Ambulance Transports Another Injured Woman From Tiller’s Abortion Mill

Wichita, KS – An ambulance arrived at Women’s Health Care Services, a late-term abortion mill owned by George R. Tiller, and transported a woman away with lights flashing and sirens blaring at approximately 6:30 PM on Wednesday, October 1, 2008.

This incident occurred just six days after another of Tiller’s abortion patients was hospitalized after suffering late-term abortion complications that nearly cost her life.

Wednesday’s incident was reported by Brandi Lozier, who was volunteering for the Kansas Coalition for Life outside the WHCS gate. Brandi observed that a clinic employee driving a green vehicle entered the parking lot at high speeds carrying a Caucasian woman who appeared to be in distress. The vehilce pulled around to the back of the building and began to sound the horn.

Lozier called 911 and asked for help. It is unclear if her call summoned the ambulance or if another call was placed from inside WHCS.

According to another witness, John Elmore, an ambulance, a fire truck, and a police cruiser arrived shortly before 6:30 PM and within approximately two minutes the ambulance left WHCS with lights and sirens. It headed northbound on Bleckley then turned west into on-coming traffic on the Kellogg frontage road until it reached Oliver.

Operation Rescue was notified, and Cheryl Sullenger went immediately to Wesley Medical Center where a number of ambulances were in various stages of offloading patients. It is unclear which vehicle may have transported the injured woman.

This is the first time an ambulance has been seen at WHCS since July, 2005, after which Tiller began transporting women with life-threatening emergencies in private vehicles. Last Thursday, Patient S. was taken to Wesley Medical Center in Tiller’s private Jeep after having suffered respiratory distress and cardiac arrest during an abortion.

“We have a crisis situation right now at Tiller’s abortion business, and we are wondering what the body count has to be before the state regulators will close it down,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Tiller’s clinic has become little more than a dangerous abortion chop shop. This is intolerable and we demand that Women’s Health Care Services be immediately closed in order to prevent further injury and death. We are exploring every legal action to make sure that happens.”

  • steve

    When I mention this to some folks, they say that all medical procedures carry some risk so this is being misrepresented. My counter-agrument is that abortion is not a morally legitimite procedure, though the law allows it and the American Medical Association and many others endorse it.

    So anyone getting injured from abortion is getting hurt from an illigitimite procedure in the eyes of the Lord. This is far different than a well-meaning, richeous doctor who is trying to heal and makes a mistake. Also, the sheer number of injuries coming from Tiller warrant attention.
    Does anyone else have arguments to counter those who say this abortion mishaps are no worse than what could happen during other medical procedures?

  • Prayers. Thank God for Brandi. Keep us posted!

  • BTW, wouldn’t it be a profound irony to have an abortion survivor be the one who saved an aborting woman’s life?

  • Bill Gamelson

    >My counter-agrument is that abortion
    >is not a morally legitimite procedure,

    A better road I think is abortion is in not a nessessary procedure in most cases.

    There are cases where abortion is nessessary to save the mother’s life or the baby is so messed up that life would be a tremendous burden, but those cases are extremely rare.

    I believe Rev Pat Mahoney stated that 93% of abortions are performed simply because the mother claims depression.

    Can anyone clarify this?

  • Pam

    Here’s another good response to the argument that all medical procedures carry some risks:

    One has to look at why these injuries and deaths are occuring. They are not happening in spite of the quality treatment the patients are receiving from the abortionists, but because thay are getting such poor and substandard medical care. And that is what makes these mishaps inexcusable. Poor sanitation in the facilities and lack of regulation by the NAF and the Health Department ae other reasons. None of this would be acceptable in any other medical profession.

    Here in Birmingham, at the now defunct Summit, I was informed that one of the abortionists was in his late eighties and had shaky hands! The one currently at New Women All Women is also over eighty and seems to suffer from dementia.

  • Chris

    17 1/2 years ago I made a deadly choice to terminate my baby’s life. It was a very early termination but the emotional scars will always be with me. I was never informed that the “doctor” could have any medical degree. He could have been a dentist or the janitor for all I know. I was told after the abortion that is is my right to have one or five abortions. I have suffered from miscarriages and infertility since then and I believe this was a direct result from the abortion. I have one child that lived and it is difficult to know that he would have an older brother or sister to love him.

    I contacted the district office (Planned Parenthood in KC) because a western Kansas branch referred me to the “clinic” in Wichita. I asked why they don’t inform women that the “doctor” most of the time is not a OBGYN. The person I spoke with said that the credentials don’t seem to bother most women. I told her that is incorrect because when I tell women (some very well educated) that most abortionists are not gynocolgists, they are shocked.

  • Probably there is a number of some sort on an ambulance, maybe liecense plate. Remember that number and pass it on to whoever is monitoring traffic to the hospital. Keep up the good work.

  • bruce pepper

    thanks to brandi for all her good work please have her e mail me i met her at lsu. and would like to speak more with her