the subversives who have invaded the pro-life movement. As stated earlier, our efforts to correct this situation must begin immediately. Otherwise, the influence of the Grandstanders and NODs on this next generation – combined with the abortion lobby’s campus campaign – will devastate the pro-life effort.

Finally, we must recognize that purging the movement of the cancers outlined in this report is not just our right – it is our duty. If the current leadership of the pro-life movement leaves these problems for the next generation to solve, history will one day look back and say that we presided over the beginning of its end.

The question each of us must ask ourselves is, did we really come all this way over all these years, to end up with that on our headstones?