Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood Transports Another Young Black Woman to Hospital in NYC

By Cheryl Sullenger

New York City, NY – For the eighth time this year, an ambulance has transported a woman from the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood abortion facility on Margaret Sanger Square in New York to a local hospital.

During the incident, which took place on Saturday, December 2, 2017, an ambulance arrived at the abortion facility with lights flashing, but no siren. Emergency responders rushed immediately into Planned Parenthood, according to a witness who photographed the incident.

The witness told Operation Rescue that after about five minutes, a young Black woman walked out of Planned Parenthood on her own and climbed into the back of the ambulance. A man who accompanied her to the abortion facility joined her there a few minutes later.

The ambulance then rushed away, but only turned on sirens when it was about a block away from the Planned Parenthood facility.

Operation Rescue has documented several incidents where abortion facilities have asked for ambulances to respond with no lights and sirens. This practice actually delays emergency care for those in need. The situation was so serious at a Planned Parenthood facility in Missouri, for instance, that the State Legislature passed a law this year making it illegal to request no lights and no sirens when calling for an ambulance.

“This incident only adds to the bloody legacy of Margaret Sanger, the racist founder of Planned Parenthood, which is measured in dead babies, and maimed or dead women from predominately poor minority neighborhoods,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We have no idea how many of these eight women even survived their abortion injuries – and Planned Parenthood doesn’t want anyone to know, either. The shroud of secrecy they enjoy, with the help of state authorities, just serves to enable further abuses.”

So far this year, 57 medical emergencies requiring ambulance transport have been recorded by Operation Rescue at abortion facilities nationwide. Of those, 35 have occurred at Planned Parenthood centers.

Operation Rescue relies on pro-life activists who minister on the street at abortion facilities to report these incidents. However, many more actually take place outside the watchful eyes of pro-life supporters.

“What we see is just a small fraction of incidents involving ambulance transports at abortion facilities,” said Newman. “We encourage states to pass stronger reporting laws for abortion complications. I believe if every abortion clinic was legally required to report all abortion complications and deaths, the nation would be shocked at the numbers.”

Abortion Business Turns One California Main St. Into “Murderer’s Row”

Take action to help clean up Main Street!

By Cheryl Sullenger

El Cajon, CA — It did not take long for the FPA Women’s Health abortion business in San Diego to find a new location once it shut down its location on Miramar Road. Now, it is open for business in the East County community of El Cajon – right on Main Street next door to a large grocery store — and just 220 yards away from its competitor, Planned Parenthood.

Why would FPA want to move within easy walking distance of Planned Parenthood? Probably because their new Planned Parenthood neighbor is a non-profit that only offers medication abortions, while FPA is a for-profit abortion business that offers both medication and surgical methods. To complicate matters, Planned Parenthood and FPA have long been fierce competitors in California.

“FPA has turned Main Street into ‘Murderer’s Row,’ and I’m guessing there won’t be enough room in town for both abortion businesses. At least one of them is bound to fail,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

Abortionist Karen Mann, who once staffed the notoriously troubled FPA facility in Bakersfield, is expected to bring her dubious practices to El Cajon. She has been involved in a number of medical emergencies, including one incident where an ambulance was called for a patient described by witnesses as “lifeless.”

The San Diego County branch of FPA Women’s Health, which is part of a chain of 22 abortion facilities located throughout California, has been forced to move several times over the years.

“Every time an abortion business is forced to move, it loses business,” said Newman. “Once an abortion facility opens up in a new neighborhood, it usually comes as an unpleasant surprise to those who live and work in the area. Face it, no one wants an abortion facility next door to the grocery store where they regularly shop with their families.”

Now, pro-life activists are hoping that the move to El Cajon will be the final straw that will shut down FPA’s abortion operations in San Diego County for good. Local groups have a plan to focus on the property owner/broker, Daniel Guefen, in an attempt to help him understand how much abortion harms families, communities, and the businesses around it.

There’s a way that pro-life supporters across the country can help clean up Main Street, at least in this one California community.

“We want everyone to join in this campaign to ask Mr. Guefen to terminate his business dealings with FPA. There are few locations that will accept an abortion business as a tenant. If Mr. Guefen tells FPA they cannot stay on his property, they may not be able to find another location soon, if ever,” said Newman. “When abortion clinics close, lives are saved.”

Please call the property owner/broker Daniel Guefen to politely convey what a terrible mistake he has made in leasing to a business who makes its money by hurting women and killing children. Ask him to stop doing business with FPA Women’s Health.


Daniel Guefen
Phone: (858) 945-2499
Web page for e-mails:

UPDATE! Alive or Dead? What the Heck Happened To This Botched Abortion Victim?

UPDATE 11/29/2017: Thanks to our readers, we now have more answers. The position of the woman on the gurney has been clarified. She was actually laying on her right side in the fetal position with the restraint under her left arm. Her head cannot be seen in any of the photos. However, oxygen tubes are seen running to the area where her head would be. The conclusion is now that the patient was alive at the time of the transport, but in pain and in need of further care. We are thankful for the input from our readers and are grateful to have at least part of this mystery solved. As with any developing story, additional information has clarified this situation. The video description on has been edited to reflect this update. The article below has been edited to reflect this new information.

By Cheryl Sullenger

Hartford, CT – Disturbing photos have surfaced that show a woman bound at the neck to a gurney during a medical emergency at Hartford GYN Center on October 21, 2017.

The photos, which were taken by a pro-life activist who was on the scene when the emergency occurred, depicted a woman covered completely in white sheets. A sheet that covered her head appeared to be cinched at the neck. Update: However it was learned that the restraint was actually under the woman’s left arm. (See update above.)

Operation Rescue published a report about the incident last week that included a video featuring the actual 911 call placed by a Hartford GYN nurse. That call indicated that a patient was in the middle of an abortion procedure and was experiencing “excessive bleeding.” The abortion business requested an ambulance to transport the hemorrhaging woman to Hartford Hospital.

The troubling photos also showed the woman lying in the fetal position with her knees bent under the sheet.

“Is she alive or dead? Right now, we just don’t know, but it doesn’t look good,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

A search of recent obituaries in the Hartford area was inconclusive.

“We will keep researching this horrific incident until we get answers,” said Newman. “In the meantime, women should be warned that this abortion facility is not safe.”

Read previous report.

UNSAFE: Ambulance Transports 12th Patient from Unaccountable Milwaukee Abortion Facility

By Cheryl Sullenger

Milwaukee, WI – Affiliated Medical Services, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is an independent urban abortion facility that is no stranger to medical emergencies.

According to local activist Dan Miller, since February 2010, he has counted twelve ambulances that have transported abortion patients to local hospitals – including the most recent incident that took place on November 18, 2017.

A search for 911 records for the November 18th incident turned up empty, an indication that Affiliated Medical Services bypasses the 911 system to avoid any public records of the incident. Instead, the abortion business contacts Bell Critical Care Paramedic Ambulance Services directly – a practice that is known to be slower at summoning help that using the 911 exchange.

Without the diligent pro-life activists who have maintained a presence at Affiliated Women’s Services for years, there would be no record that this abortion facility had ever experienced an abortion complication, much less those that are so serious they require emergency assistance and hospitalization is required.

Activists recorded the arrival of the ambulance at the abortion facility at 10:15 a.m. Within minutes, paramedics removed a patient from an alley door and loaded her into the ambulance as clinic volunteers deployed sheets to block the injured woman from view.

According to the Affiliated Medical Services web site, the abortion business conducts abortions through 21 weeks of pregnancy at a cost from $525 and go up to $2,500, not including a $100 fee for a state-mandated informed consent appointment that is followed by a 24-hour reflection period.

A search of the online Wisconsin Department of Health Provider Search showed no record of a facility license for Affiliated Medical Services, even though high-risk surgical abortions through five months of pregnancy are done there.

“This abortion business is flying under the regulatory radar, and that is posing a serious danger to women,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “There are obviously patient care issues at Affiliated Medical Services that should be investigated by the Wisconsin Department of Health before anyone else is seriously injured or killed.”

Previous medical emergencies at Affiliated Medical Services include one on November 30, 2006, two transports that took place on April 8, 2011, and another on July 21, 2012. Answers Questions with Over 13,000 Documents on Abortion Cartel

By Cheryl Sullenger

Wichita, KS – Have you ever wondered how many abortion facilities are operating in the U.S., in your state, or in your community? Perhaps you have been curious about whether an abortion facility in your area passed it last health inspection, has malpractice judgements, or has hired an abortionist with a disciplinary or criminal history.

Answers to those questions and more are available at Operation Rescue’s informational web site, This web site is an impressive resource for pro-life advocates that can assist life-saving efforts with revealing documentation on abortion facilities around the nation. maintains the most accurate listing of abortion facilities in the U.S. It also contains a listing of known abortionists and the facilities where they have been known to work.

But perhaps the most useful feature of is an ever-growing number of documents related to individual abortionists and their businesses. The documents – over 13,000 so far — are a great source for those conducting wanting to learn more about a particular abortion business or provider, but are not willing to settle for hear-say.

These documents represent court records, medical board documents, health department reports that describe disciplinary action, criminal histories, failed inspection citations, and other important records that can help you better understand the Abortion Cartel and their historical behavior.

The site also links to thousands of articles that have appeared in print, photos, and video related abortion providers that give true insight into the dangers associated with a particular abortion establishment or abortionist.

One other helpful feature of is the “Closed” tab, which features a searchable listing of now defunct abortion facilities and former abortionists who have quit or been forced out of the abortion business. It also contains a listing of “Worst Offenders,” which includes the likes of convicted murderer and illegal late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell and convicted illegal late-term abortionist James S. Pendergraft, among others.

“ is the most accurate abortion facility list and document repository concerning abortion facilities online in America,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We invest many man-hours each week ensuring is continually being updated with the latest information available, so pro-life supporters as well as the curious can be as informed as possible about what is really going on at the abortion facilities in this country.” is a work in progress. Despite the large body of information currently available on the web site, Operation Rescue is continually seeking additional documents, photos, videos, and articles.

“We hope those who use will help us keep the site as current and complete as possible. We urge anyone with information or documentation concerning abuses at abortion facilities to contact us, and become part of this project to educate the American people about the true — and very unseemly — nature of abortion.” said Newman.

Those with tips, documents, photos, video, or other data can contact Operation Rescue at info.operationrescue(@) or call our office at 316-683-6790.