Abortionist Jailed – Again!

Convicted sexual predator Laurence Reich arrested in LA for committing abortions after being stripped of his medical license

Los Angeles, CA – Abortionist Laurence Reich was arrested and jailed last week in Los Angeles for practicing medicine without a license after a special LAPD Task Force discovered he had been doing abortions illegally. Reich, who faces three felony counts, posted a $60,000 bond and was released.

A protective order has been placed on the case, but it is known that the arrest is a result of an Health Authority Task Force (HALT) investigation that culminated in the raiding of several Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy abortion mills on August 1, 2007, and the arrest of owner Bertha Bugarin and her sister, Rachel for doing abortions without medical licenses.

Reich, an Osteopath, was forced to surrender his medical license on April 14, 2006, after a conviction on two counts of sexually molesting his abortion patients. Reich had previously served 10 years probation on a similar conviction in 1984. Operation Rescue exposed information it obtained that indicated that Reich engaged in gross sexual “misconduct” with his patients, which included fondling them before, during, and after abortions for his own gratification.

“Laurence Reich is a rapist who uses abortion to gain access to his victims. It doesn’t get any worse than that. Operation Rescue has for years called on authorities to put him in jail because of his pattern of perverted behavior,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “The law has no meaning for these people. Only substantial jail time will adequately protect the public from falling prey them.”

“We encourage pro-lifers across the country who minister outside abortion mills to monitor their communities’ abortionists. As more and more abortionists are banned from the practice of medicine, the chances increase that they will simply set up shop elsewhere,” said Newman.

“Abortion is a seedy business that attracts the bottom of the barrel. You can bet Reich and Bugarin are not the only ones out there victimizing women and flouting the law. Pro-lifers need to be on guard and report suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities, for the protection of women and their innocent babies.”

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  • Net

    Once you invite Satan in, He will stay around and linger to encourage more hideous acts of evil. Oh, boy, this world needs prayers. St. Michael the Archangel … pray for us!


  • Alayna Staggers (Nurse)

    Women must take responsibility for their health care. What has happened to dignity? This guy looks like a criminal. Where is your common sense? If you lay your body down for whatever guy comes along, you will not be respected or loved. If you lay your body down for the abortionist, you may not come out alive and the suffering you go through will be a horendous price to pay for yourself and your baby. You will never get that baby back. You will regret it for a lifetime. The girls who go into the abortionist present themselves as sacrifices so evil men can get rich! Why are the girls who have been sexually molested by Reich not speaking out? Only when women become angry at this treatment and give up the victim role will progress be made! Those who have had abortions by this creep need to speak out against him. Abortionists depend upon women’s guilt, shame and fear of speaking about their maltreatment to protect them from prosecution. Anyone who has suffered at the hands of an abortionist needs to report it to someone, such as Operation Rescue, and courageously make a stand so other babies can be saved from these butchers.

  • Sarah

    Hey thanks a lot NOW! I feel so liberated as a woman! I’m SO GLAD abortion is legal and so so SAFE!

  • Mike

    Alayna…you’re 100% right.

    But, there is still the STIGMA attached to abortion…whether Pro-choicers want to admit it or not.

    Women who get abortions from these creeps aren’t about to come forward and tell what they know or have experienced…due to the stigma and the attention it brings upon themselves.

    Until women are ready to stand up and expose what they went through at the hands of these guys, (or women) and be strong enough to face the shame of their abortions and seek forgiveness, this kind of thing will continue to happen.

    Once again, I ask: WHERE are the all the outraged feminists and pro-choicers? We won’t hear a word from them. They DON’T care. They never have, and never will…WE know it, and THEY know it.

    As long as abortion is legal, they’ll keep quiet and just accept the deaths, and abuse of aborting women as being “part of the territory”…and scum bag doctors will continue their grizzly trade and continue to laugh at the women who seek their “services”.

  • Alayna Staggers (Nurse)

    Mike: You are clearly right. I guess, as long as women feel shame, there is still hope. The women are the ones who place their selves in the hands of these guys and unless they have more respect for their bodies, the abuse will continue. This doesn’t say much for women. They are no more than puppets in the hands of boyfriends and abortionists. Women certainly have not become empowered by abortion. About all I have left to say is they need to “keep their clothes on.” They have lost all of their dignity.

  • kelli ann

    I agree with you Mike. Alayna, you always have such great posts!! I am also a nurse. I thought they already arrested this creep. He’s a sex offender, and PC women still refuse to see it for what it is. Do you know how many women I have spoken to who still defend abortionists? I guess they can’t come to terms with the fact that they are murderers….Denial!…Abortionists are good guys?? Our society is crumbling. God help us.

  • Alayna Staggers (Nurse)

    Thank, Kelli ann: my next idea is: Aren’t there any “whistleblowers” at these abortion mills? Everywhere I have worked there are always a group of disgruntled employees who want to call the state and make trouble for their employer. I know these medical assistants don”t make that much money to want to hold onto these grisley jobs. I still am surprised that more employees at least have not stepped out to speak against Tiller and others like him! If the victims can’t speak, someone must speak for them. Let’s hear the dirty secrets from these people, such as the one where Tiller had an arm full of dead babies and he had to ask for help to open the incinerator door because the load was too heavy and the helper described the smell of burning bodies. A medical assistant described her languish when she arrived home and her husband noticed a tiny little hand attached to her uniform. I take my children to work with me to see what I do. Can you do the same? People are thriving on ignorance. I still think light needs to be shed on the darkness of iniquity which only the people involved can reveal.

  • kelli ann

    Alayna, if you see this, please join us on Jill Stanek’s live blog. We debate with PCers there. We could really use you if you have time:]

  • kelli ann

    Also, these stories about Tiller’s death mill are becoming increasingly sad and frustrating. These women are so far along in their pregnancies. What ever happened to a mother’s love? When I was able to feel my baby kick in the womb, the LAST thing I would have ever wanted to see was harm done to her. I slept with my hand on my tummy every night. Didn’t even know I was doing it. My husband told me. How can women abort like it’s a fast food drive through? In and out.

  • Chris

    Feminists and the other gals in “womens’ rights” groups speak out about violence against women, rape, etc. I worked with a bunch of them in this field. They speak out against rape and violence when it suits their agenda. They talk about the “good old boy” system, but they have a “good old gal” system which is much worse because they are so hypocritical. If this had been a prolife man they would be all over it. I always say they promote women first, children second. When we have rock musicians and Hollywood protesting at KFC because of the mistreatment of chickens, but they don’t care about the treatment of preborn children at tiller’s “clinic,” something has gone wrong in our society. Women clearly get the message…. ME FIRST. I think many women who bought into the abortion lie go to the worng place for support. They is why the sidewalk counselors are so important.

  • kelli ann

    Chris, excellent post!

  • Tiffany B (mom of 3)

    Great post Chris! Also, how can some so called Christians actually still support abortion….it says in the Bible that God would rather a person attach a stone and cast themselves into the sea than to hurt one of his children….some people may not ever be caught…but one day they will truly be judged!!! I would be so afaid to think that I was the reason for so many innocent deaths!!!!! People use the term hell a little to lightly these days…….the truth is it’s inconceivable to our minds to comprehend how terrible hell really is!!!! Scary!!! Thankfully God is merciful!!!! I know one day we will get to meet all the precious little babies!!!!