Abortion Death Mystery: Was the Death in George Tiller’s Down’s Syndrome Patient Intentional?

by Cheryl Sullenger

WICHITA, KS — Over five months after a 19-year old Texas teen died in January during a late-term abortion received at Women’s Health Care Services, the infamous late-term abortion mill owned and operated by George R. Tiller, the autopsy report is still unavailable. The delay in releasing the autopsy has placed on hold an investigation by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts into possible improprieties that may have led to the unfortunate maternal death.

Why would the County Medical Examiner withhold this autopsy report for over five months when others are routinely released within 6-8 weeks? Evidence points to the possibility of a cover-up, and the key to understanding why this young woman died may lie in the fact that she had Down’s Syndrome.

Tiller is a man who prides himself of ridding society of the unfit or the imperfect. He describes himself as the “doctor of last resort” for women bearing children with “fetal anomalies” including Down’s Syndrome. He has made it his job to kill disabled people in the womb under the guise of alleviating their “suffering.”
With that in mind, let us examine the events of last January when Tiller and his employee, partial-birth abortionist LeRoy Carhart of Omaha, Nebraska, were presented with a pregnant young lady who happened to have Down’s Syndrome. There were a number of decisions made that, if done differently, may have spared the life of this special young lady. These decisions indicate that the Tiller/Carhart team did not care if she died.

First was the reckless decision to abort the late-term child at his clinic, instead of a hospital. The fact that the mother was Down’s Syndrome increased the risk factors for a dangerous late-term abortion, but Tiller did not take the precaution of seeking to have the surgery done in a hospital setting where complications could be immediately addressed. Instead he began the three to four day abortion procedure with the probable help of Carhart, at his abortion clinic, which is not equipped to handle life-threatening complications. But something went terribly wrong, and this started a cascade of events that culminated in the death of the young lady, which we will refer to as Anna.

Next, a non-medical Tiller employee named Marguerite Reed placed a call to 911 emergency dispatch. (Click here to listen to the call.) She was evasive and would not directly answer the dispatcher’s questions. Although Anna lay dying, Reed begged, “Please, please, please, no lights and no sirens.” This gave the indication to emergency responders that the situation was not an emergency. Don’t rush. It’s not important.

When asked what the problem was, Reed placed the dispatcher on hold for 44 seconds, while Anna’s life ebbed away. Although we do not know what transpired in those precious seconds, it is reasonable to assume that the employee went to ask her boss how much, or how little, she should tell the dispatcher. When she returned to the phone she would only state that they had a lady that “needed to go to the hospital” and concealed the serious nature of the medical emergency. This caused a delay in emergency workers reaching Anna and delayed possible life-saving care.

The Computer Aided Dispatch Transcript, obtained with the audio file of the emergency call indicates that someone may have lied to dispatchers. (Click here to read the transcript.) The dispatch reads, “She does not have chest pain. She is completely awake (alert). She is breathing normally. She has not fainted. She has pain above the belly button (navel).”

Confidential sources have told Operation Rescue that Anna hovered in and out of a coma for hours and was hemorrhaging, and that the 911 call was placed only after she had gone into cardiac arrest. Both can’t be true, but the fact that Anna is dead tends to support the version of events relayed by deeply reliable sources, which wish to remain anonymous.

Anna was loaded into an ambulance and rushed to the Wesley Medical Center Emergency Room. In a departure from his documented routine, Tiller did not accompany his patient to the hospital in the ambulance. He was driven to the hospital in his private vehicle by one of his office workers, Sara Phares Brown, and arrived at the hospital several minutes after the ambulance. He did not provide the care and moral support in the ambulance that he had supplied on the previous four abortion injuries requiring emergency hospitalization documented by Operation Rescue. Why?

Tiller is prone to creating adages that govern his world of so-called ethics, or lack thereof. “We have learned that patients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” is a statement posted on his web site and occasionally displayed on a banner in his abortion mill parking lot. Perhaps Tiller did not care enough about Anna to get in the ambulance with her, as he had each of his other four patients. Could her having Down’s Syndrome have had anything to do with it? He believes these people are better off dead. Perhaps there was a lapse in judgment where he could not distinguish the difference between aborting pre-born babies and killing a 19-year old girl. Or maybe Tiller simply decided to take his eugenic philosophy to the logical next level and get rid of a young lady that he believed never should have been born.

It may have been intentional neglect on Tiller’s part that led to Anna’s death. Because she was Down’s Syndrome, he did not care if she died — in fact, evidence seems to indicate that he withheld information and care that may have insured her survival. If he did have concern for Anna’s well-being, he would have scheduled her abortion at the hospital, as he did with a patient on June 1, 2005. If he cared about Anna’s life, he would have made sure emergency workers knew the exact nature of Anna’s most serious condition, perhaps even placing the call himself as he did for patients on February 17 and May 11, 2005. He would have accompanied her to the hospital has he did with patients on at least four other occasions in a 13-month time-span.

It is possible that his eugenics philosophy of ridding the world of the infirmed, coupled with his apparent belief that he is above the law caused Tiller to make decisions that ultimately led to Anna’s death.
Eugenics is a big part of Tiller’s professional life. Although Down’s Syndrome is not fatal to the child nor does it endanger a mother’s physical health, Tiller readily aborts these babies at an alarming frequency. In fact, these abortions may be illegal under Kansas law, which specifically prohibits the abortion of viable babies except when the mother’s life is in danger. The Attorney General of Kansas, Phil Kline, is investigating Tiller for performing illegal late-term abortions, and is being blocked access to the medical records that would prove Tiller’s guilt or innocence. What is Tiller hiding?

According to a recent LA Times article, Tiller has a poster mounted to the ceiling in his abortion mill above the procedure table where women lay to receive the fatal injection into their babies’ hearts prior to the induction of labor. The poster features a photo of dolphins with the caption, “Set Them Free.” Tiller believes that by killing babies with Down’s Syndrome and other birth defects, even minor, operable ones such as cleft palate or too many fingers or toes, he is somehow doing the world a favor.

He may have even believed he had set Anna free, as he does with the pre-born Down’s Syndrome babies he routinely aborts. But that was not Tiller’s decision to make, and if he did intentionally contribute to her death, there is a word for that: MURDER.

The only thing that can shed light on what really happened to Anna is her autopsy report, which has been withheld from release for over five months. It is well known that Tiller has many political connections within the local city and county where he operates. His Political Action Committee, ProKanDo, invests hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaign treasuries of Kansas politicians at every level of government to insure he can continue his abortion business unimpeded. The District Attorney for Sedgwick County, Nola Folston, is said to be a good personal friend of Tiller’s. The county’s unreasonable delay at releasing the autopsy report reeks of a cover-up for Tiller’s misdeeds in order to protect their precious campaign cash cow.

There is a more sinister reason why authorities may be covering for Tiller. It would not be the first time prominent people have sought the services of abortionists to cover their sexual indiscretions, then owe favors in exchange for silence. If this kind of corruption truly exists, it must be exposed for the sake of other women like Anna.

“For Tiller, age does not appear to be a factor — he will kill a Down’s Syndrome child at nine weeks, nine months, or 19 years,” said Operation Rescue president Troy Newman, who has studied Tiller’s killing methods and philosophy and is working to bring him to justice.

“It is a sick mind that would take the life of another because he is personally prejudiced against their disability, either intentionally as he does through abortion, or through intentional neglect as he appears to have done in Anna’s case,” said Newman.

In the meantime, each week Tiller continues to abort the disabled and the infirmed, including those with Down’s Syndrome, possibly illegally, and without any accountability whatsoever. As long as the autopsy report on Anna’s death is withheld from release, and therefore unavailable to investigators and the public alike, his private little war against the disabled, now waged without regard to age, will continue.

  • saddened heart

    I went to Tiller’s website and I am in disbelief! This man is a living, walking, evil MONSTER! I beleive he most likely did purposly killed this young woman and covered it up. It very clear on the 911 call, this man needs to be shut down and locked up forever like every other murderer! I have not read any comments form the young womans family, I’m curious to know what they think of the whole situation. May God Bless this young womans soul and her child.

  • Andy

    The 911 tape is unbelievable! No one who isn’t committing a crime talks to a 911 operator like that! I wish they would have sent the police like the dispatcher suggested – maybe they should have had a swat team storm the building as the ambulance arrived…

  • bridget

    It’s very obvious the the CME, Tiller, the judges, etc.. are all lodge buddies. Why else would this travesty be allowed??

  • Guy

    Of course, Tiller didn’t care if he killed this woman. What kind of “choice” can a person with Down’s Syndrome make? This woman could not and did not give “informed consent”.

    You haven’t heard from the woman’s family because they are complicit in her death!

  • Sandy

    This tape is outrageous– a so called medical clinic, that cannot give any reason to the dispatcher as to *why* they are calling the ambulance? This man must give big bucks to certain people to get away w/ this. And they say that abortion is ‘safe and legal’– this call sounds like something from a back alley quack “I don’t know why we need an ambulance, we just do…” I think w/ calls like t hat, police should automatically be dispatched along w/ the ambulance.

  • Edward

    The Bleckley Butcher stikes again, only this time he got two for the price of one!

  • rick ellis

    african slaves, nonpersons. indigenous people, nonpersons. european jews, non persons. Pre-born children, nonpersons. handy capped nonpersons. Ya think maybe there is a pattern here?

  • Does anyone know if the ambulances really come without lights and sirens if asked to? I would think they would always want to use them.

  • Lee Ann

    Haha. Am I allowed to laugh at this? It’s a disgusted laugh….. I love the calmness in this Marguarite’s voice…. I have no further information…………… Haha….This proves one of two points, or possibly both: 1. We know the first one………… Dr. Tiller is an evil piece of garbage that is obviously trying to cover up a mistake he made (his whole being is a mistake at this point) and 2. Maybe the woman really DIDN’T know the reason they wanted to transport Anna to the hospital…. Apparently the medical staff here at the clinic are far too undereducated to be in this line of “work”… so uneducated that they cannot tell when a girl is dying on their “operating” table. Interesting.

  • Litl Bits

    I, too, went to the website out of curiousity. And I also believe that one cannot criticize something without knowing what is going on. What’s going on here is obviously illegal murder which is condoned and covered up by political cronies who are paid to keep their mouths shut. Amazing! money can buy anything these days!
    I’m an ER nurse. One night – very late- we got the call that a woman in labor was in a car in the parking lot. The first person to reach her was the receptionist (she sits right by the door), who also happens to be an excellent EMT in her day job. She relates that she heard a slight cry as she approached the car – like that of a newborn. By the time the mother and child were wheeled into the ER, the baby was blue, not able to be saved. I recall being so upset and trying to console the young mother. And then I realized that this was a late-term abortion. This child was perfectly formed, about 4.5 pounds………I was heart sick. Her abortionist did show up and was “surprised” that she had delivered so early. He had inserted the luminaria earlier in the day and expected labor the “next day or two”. After finding out this was an abortion, I was so shaken, I had to take a short break. I was in tears. I told the Charge Nurse and the Nursing Supervisor that I was unable to care for this patient and refused to go back in the room. This is obviously murder! This mother had told us she was only 22 weeks pregnant. But from the size of the baby, she was obviously much further along.
    I don’t know what can be done to prevent this sort of thing! I did let the hospital know that I would NEVER knowingly care for an abortion patient. We had enough staff on hand and I let it be known that I had this right and would stand up for it even if it meant going to court. I was never again asked to care for abortion – or post-abortion patients.
    The sight of that perfectly formed little one haunts me to this day………I just wanted to hold and love this poor murdered little soul.

  • colleen

    I cannot believe what i am reading!… My daughter is from canada and was sent to this animal for a late term abortion. We sought out evey option, yes even to keep the child. we did not care how many problems it would have but the doctor here said that the baby would not live past a few minutes if born at all. also she said that the baby would maybe live for a day or so and then suffer and pass away. We did not want to wait any longer and they told my daughter that she had to go to this god awful clinic. ever since she left i am doing research. He is truly a monster. They never gave us any other way.. God forgive us! I just hope now that our little angel is home with God and my daughter returns home safely….