“I Left My Dead Baby In The Toilet” – Former Tiller Patient Tells Of Abortion Horror On O’Reilly Factor

Operation Rescue continues its call for pro-lifers to come to Wichita January 19-22

Washington, DC — A former abortion patient of George R. Tiller, the infamous late-term abortionist from Wichita, Kansas, appeared on the Fox News show “The O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday evening and told details of her horrific late-abortion experience and the devastating emotional aftermath she experienced.

Identified only as “Kelly” the woman related how, at age 14, she was taken to Kansas by her parents from her home in Maryland, and given an abortion in the 20th week of pregnancy.

According to Kelly, she was forced to deliver her dead child into a toilet, an event that traumatized her and led to self-destructive behavior over the next ten years.

“If you don’t do anything else today, you must watch this video,” said Operation Rescue president Troy Newman. (Click here to view)

“The pain of Kelly’s abortion was still evident in her face. Even O’Reilly seemed deeply affected by her story. Unfortunately, her tragedy is being repeated every week at George Tiller’s abortion mill on other vulnerable girls. There are literally thousands of Kelly’s out there, each with her own horrific story to tell,” said Newman.

Tiller is currently under criminal investigation by the Kansas Attorney General’s office for illegal late-term abortions and the concealment of child rape. He narrowly escaped indictments by a grand jury earlier this year in the abortion death of 19-year old Christin Gilbert.

“Operation Rescue is calling all men and women of conscience to come to Wichita January 19-22 for an event aptly named ‘A Cry For Justice,’” said Newman. “We will continue to focus the eyes of the nation on Tiller’s heinous killing practice and demand he be brought to justice. We are drawing a line in the sand. The killing stops here.”

Click here to watch The O’Reilly Factor Segment featuring Kelly
Click here for updated information on A Cry For Justice event Jan. 19-22

  • I watched the girl’s segment with Bill O’Reilly.A very sad thing indeed.This girl was 14@the time of her pregnancy/abortion.I’m sure her emotional torment has just begun.She says that nobody ever really explained what they were going to do to her,and Tiller himself only spoke to her twice.I just hope that this will be another way of showing others that abortion is a shadey,dangerous business{yes I’m talking to you pro-choicers]Please everyone check out the site Pro-Life Action League.Some of their articles will bring you back to OR.It really exposed these abortion clinic creeps.It made my skin crawl!The doctors called their patients”TRAMPS”and made crude jokes about their dead babies.They also admitted to drug and alcohol problems.One former clinic nurse said that the abortionist was so sleazy that she wouldn’t have let him touch her with a 10 foot pole,yet she HAD to tell the women what “A great guy he was”.Heard enough yet?I just want to warn women that these places are not safe as most Pro-choice women would leed us to believe.This is how Tiller behaves,I’m sure.He could care less about anyone but himself!

  • Steven

    What is the best thing to do with this awful story? Contact the KS governor, contact our senators, or does that fall on deaf ears? The only reasonable response I have ever gotten from writing my elected officials on this stuff was a response from Senator Jim Talent, who is no longer in office.

  • Frank

    I am not surprised at what 4Life says regarding dishonesty, because the entire abortion agenda is predicated in large part on intellectual dishonesty, “spin,” and the like. Not the least of this is the phenomena of calling the pro-life side “ANTI-abortion,” refusing to call the baby a baby, and the like.

    One of the biggest problems to the abortion movement is that medical science has made it possible for the truth to become apparent for those who look for it. Medical technology can now save high-risk babies at much younger gestational ages than ever. Modern ultrasounds make more clear than ever that a baby is just that, not some blob of tissue. Ultimately the pro-life side seems predicated on making facts known, and the pro-abort side is predicated on hiding known facts: whether by lying, “spinning” the facts, acting offended by the mere existence of truth trucks (which after all merely depict the results of a completely legal act), etc. I think a great challenge to the prolife movement is to use facts and honesty when dealing with opponents who will use neither.

  • rick ellis

    Junior dropped in a toilet like yesterdays lunch. My God, how shall we escape the wrath to come?

  • Frank,Steven and Rick Ellis,You are all correct.These horrid things are being exposed.They are out there.They are on web site after web site.It,s not like this is just a whole lotta hear say.It is REAL!My question is this;What do you do? Who do you report this to?I can tell you that in my state,there is an abortion clinic about 30 minutes from me.Whenever I pass it,there are never any protesters.They do post signs with very strict warnings though.It’s just so frustrating.I don’t want to be arrested,as I’m sure others don’t.So once again I ask-what does one do?Any ideas?I want to do my part to help the unborn too.Any advice would be appreciated.

  • rick ellis

    Dear 4life. I have found a few tactics very effective on “hard targets” that have restrictions around them. If it is legal to park anywhere near the clinic, put your signs on your car and legally park. You can also get as close as they allow and stand. I have also found that the fiber optic photos of live pre-borns are very effective in saving babies, without the negative reaction of the aborted pictures. We started using them at the clinic here, and we have had several women come out of the clinic crying and saying they saw the picture, and couldn’t kill their baby. You could also cordinate a bunch of prolifers to drive as slow as the law allows infront of the clinic, with your signs on the cars. Sometimes cars “break down” in funny places. It ain’t hard to rigg a car to stall and not start. You got about 20 minutes before a wrecker shows, and you “fix” the problem. You might try “staff infection”. On the morning they kill, call around and ask the different pro-life churches to have their staffs drive thru the zone during killer time. If you had several come, and a couple cars were to “break down” in both directions, it would cause a major traffic jam, legally blocking the entrance. Church busses take up a lot of room, have plenty of space for signs, and are natorious for “breaking down”.They make a great bill board when legally parked.

  • rick ellis

    Oh ya, send me an e-mail ,and I will send you some baby pictures that you can print out for posters. http://www.lifeissues.org
    Has a cd in their online store called windows to the womb. A must have for all pro lifers. My e-mail is ric4life@sbcglobal.net.

    If you have a good printshop, you can send this e-mail to them and have them make posters and cards from it. Send me a snail mail address, and I will send you a sample of cards.

  • Thanks rick ellis,I wrote your info down just now.These were some good ideas.I couldn’t help but notice,that the clinic I wrote about before has a very high,locked fence around it.It also has cameras and signs that warn that trespassers will be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law.-Just wanted to clarify things a bit more.

  • rick ellis

    Find out if referals are done at a different location. Sometimes there is 2 clinics. One that signs the death warrant, and one that does the deed. You have a better chance to talk to the women at a referal clinic.

  • I have on the back glass of my car this saying: MOMMY! GRANDMA’S CRYING. STOP ABORTION! All of the letters are in red but the ‘M’ in GRANDMA is Black. RED is for the blood spilled and BLACK is for mourning. I get alot of people reading it that are behind me while I am driving or parked at a light. The reason why they have the baby born in the toilet is to drown them if by some miracle they survive the abortion. So they get out of compling with the Unborn Protection Act. Whose to say that they really comply with the Act any way. It is all about the BENJAMIN’S. Kelly was a brave Woman to admit and be on the O’ Reilly Factor. She regrets her abortion and so do I.

  • Steven

    In 2004 I drove past the Tiller clinic around midnight, and some pick-up truck followed me for about 4 blocks before turning back. It was kind of creepy. I do not know if it was a security person, or just a coincidence.

  • Mike

    Even though I have never actually seen Tiller’s clinic with my own eyes, it appears from the photo’s that the place has no windows. How can a bldg. as large as it appears to be , comply with bldg. codes there???

    You couldn’t build a structure that large without windows here in Ca.

    Did he manage to pay off local officials for that as well???

    From what I’ve seen in photos of his death camp, it looks like an eerie place…..it just screams shadey goings on….

    What do the neighboring residents and businesses think of having this mill in their neighborhood? There must be schools in the area…both public and private…don’t parents make a fuss about their children having to walk by this place???

    What about the local churches???

    I know very little about Kansas…I never figured it as being “liberal”, like California is accused of being. We are not all militant liberals here either…

  • God sees the tears and feels the pain of the tiny babies
    that are mutilated and discarded. There is a “special place” in Heaven where their torn up little bodies will be made whole. The brutal and unmerciful killing of a child does not go unnoticed by God. Our merciful Father will
    turn His wrath upon all of those involved, and they will pay the price. It is unnatural for a mother to kill her child, and this same excruciating barbaric pain will be inflicted upon all of those involved. God help us if we don’t take action to put an end to this inhumane and shameful act. If we ignore the situation, we are guilty too.

  • Odd,but whenever I try to go to a pro-choice site,they are very fussy about what comments they will take.I guess they don’t really want to hear the truth.Alayna,that was a great comment.I cringe when I think of these murdering moms and their poor unsuspecting babies in their wombs.”Sorry,you can’t live because,quite frankly,I’m selfish.”I had time to make you,but I no longer want to be bothered””I value my nice life over you.”God have mercy on us all.I hope these women suffer,especially the irresponsible women that keep using abortion as a form of birth control.

  • Sarah

    My baby boy just had his first christmas. It brought tears to my eyes to watch his aunt and his grandmom and grandpop make such a fuss over him. My husband and I were young , married only a year and a half when we conceived him. We weren’t planning on children this soon! We didn’t think we were financially stable enough…and yet NEVER was abortion an option. We just hung in there and somehow its all working out!

    There may be sleepless nights and tons of dirty diapers :-) but never have I regretted giving life to my precious baby. when I hold him to my chest at 5 am and kiss his little head I think this is the most wonderful thing that could have ever happened to me.

    Every woman with an unplanned pregnancy needs to give herself permission to embrace motherhood no matter what NOW and Planned Parenthood say. Some “mistakes” can give you the greatest joy in your life! Merry Christmas to everyone at OR and I pray for peace and healing this year for every post-abortive girl and woman. Maybe 2007 will be the year our nation wakes up and ends this savage killing.

  • Sarah,Congratulations on your new little doll baby.My life just recently changed as well with a pregnancy.I am 22 weeks@ present.I am having a girl.I also have a teenage daughter.I was looking @ her Christmas pictures.I can’t believe what a beautiful young lady she has turned out to be.I thanked God.I know she’s a miracle as well as my other little one.I feel her kick and I smile.I know that it isn’t easy,but children bring so much joy in the long run.God Bless all this holiday season.

  • Elizabeth

    Although I’m not against abortion, I believe that a woman has the right to choose, after reading that story it made me think about the way they are performed. Surely that can’t be legal. I am 14 myself, and I cannot imagine how traumatising that must have been for her.
    I think if I ever became pregnant at a young age I probably couldnt go through with an abortion and after reading that it made me terrified of having an abortion. To think of a baby…even if it was only 20 weeks old…but a baby all the same…being delivered into a toilet…its quite sickening. I understand now why so many people are against abortion, if they are performed in such ways like this.

  • sarah

    Elizabeth, I am glad you are horrified at the way abortions are performed, but in the end it makes no difference what technique is used…the end result is a dead baby. No one should have the right to kill another human being even if the other human being is only weeks old and an inch long.

    I had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks after I conceived. Thats before most women know they’re pregnant! I saw a baby with a HUGE head and two arms and two legs and a BEATING HEART. It was CLEARLY HUMAN a little more than a month into pregnancy. the bottom line is that no one is trying to tell women they can’t control their own bodies, but not when that “control” means the destruction of another tiny human being.

  • Hello all.Also may I add that having control over your body also means exercising responsible sexual choices. I know of so many women that enjoy casual sex. A great number of them had become pregnant, and the end result was an abortion.They chose to have unprotected sex. They were old enough to know the consequences,and another child paid with his/her life………AND IT IS a life.It is a life @ conception.Yes,it is unfortunate that some women/minors are raped.However abortion clinics in their failure to report sex crimes may very well have been a contributing factor to an increase of sexual abuse.A hospital would report sex abuse if a 10 year old came in with a complaint of such.An abortionist just sweeps the crime under the rug. I have also heard that some women do lie about being raped in order to obtain an abortion.

  • Natalie

    I saw that segment about Kelly on the o’Reily show and it makes me sick that this happened to such a young girl. I wonder why her parents would make her go through such a traumatizing event. Was it because of shame? Probably. Regardless, they obviously were not thinking of her well-being when they forced her to kill her baby. We tell young teens about safe sex and consequences, but do we really talk to them about the emotions that come with making such big life choices? Do we listen to them when they come to us for answers? As with many liberal minded parents who show up for PTA meetings and put on a happy face, they don’t want to think about emotions. just what looks good. Shame on Kelly’s parents for being so selfish!