Nebraska’s Ban on Dismemberment Abortions Takes Effect, but Abortionist Carhart Wrongly Claims it Doesn’t Apply to Him

By Cheryl Sullenger Bellevue, NE – A new Nebraska state law that bans a risky, yet common procedure used to abort babies in the second trimester has gone into effect without legal challenge, but the one abortionist who the law would most affect is denying he uses the procedure – a denial Operation Rescue believes […]

Hope Clinic For Women Hospitalized Two Women in October — One Dangerously Pushed to ER in Wheelchair

By Cheryl Sullenger Granite City, IL — Two medical emergencies took place at the Hope Clinic for Women abortion facility in Granite City, Illinois in October that resulted in both women being transported to hospital emergency rooms – one in a very unusual way. On October 17, 2020, pro-life activists were standing by outside the […]

Carhart’s Full-Term Maryland Abortion Mill Loses Third Waste Disposal Company in Two Years

Aborted babies as big as 30 weeks gestation and 5 pounds may be piling up inside Carhart’s Bethesda abortion facility, creating a dangerous health hazard. By Cheryl Sullenger Bethesda, MD – When pro-life activists bought and closed one of the nation’s busiest all-term abortion facilities in Germantown, Maryland, in the fall of 2017, LeRoy Carhart […]

Be Encouraged! Developments in the Election Interference Scandal Point to Something Big Ahead

By Cheryl Sullenger Washington, D.C. – Joe Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, with the help of the main stream media, may have declared themselves the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election, but who actually won has yet to be determined.  In fact, this race is far from over – especially in light of […]

Listen! Two Urgent 911 Calls Reveal Woman “Bleeding Out” at Illinois Planned Parenthood

By Cheryl Sullenger Flossmoor, IL – Two emergency 911 calls were made from the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Flossmoor, Illinois, urgently requesting an ambulance “as soon as possible” for a woman who was described as “bleeding out” after a surgical abortion. “Based on the recordings of the emergency calls from Planned Parenthood, this was […]