Alabama Abortion Administrator Arrested

King indicted on three counts, including committing illegal abortions

Birmingham, AL — Janet Onthank King, 58, former administrator of the closed Summit Medical Center abortion mill in Birmingham, has been charged on three misdemeanor counts by the Alabama Attorney General’s office, and was arrested Friday.

King was charged with two counts of “knowingly or recklessly performing abortions as a non-physician” and one count of “falsifying business records of Summit Medical Center…by making false entries into equipment sterilization reports that are required to be kept” under Alabama law.

The indictments stem from an investigation by the state into the death of a late-term baby that was aborted by King on February 20, 2006, without a doctor present. The patient was misdiagnosed as having been 6 weeks pregnant, when in fact she was 8 months along. King, a nurse practitioner who was also the clinic administrator, gave the woman the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug, which is approved for use only through the sixth week of pregnancy.

Six days later, the woman delivered a six pound, four ounce dead baby at the hospital emergency room.

An investigation into the abortion mill revealed that King had falsified the patient records to show that a doctor had administered the ultrasound and abortion drug, even though no doctor was present at the mill that day. The clinic was closed by the Department of Health and later declared bankruptcy, making the closure permanent.

King surrendered Friday afternoon to the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office where she was booked and released on a $3000 bond. King’s charges are class B misdemeanors that carry a maximum penalty of six months in jail and $1,000 fine for each count.

“We are relieved that Ms. King is being brought to justice for violating Alabama law. They have done more than any other state to protect women and shut down shoddy abortionists. But we are disappointed that murder charges have not been filed for the death of the nearly full-term baby in February,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“That baby was viable and healthy prior to her encounter with King, and should have had the protection of Alabama’s law banning post-viability abortions*, which is a class A felony,” Newman said. “We promise to look into why there has been this apparent miscarriage of justice.”

*Alabama Code Section 26-22-3(a)

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  • Throw the book at her.This should be a felony!I guess Alabama must not have very strict laws.

  • Robert

    It is great to see that seeking justice is spreading through out the nation not just within the church but also the government that God has established is finnaly doing something, NOT ENOUGH, but something.

    Real justice will come when baby killers are arrested, tried for murder and then executed.

    According to God’s Holy Word revealed in Numbers 35:33-34, that ONLY with the death of these murderers will our land be cleansed of the bloodguilt upon it at their hands.

    This is a good start, but not nearly enough.

    May real justice come soon.

  • I’m glad this babykilling abortion administrator was arrested. All people who work for the babykilling abortion industry should be arrested and charged with murder or accessory to murder.

  • Doyle Chadwick

    How interesting that this babykilling pond scum is only charged with misdemeanors in connection with this death. That’s like charging someone with killing a rabbit out of season. Everyone knows it’s open season on unborn human babies all year round, but you have to hunt animals in season or get a ticket.

  • Sarah

    How does a woman not realize she is eight months pregnant? Doesn’t she realize she hasn’t menstrated in months? Doesn’t she feel her baby kicking? Did she really think she had gas every day for months, or maybe in the back of her mind she knew how far along she was. She knew that was her child moving, not gas pains. How large was this woman? how do you carry a 6 pound child and not show? How stupid was this abortion clinic director? How morally SICK is our country that you never heard this story on CNN or any news network?

  • Having been pregnant before myself,I just cannot buy it.Any woman that had a half a brain would realize that something in her body has changed. No period,fetal movement,morning sickness,mood swings….SOMETHING!Especially @ 8 months.It sounds like a whole lotta rubbish to me.

  • Mary

    You’d be surprised. I have seen women come into the hospital in labor who were totally oblivious to the fact they were pregnant. I know of one case where the woman screamed through the entire delivery that she was not having a baby! Having had three children myself, I also find this a little difficult to comprehend.
    I can only conclude that the human mind is a very strange thing that is very capable of doing even stranger things. When people are determined to shut out reality, they can. Haven’t we all wondered at some time in our lives why we were stupid enough to believe something or to not see what was going on in front of us? I’m convinced that when a woman is determined not to believe she is pregnant, she will convince herself she isn’t. There is also the opposite extreme of women who so desperately want to be pregnant that they develop all the signs and symptons of pregnancy and you can’t convince them otherwise! Like a said, the human mind is very strange.

  • Ruth

    This is sad, I can’t believe they really only gave this so called “doctor” a slap in the hand. And I agree with the people up there that say you have to be really stupid to not notice a 6lb. baby in your uterus. My daughter was 6lbs. 8oz. when she was born, at exactly 40 weeks. So this baby could of easily lived at 8 months if born naturally. This sickens me to my stomach that people can murder innocent children especially that far advanced in a pregnancy. I am currently expecting my third child and going on to four months. I can’t imagine aborting this little life that I have felt moving inside of me. I agree with Troy Newman, this person needs to be put behind bars for murder.

  • Mary,You’re right.Denial is a powerful emotion or defense mechanism.Take the cases of these girls that hide their pregnancies,and deliver without any medical staff present.No pain meds- no nothing.I have delivered 2, and despite child birth classes,the pain was almost unbearable.I wish i could say that my labors felt like gas pains.

  • lynn

    Stupid or not the fact is she was with child and killed it.

    Personally, I did have a friend who only gained 7 lbs (never wore materity clothes ) during her entire preg. and delivered a healthy 6 lb baby. When she went in for her delivery the hospital staff did not believe her. They called her doctor to verify.
    She had very little pain too.

    It is true- I wanted to thump her real hard on the head. I believe every women should enjoy the pain of childbirth ( It is a joke)….

    Justice will not be served for this baby until murder charger are filed.

    ALABAMA (the Bible Belt ) with a church on every corner!
    where is your outrage???

    * If your not outragged- your not paying attention *

  • You are right Lynn.I have some relatives in Alabama.I’m not really in touch anymore,but I have visited many times.You can’t even get a beer in the grocery stores.Also,there really ARE churches on every corner.I really am surprised @the lack of outrage.Wise up Alabama.Put this monster in prison.

  • Robert

    The fact is that this mother wanted her child of undetermined age dead.

    Some talk about the age of the child, as though it really differs or matters if she willfully killed a 6 week baby or an 8 month baby. Either way, her intent was a dead baby. She got what she wanted.

    The question regarding age might then be, if she was willing to end the life of a child that was 6 months older than had been misdiagnosed by the abortuary staff, would adding the 6 months to the actual age of the baby made any differance to the mother? Why or why not?