Abortion Chain Owner’s Family Dies In Tragic Plane Crash

Butte, Montana – Most of the family of abortion chain owner Irving “Bud” Feldkamp III died in a tragic plane crash in Butte, Montana, on March 22. Among the victims were Feldkamps’ daughter Amy Jacobson and her husband and three young children, and his second daughter, Vanessa Pullen along with her husband and their two young children. A total of 14 people died when their plane crashed into a cemetery. Feldkamp’s third daughter and a son were not on the plane.

Feldkamp bought Family Planning Associates, consisting of 20 abortion clinics in two states, in 2005 from the notorious abortionist millionaire Edward Allred, who has reportedly retired from the abortion business. Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger uncovered and documented Feldkamp’s new role as owner of America’s largest for-profit abortion chain after she received a tip over the Internet. Sullenger shared her documentation with the Survivors, who protested Feldkamp and asked him quit the abortion business.

“We are saddened by this tragic loss of life and pray for the surviving Feldkamp family that this will draw them to seek repentance and salvation,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We also pray that this tragedy will emphasize to them the value of human life and will cause them to immediately to get out of the abortion business.”

God makes it very clear what He thinks of those that shed innocent blood:

“Therefore as surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, I will give you over to bloodshed and it will pursue you. Since you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you.” -Ezekiel 35:6

  • John R. Pride

    If you’re not safe in the womb of your mother, from you’re mother, are you really safe anywhere? “Be not deceived, God is not mocked.” Gal. 6:7

  • Liz McMullen

    This makes me think of the fact that George Tiller’s father, who did abortions, his mother, his sister and her husband were killed in a plane crash many years ago. Geoge then raised his sister’s son and started doing abortions like his dad.

  • Sarah

    so sad when I look at those little faces to think their grandpa allows babies just like them to be killed. WAKE UP! You killed other’s babies and now your own babies and grandbabies have been killed. If this is not a wake up call what will it take?

  • Stephanie

    There are no coincidences in God’s timeline. What is the probability of a plane going down in a cemetary near the “tomb of the unborn”, and the plane just “happens” to be carrying the family of the largest abortion clinic chain owner in the nation? Thousands of grandparents have been bereaved of grandhchildren, due to Feldkamp’s business venture. Now he shares in that bereavement of his own grandchildren. May he hear and fear the Lord, and repent of his wickedness. May he come to the complete understanding there is a God in heaven, who will not be mocked.

  • Chris

    He also lost another grandson the year before this accident. Maybe he will start valuing life and turn this awful tragedy into something positive. Maybe he will shut down his “clinics” because at the rate he is going, he may not see his family in Heaven. I pray he will turn his life around and become one of the biggest prolifer.

  • Sebonk

    This reminds me of exabortionist Tony Levintino. His child died then he repented of his evil ways.

  • Catherine

    Stephanie and Chris, agreed 100%.

  • annastacia

    Thanks for sharing all the information above. I had no idea. I agree there is no such thing as a coincidence.

    Operation Blessing is looking for volunteers to help out with the North Dakota flood relief. I suggested they start by closing their abortion mill. It’s time to speak it like it is.

    Thank you all for being so passionate about the great injustice acted upon our most helpless, God’s babies.

  • Catherine

    annastacia, What a great response!!

  • lynn

    What is wrong with you people?! These hate-filled statements do nothing to bring people to the love of Christ. These were real people who died…one of which was a fetus in the womb…and the gloating about their passing is disgusting. What a horrible example you are all setting! Remember the example that Jesus set at the last supper when he washed his disciples feet…even Judas and admonished his followers to do the same.
    Feldkemp is not the only one who should repent.