Abortion Protesters “Bug” KS Governor During Debate

Rowdy crowd bloodies “Roachy” while State Troopers confiscate hand-outs

Hutchinson, KS — Two anonymous abortion protesters dressed in giant roach costumes bounced and cheered throughout an hour long gubernatorial debate between incumbent abortion supporter Kathleen Sebelius and her Republican challenger, Sen. Jim Barnett that was held before over 2,000 people at the Kansas State Fair on Saturday.

The two, who would only identify themselves as “Roachy,” wore signs indicating they were Sebelius’ campaign mascots and performed satirical antics before an uncomfortable crowd that grew increasingly hostile as the day progressed. The back of their costumes referred to the web site abortioncockroach.com.

The cockroaches were a reference to an abortion clinic recently bought and closed by Operation Rescue where roach-infested, unsanitary conditions were discovered. Gov. Sebelius has taken large amounts of campaign money from abortionists such as George Tiller, and has repeatedly blocked minimum standards and inspections of abortion facilities.

As Sebelius was introduced, the pair ran up to the stage and bowed down in front of her in mock adoration. When pro-life candidate Sen. Barnett was introduced, the cockroaches rolled over on their backs and waved their legs, simulating a roach’s final moments. Throughout the debate, they danced, cheered, and loudly called for the candidates to discuss abortion. Neither candidate did.

State Troopers confiscated cards that were being handed out by the costumed protesters that explained Sebelius’ abortion support.

“I don’t think these people have much of a sense of humor,” said Roachy, who was attacked by a Sebelius supporter who tried to tear off his mask, but ended up driving a paper clip into his head. A police report was taken and a decision will be made sometime next week on whether charges will be filed against Roachy’s attacker.

“Their humorous satire of Sebelius’ abortion support was a great way to get the message out to the public in a manner that was a little unexpected,” said OR spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “If Roachy and his twin brother had not been at the debate, the abortion issue would never have come up.”

Instead, the abortion topic appeared in several Kansas newspapers along with pointed remarks about the candidates’ refusal to deal with the issue.

“Horrific filthy and unsafe conditions do exist, not only in Kansas but in abortion mills across the nation. These conditions reflect the industry’s gross disregard for human life and dignity. Spotlighting this with satire helps the public consider things in a different light, and tears the phony mask of respectability off a sleazy, predatory industry that profits from innocent blood and human misery,” said Sullenger. “We applaud the roach protester’s creativity.”

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  • life lynx

    Creativity…and courage.

    What a hoot! This is great! Hoping to see Sibelius’ campaign in death throes from which it never recovers…

    All best to “Roachy” and allies!

  • Frank

    Life Lynx:

    I respectfully dissent. As most of you out there know, I am pro-life, but I’m not really in favor of this, at all:

    1. There is nothing funny, in my opinion, about abortion, and some might say this display reduces or trivializes the issues.

    2. Shouting, carrying on, etc., while wearing costumes makes the protesters essentially subject to ridicule. I respectfully submit that Pro-lifers should do nothing, and I mean nothing, which will open the pro-life cause or its members to ridicule.

    3. By the sounds of it, the debate became raucous. Moreover, the debate was at the Kansas State Fair — in other words, a place (I assume) families, children, etc., are going. Does having some costumed people acting foolishly really convince families with kids, or those who might be sitting on the fence about abortion (i.e. some people we should be reaching out to), that pro-lifers are intelligent, well-reasoned, etc.? Or does it make it instead appear that prolifers are camera-happy, or loony, or civil instigators, etc. This stunt sounds like something Hunter S. Thompson would pull, and I’d rather not be compared to him, thank you.

    4. If you want to spark debate, then hand out sheets with the governor’s record, hold up placards, etc., fine. But I respectfully submit that prolifers who dress, act, speak, etc. intelligently, and maturely, will change many more minds than will acting the buffoon.

    5. It also was arguably disrespectful and/or disruptive to the pro-life candidate. If I were he, I’d think the show preposterous.

    No, I will not lighten up. ):

  • Mary

    I must agree with Frank on all the points he made. I am most certainly not influenced by PETA demonstrators making fools of themselves in animal costumes, and I certainly don’t think the pro-life cause is helped by people making fools of themselves in insect costumes.
    Frank is correct when he says pro-lifers can better get their message across by conducting themselves with maturity and decorum and not acting like buffoons. I’d be concerned that people who might otherwise have been positively influenced to the pro-life side have instead been completely turned off by these antics.

  • Rosey

    Wow, no sense of humor or imagination! The reality of this is that the candidates were both trying REALLY hard to not make abortion an issue in this election, and would have succeeded it if had not been for the cockroaches’ costumed antics.

    And people are STILL talking about it.

    The pro-abort governor was certainly embarassed by it and is still doing damage control. The roach story is making people think about abortion and question the link between the gov. and abortionist Tiller. The cockroaches have made abortion an issue that has been all over the KS news media for two weeks. It was really very effective — lots more than just sitting at home and complaining about it.

    It is much easier to criticize things than actually come up with creative ideas that are effective. I am sure if either Frank or Mary have any better ideas that would be more effective, I am sure we would all love to hear them.

    In the mean time, the cockroaches are keeping abortion on everyone’s mind in KS, and keeping the pro-abort politicians on the defensive, where they should be!

  • Mary


    I’m afraid we will just have to agree to disagree on this issue and I’ll match my sense of humor and imagination to yours any day.
    Like it or not, negative stereotypes of pro-life people abound, I have encountered them often. That is why it is so important that we always conduct ourselves with maturity and dignity and not like circus clowns.
    During the era of the Civil Rights Movement, would the cause of Black Americans, however just it was, have been well served by Dr. King and civil rights demonstrators dressing themselves in costumes and conducting themselves like buffoons? I hardly think so. Ours won’t be either.
    Frank had excellent suggestions as to how to get the message across. Set up a booth, use placards, distribute leaflets with detailed information and quotes by the governor, have a continuous running video of the excellent documentary OR made on appalling abortion clinic conditions, distribute free videos. No, you aren’t going to convince everyone this way, but you run a much less risk of completely alienating people who might otherwise be influenced or at least give some thought to your message.

  • Rosey


    OR could set up all the booths they want — not like that has never been done. But if they had done that I can guarentee that the abortion issue would never had been mentioned by either campaign or the media. Now it is an issue people are still taking about, and the Governor is on the defensive over it. Thank God someone had the courage to do something different than the “same old same old.” In a lot of ways, that has been a problem with the pro-life movement, in general. People just plod along doing the same old stodgy things that haven’t worked for 30+ years. I give props to those who can think outside the box.

  • Frank


    Getting people “talking about it” is not the task, since “talking about it” may include having people collectively say “look at those idiots, I wish they’d shut up.” The task is getting people to agree, and to express their agreement in the voting booth.

    As to efforts to make abortion a non-issue, one candidate is pro-life, as I understand it. So is it not better to get him elected, than to offend him, and further force the issue from the spotlight.

    Mary makes excellent points about the civil rights marchers v. the PETA protesters. Well said. One group was effective, the other not. Acting like fools, and/or offending families with children, is not going to change many minds, IMHO.

    Besides, an argument can be made that the pro-life movement’s greatest successes have come through repetitious, “plodding” efforts to “get the message out” to pols, voters, teens, etc. — which is not exciting, but appears nevertheless to have been effective, 30 years after Roe. On the other hand, one-shot stunts designed only to generate some PR, any PR, lead only to further negative labelling of prolifers. In other words, slow but steady wins the race. For that matter, before you condemn placards, do you really think Roachy made someone stop and think about the abortion they were about to have? Or before you say booths staffed with volunteers showing videos are “plodding” or “same old/same old”, ask yourself: those booths that 99% of people ignore are the ones who help the 1% who need it, or who maybe want to volunteer themselves, or write a check, etc. If you were a voter who wanted info, are you going to have a serious conversation with a giant stuffed roach to get it?!?

  • Rosey


    I never said I was against placards. Please don’t jump to conclusions. I’m not against booths either (God knows the long hours I have put in manning them). You must not live in Kansas, or you would know the majority to the conversation surrounding the roaches focuses on our pro-abort gov. and how in bed with the abortionists she really is — even to the point of refusing to clean up the rat-traps that masquarade as abortion clinics here. No one has ever said the roaches reflected poorly on the pro-life movement, so I believe you are way off base there. If you don’t get the roach gig, then there is little I can to do help you. To each his own.

  • Well, I gotta hand it to you, Troy:

    This is the first time you’ve made me laugh in a long, long time.

    I’m sorry I missed this display. I really, really wanted to go to the Fair – but it wasn’t two roaches who would have drawn me in. No, it was the presence of Lynyrd Skynyrd, a southern-rock band quite popular during my youth, that elicited my interest.

    It’s a funny thing – I don’t agree with (nor do I buy) the premise that you really care about the safety and health of abortion clinic patients. I know better. I don’t really understand how you can write a book calling for the deaths of us nay-stee post-abortives – and then purport to give two flying flips about “Roachies” and their abundant progeny.

    I know better.

    But the absurdity of it all did make me laugh. Sort of like a really, really awful open sore that one just can’t keep from touching – even though it really, really hurts. Kinda like a two-car pileup that ya just can’t turn away from – even though calamity has occurred.

    Yes – you can be funny – I’ll concede that much. But you haven’t made me regret my own abortion – that’ll never happen.

    But, hey, all is not lost. I can now listen to Skynyrd’s second album (1974’s “Second Helping”) without exuding that decades-long urge to hock something up from my bowels. And I’ll be gosh-darned if “Roachie” didn’t make me laugh – in spite of myself. I guess gawd can do wondrous things, can’t he? (Oh, wait – there’s one thing he (or she) can’t do. You make one ugly-a$$ed woman – no deity could change that.)

  • Frank

    Mary “Mad” de-line:

    What exactly do you hope to accomplish by your flippant, glib, insulting and meaningless post? At least the other posters here are trying to make some positive contribution. Your trite, unapologetic statements add absolutely nothing to the discourse.

  • life lynx

    clearly, Mary Magdalene doesn’t give a roach’s rump about cleanliness, safety for women…just about keeping abortion legal, though it isn’t safe in the cleanest of places, and dumping crap on prolifers, although she no doubt has access to a working toilet….typical proabort callousness, hypocrisy, and b.s.

    Roachy and allies have at least some creative imagination, intent, and intestinal fortitude…and no, I will not “darken up”, Frank or Mary. It is what it is.


  • Mary

    life lynx

    As I told Rosey, we will just have to agree to disagree. If this demonstration was successful, great. Far be it from me to argue with success. I would still be cautious about antics like these, they can backfire very badly.

  • Mary Magdaline-You sound like your mad at or about your abortion and if your not-you should be. You must have been one that viewed a child as an inconvenience . You sound selfish to me. I could never be as callous or stoic as you-THANK GOD!

  • prolifebadfreedomgood

    pro life makes me sick. pro life is scum of our society