Another Abortion Nurse Flees Tiller’s Employment

OR educational campaign helps convince 11th employee to quit killing children

WICHITA, KS — The eleventh employee of late-term abortionist George Tiller has quit since Operation Rescue launched its controversial Year of Rebuke Campaign to pray for clinic workers and inform their neighborhoods of the truth about what they do for a living. Abortion nurse Jennifer Van Deest, of Oxford, KS, has quit her job at Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, the largest late-term abortion mill in the Western Hemisphere.

Van Deest follows a long line of employees who have resigned from Tiller’s abortion business in the past 18 months, including critical employees such as clinic managers and other nurses. Many have not been replaced.

“Tiller is operating understaffed and under pressure,” noted OR President Troy Newman. “Abortions are down at Tiller’s by 20% over the last year and he no longer operates on Saturdays, once one of his busiest abortion days.”

“The departure of Van Deest is a direct answer to our prayers for her,” said Newman. “She seemed to be under stress and conviction for some time. We wish her the best and pray she will have a happy life full of blessings now that she has decided to use her talents to heal instead of kill.”

“The broken-down sign outside Tiller’s mill seems to be a sign of the times,” said sidewalk counselor Cheryl Sullenger. “It is almost as if it reflects the general disarray that is currently plaguing Tiller’s failing abortion business. His employees are abandoning him, he is under investigation for assorted incidents of wrongdoing, and business has never been worse. That is all good news for pregnant women and their babies!”

  • tobra

    that is good news that one of tillers killers is no longer killing there. how do you know she quit?

  • The last time I checked the Tiller website, he still has the picture of George Gardner there as the chaplain, though the man died months ago. I wonder if Tiller even cares that his place appears to be falling apart. THe building is ugly, and now the sign is falling down, though a hammer and nails could fix it in 2 minutes. After all, he is getting close to retirement age. Could it be that he is just going to retire soon and get out, and live a retirement of luxury?

  • Carl Holden

    Praise God!! Isn’t He good??!!??

  • Rose

    Good Job!!!!
    Keep up the good work!!
    Rock For Life America!
    Your Kingdom Come!
    In Christ,
    Rose :)


    Question: Why did George Tiller climb the tree?

    Answer: To rake the leaves!

  • Guy

    Why hasn’t Tobra’s question been answered?

    I don’t doubt the person involved has quit, but how do you know?

    It’s a fair question. Answer it.

  • Operation Rescue

    We had noticed that she had not reported for work for several days so we started asking questions. We were informed by an anonymous inside source (completely reliable) that Jennifer had quit. That is all we can really reveal at this time.

  • Does anyone know if these employees go to work for another, less publicized abortion mill, or do they really quit this business altogether?? It seems like anyone working for Tiller would have to know that they will be in the spotlight, whereas other places might be less known. If they just go to work elsewhere in the abortion industry then the problem is not solved.

  • Pat McNutt

    We wish Van Deest, and all others leaving the various killing chambers/death camps pockmarking the all-too-defruited plain known as America, all the best in finding employment which does not harm, kill, and exploit their fellow humans.

    According to one seasoned and discerning prolife street activist we know, the turnover rate at abortion mills, especially among the “little people” — that is, the employees who make the “little money” compared with the abortionists & directors — is quite high. This is because the atrocities they are involved in take a toll, one way or the other, upon their souls. Either they become so hardened that they get very mean to the mothers they purport to ‘serve’, or their souls stay intact and they can’t stand the business and quit.

    While prolife efforts to expose or reach out to them may exacerbate either hardness or tenderness of soul, those are the basic elements.

    The longer one has been in the killing industry, the more difficult it tends to be to find work in real medicine, assuming that one has the credentials to do so, which not all abortion workers do. One woman who left the industry in the mid-90’s testified that she was doing abortions herself, though she was not certified to do them. As she sought work in other fields, one interviewer asked her, regarding her 12+ years in killing chambers, “Were you so hard that you could do that for so long?”.

    We have known of a few to leave one mill to go to another, or to return to the same employer later, but generally, that seems to be the exception, bearing out the tendency of the business itself, by nature, to either make people in it either much harder, and unfit for anything else, or too compassionate towards mothers and their unborn children to continue to work in a killing chamber.