Texas Abortions Drop Dramatically as Abortion Facilities Close

By Cheryl Sullenger

Austin, TX – One Austin abortion facility’s building is advertised as up for lease. It is a very good sign of the times.

Now, a new study published yesterday by the Texas Policy Evaluation Project shows that abortion numbers have dramatically declined by 13% since a new Texas abortion law, known as HB2, went into effect last year. That decline represents approximately 9,200 lives spared due to the new law.

The decrease in abortions in Texas is a direct result of abortion facilities shutting down due to HB2.

Out of the 41 abortion clinics in operation last July, already half have shut down as a result of provisions of the law that went into effect last year, especially the provision heavily supported by Operation Rescue that requires abortionists to maintain hospital privileges within 30 miles of their abortion clinics.

Only six facilities are expected to remain open in Texas after the remainder of HB2′s safety regulations go into effect on September 1.

This means that 35 Texas abortion facilities were operating well below acceptable medical standards and are opting to close rather than comply with the law.

“When abortion clinics close, lives are saved as women find other ways to deal with the challenges they face rather than taking the lives of their babies,” said Newman. “We expect to see abortion numbers continue to steeply decline in Texas as more abortion facilities shut down, and that is great news.”

Among the abortion chains most affected has been Whole Women’s Health, which once operated five abortion offices in Texas.

WWH facilities in Austin and Ft. Worth, the subjects of an Operation Rescue undercover investigation in 2011, will be among 15 abortion facilities that are expected to close by the end of the month when regulations that require abortion facilities to meet Ambulatory Surgical Center standards take effect.

The building housing Whole Women’s Health’s Austin facility, which cannot meet those requirements, has been placed for lease because WWH has decided to shut down rather than comply with the law. Only the WWH San Antonio facility will remain open.

“We are excited that abortion businesses will have fewer locations where they can prey on the vulnerabilities of pregnant women and heartlessly take the lives of pre-born babies,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “Women throughout Texas will be better off without substandard abortion businesses placing their lives at risk. Abortion businesses are not above the law and requiring them to meet basic safety regulations – which they often can’t or won’t meet — is already saving thousands of lives.”

Whole Women’s Health shut down their Beaumont and McAllen locations on March 6, 2014, because their abortionists could not obtain hospital privileges that are required by law to protect the lives of women suffering abortion-related medical emergencies.

Operation Rescue filed complaints against Whole Women’s Health clinics in McAllen, Beaumont, and Austin after discovering they were improperly dumping “identifiable” aborted baby remains a during the 2011 undercover investigation. This led the Austin and McAllen locations to be heavily fined.

That investigation alerted legislators to the need to tighten requirements on the previously unaccountable abortion trade in Texas. Another Operation Rescue investigation of Houston abortionist Douglas Karpen last year, which was based on first-hand experiences of four of his former abortion workers, revealed evidence that he was conducting illegal late-term abortions and allegedly had killed some babies after being born alive. This encouraged Gov. Rick Perry to call the special sessions to ensure that the abortion safety regulations passed.

The Texas legislature passed HB2 last year during during the second of two contentious special legislative sessions that drew national attention.

“The new study proves that the new law is effectively protecting the lives of women and their babies, and will extend those protections to even more women as the rest of the law goes into effect later this year. There should be no hesitancy for other states to adopt similar measures to protect the public and reduce the number of abortions in their states,” said Newman. “Success is measured in results, and the fact that HB2 will shut down 85% of shoddy abortion mills and save nearly 10,000 lives per year in Texas shows that legislation is incredibly successful and should be emulated nationwide.”

Carhart Botched Abortion Cover Up: Maryland Officials Attempt to Silence Operation Rescue

Operation Rescue makes 911 files public despite attempts at intimidation

By Cheryl Sullenger

Germantown, Maryland – Operation Rescue has received threatening e-mails from the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service that “strictly prohibit” the release of two audio files received in response to a Maryland Public Information Act request. The audio files are related to a 911 call placed from the Germantown Reproductive Health Services (GRHS) abortion facility on July 2, 2014.

“The extensive redactions and ban on publishing the recordings can only be considered part of a botched abortion cover-up by Montgomery County officials and an attempt to intimidate us into silence about the danger and frequency of botched abortions at Germantown Reproductive Health Services,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

GRHS is a late-term abortion facility that employs Nebraska abortionist LeRoy Carhart. The July 2 incident was the eighth medical emergency documented at Carhart abortion facilities since 2012. Video footage provided to Operation Rescue by local activists in Maryland clearly shows that an African-American woman was transported from the late-term abortion facility by ambulance suffering from unknown, but apparently urgent abortion complications.

The e-mails, sent from Michael Baltrotsky, Operations Supervisor of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, warns Operation Rescue that a heavily redacted 911 call and radio traffic audio recordings attached to his e-mails contain “confidential information” and their release is “strictly prohibited.”

“There is absolutely no ‘confidential’ information in those recordings. In fact, they contain much less information than is usually provided and certainly less than is allowable by law. We have made the decision to publish the audio files because we simply cannot be intimidated into aiding in this obvious cover-up nor can we submit to what amounts to governmental bullying, which is the first step toward tyranny,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue.

911 Call (Redacted by MCFR)

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Radio Traffic (Redacted by MCFR)

While the audio recordings do corroborate the fact that a medical emergency did indeed take place at GRHS on July 2, 2014, they reveal little else about the incident, except that two ambulances were dispatched to the abortion facility for “BLS,” which is “Basic Life Support” assistance.

But more importantly, the files exposes the effort in Montgomery County to protect Carhart and his late-term abortion business.

“The Montgomery County authorities have crossed the line with this failure to properly comply with the Maryland Public Records Act and their brazen attempt at intimidation. We are considering legal action to stop this cover-up,” said Newman.

Last month, Operation Rescue sued the City of St. Louis for improperly withholding public information from requests for 911 records.

“We are seeing more and more attempts to deny information related to abortion emergencies, but it is critical that we stand up to defend the public records laws because the public information contained in 911 records can help expose abortion abuses and spare women from future harm,” said Newman. “It is the duty of emergency communications records custodians to comply with the law and release the records with as few redactions as possible. It is not the duty of those people to conceal public information in order to protect abortion businesses or other special interests.”

Recently, the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service changed its procedure for placing Maryland Public Information Act requests for 911 documents. Requesters must now fill out a web form that requires disclosure of the reason a record is being requested. It also notifies the requester that “911 recordings will not be released without a subpoena or compelling [reason].”

“From our reading of Maryland’s Public Information Law, it is improper for records custodians to ask why a particular record is being requested,” said Newman. “That information should be irrelevant to them. Their job it to release the files when requested. Period.”

While the Maryland Public Records Act specifically states that the reasons for a request should not be asked, Operation Rescue stated that it needed the 911 recordings to support a complaint it plans to file with the Maryland Board of Physicians. However, the recordings are so heavily redacted that they would likely be of little or no use to Board investigators.

Operation Rescue has a long history of obtaining and publishing such recordings in order to expose the dangers of abortion and particular abortion facilities and practitioners and has frequently used those recordings to support complaints against abortion facilities and abortionists. Such records prompted investigations that eventually led to the closure of New Woman All Women abortion facility in Birmingham, Alabama, for instance.

Operation Rescue has successfully requested and publicly released two previous 911 calls from Carhart’s Germantown abortion facility related to medical emergencies that took place on July 9 and November 26, 2013.

A video produced by Operation Rescue that featured the July 9th 911 call was broadcast on Fox News last year. The video showed Carhart escorting a woman on a gurney to an awaiting ambulance along with the 911 call that revealed the 35-year old woman was suffering from uncontrolled bleeding.

“We believe that it is no coincidence that since Fox News aired our video, subsequent recordings have been increasingly redacted,” said Newman. “However, if information describing a patient’s condition in last July’s 911 call was considered public enough for release, what has changed in the law that would make similar information too confidential for release this year? The answer to that is nothing.”

Newman continued, “Secrecy works to benefit the wrongdoers and cover up their misdeeds. When the public is denied access to records traditionally considered in the public domain, then those who commit abuses can more easily get away with them.”

Axe to Grind? Massachusetts Governor with Ties to Planned Parenthood Defiant of Supreme Court Free Speech Ruling

By Cheryl Sullenger

Boston, MA – Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is urging the passage of a new state law that will restrict abortion protesters, calling the legislation “a pressing need” in the wake of the unanimous Supreme Court decision that struck down that state’s “buffer zone” law, which prevented pro-life speech within 35 feet of abortion facilities.

However, Patrick’s apparent panic over pro-lifers having their First Amendment rights restored likely stems from his radical pro-abortion agenda and his time as a Board Member of Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts.

“Lawmakers need to be aware that Patrick’s personal history with Planned Parenthood makes him prejudiced against pro-life speech. His twisted view of pro-life activists has tainted his perspective. He clearly has an axe to grind,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “The Supreme Court spoke clearly on the unconstitutionality of infringing on the First Amendment right of protesters. Now Patrick is at it again, trying to further limit pro-life speech at abortion facilities where women often want and appreciate the help offered by pro-life supporters. The women who need and want help to avoid abortions are the ones Patrick is hurting the most.”

Operation Rescue obtained documents that show Patrick sat on the Planned Parenthood Board in the early 1990’s. His name is prominently featured in Planned Parenthood’s Board Meeting minutes and on Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts letterhead.

One letter featuring Patrick as a Board Member, dated May 4, 1993, concerns a woman whose daughter may have suffered injuries at Planned Parenthood and received a refund for services rendered. [View Documents, esp. p. 3.]

Patrick, an African-American, is apparently unbothered by the racist roots of Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, who proposed abortion and birth control as a way to “exterminate the Negro population.” (Woman, Morality, and Birth Control. New York: New York Publishing Company, 1922. Page 12.)

“There can be no doubt that when women change their minds outside of abortion facilities and make decisions to continue their pregnancies, Planned Parenthood loses money. It seems that Patrick is more concerned about Planned Parenthood’s bottom line than he is about truly helping women, especially women of color who are disproportionally targeted for abortion,” said Newman. “Denying pro-life supporters their constitutionally protected rights to further his abortion agenda is stepping far over the line and is an abuse of his position as governor.”

The bill, which has been fast-tracked by Gov. Patrick and passed the State Senate last week at his personal urging, would allow police to disperse pro-life protesters if they receive complaints and ban them from within 25 feet of abortion facilities for eight hours.

“The proposed law is subjective and prone to abuse. Of course abortion clinic workers will complain all day long. At some point, abortion facilities and their acolytes, such as Gov. Patrick, need to understand that abortion facilities simply do not get to abuse the rights of others and are not above the law,” said Newman.

While pro-life protesters and sidewalk counselors are mischaracterized as “violent” or “aggressive,” Eleanor McCullen, the lead petitioner in the Supreme Court case told news reporters that kind of behavior is not beneficial.

“Our mission is there for the woman first. Then, of course, we’re the voice for the unborn child. And I’m not about to aggravate and say, let’s get a little closer to the door. That’s counterproductive,” she said.

“It is clear that Gov. Patrick is trying to do an end-around the Supreme Court decision and the Constitution by wrongly vilifying pro-life sidewalk counselors in order to protect the flow of money into the abortion cartel in his state,” said Newman. “In the interest of full disclosure, his ties to Planned Parenthood abortion businesses should be known before the State House of Representatives acts in response to Patrick’s personal – and blatantly unconstitutional — biases.”